Hello and welcome! I'm Theresa and I currently reside in Southern California with my husband and two small children. I started this blog in November 2010 to document all the amazing things I'm inspired by on a daily basis, and so I wouldn't spontaneously combust. On any given day you will find me writing about fashion, art, design, music, interiors, and highlighting inspiring people (my personal favorite), and literature. I love to read. Books are my happy place.

In all the motivational books I read about pursuing your passions, it's always recommended that you surround yourself with like-minded, passionate people on your journey, where mutually beneficial ideas and inspiration can be exchanged. In essence, this blog is serving that very purpose. I'm thrilled you're here.

Got a little more time?
I'm a business major by way of U.C. Riverside and also hold a Master's in Marketing Communications from Emerson College. I have spent over fifteen years in the advertising, marketing, and print production industries. In 2007, I started my own stationery company, Townsend Sakai. Three years later, two relatively successful National Stationery Shows, and some press, I closed down shop when I became pregnant with my second child.

Fast forward to the present and I am currently a full time domestic engineer [wink] who volunteers time to different organizations, and writes and contributes content to various sites. In addition, I'm excited about the next leg of my journey and ready to resume my career. I would love to utilize my experience and work for an organization that passionately fuels me; preferably one that specializes in enhancing people's lives (e.g., educational, philanthropic, charitable...). I am open to different possibilities and am enjoying the process right now. 

Still wondering about something, please shoot me an email ... inspirationcoop @ gmail.com

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