I'm just going to come clean and tell you that this post is completely indulgent. It's a bit gray and chilly outside, and I really needed to look at some pretty things. Let's call this a mood booster post. I hope you'll play along. Lately, I've been loving*:

R O W  O N E
~Laid back cool dressing via Andy Heart (Hello, Celine cross body!)
~D'orsay flat by Jenni Kayne (These will be mine, as soon as they're marked down 75%.)
~Floral photography by Kari Herer, especially botanical no. 4190
I just discovered Herer sells prints via Etsy, with pricing that's easy on your wallet.

R O W  T W O
~Salt chair via DWR. Simple, modern, and black. Pair six of these with a weathered French farm table and I'm already thinking about the dinner menu. (Our current dining situation needs a change and this is the new look I'm after.)
~Custom made rubber stamps by Besotted Brand. I'm thinking of making one for the new and improved logo. Then, I'm going to start stamping everything in sight. Watch out!

R O W  T H R E E
~The illustration work of Paper Fashion. And she teaches an illustration course via Skillshare! I'm thinking of signing up. Have you taken a Skillshare class yet?
~French farm table. See DWR salt chair above. Who's coming for dinner?
~Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres's newly renovated ranch home nestled in the Santa Monica mountains via Elle Decor. Have you seen it?! Brace yourself. From the description, the ranch is perfect for a (bloggers) retreat with eight outlying cabins, barn, stable, and pasture. Can you even imagine?

Thanks, everyone, for letting me share some pretty with you today. I hope you found something amongst this group that made you smile. Now, it's your turn. Tell me what you've been loving lately. Come on, the sky's the limit.

PS~Oh, in case you missed it, I did a fun interview over on Not Merely Living. Pop over if you get the chance. (Thanks again for having me, Mere!)

*and hoping I win the lottery. [smile]

25 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. We're gray and rainy here today too, my dear. And of course this post brings me some sweetness and light. Indulgence is an okay thing, you know! I'm with you on the dining situation...I love our table. I'll have to do a photo of it sometime because it's dear to my heart and everyone who comes to my home comments on it. If it weren't so gray today... But I hate our dining chairs. HATE them. It makes me twitchy every time I sit down in that room. Not good! Not conducive to lingering around the table!

    And that botanical photo? Makes me want to start doing some florals! Need to go check them out! XOXO

  2. Love all your pcks - we must be twins! And a lovely interview too. Embracing the stay-at-home mom-ness isn't easy when the world values a title and a pay cheque.

    I can swoon over a good bag...

  3. Indulgence is good - nay, necessary! Period.

    Decor is definitely uppermost in my mind. Since we moved into our new place, nothing seems to "fit". Grrrr.

    As for Skillshare, you know how I feel about THAT - I'm hopelessly addicted!

    Loved your interview, by the way - charming, refreshingly honest and ....... YOU'RE GOING TO ALT NYC!!!
    I had absolutely no idea! You must be so very excited. I am for you, too (can you tell?). Can't wait to hear all about it when the time comes. :D x

  4. I love the mood of this moodboard and I must have a custom rubber stamp!

  5. Christine DinsmoreMay 1, 2013 at 10:02 PM

    well, i love everything. those flats are perfect. those chairs are so simple and delicate and perfect for that gorgeous farm table. i love besotted, she has a few fonts i have been drooling over for a few weeks now, have you seen them? and oh my goodness, if i ever win the power ball and e&p sell their ranch i will buy it and fly everybody out for a bloggers retreat : )

    right now i am wishing i had a team of sewers, a graphic designer, a web designer and a live in nanny :) ooo, and a house cleaner and chef.

  6. Tasteful and gorgeous as always, Theresa. I'm immediately going over to buy a few of Herer's prints, because I think that they need a home in my office. Also, I can't WAIT until you have a custom rubber stamp because I know you'll make all kinds of amazing and gorgeous things. And I just learned about Paper Fashion -- and am amazed by the talent that's right here in Boston. You, my friend, have the best taste. I hope that all these beautiful things have lifted your spirits as they've lifted mine. (And I didn't even know they needed lifting!)

  7. loving the pretty... that palette is so soothing! lately i've been loving catching up on magazines, spring flowers in abundance, sunshine on my skin & listening to some good escape music at the gym! happy weekend!

  8. I love the name of this series!! Will this be a regular thing maybe?? Me likey. That flowers print is just stunning, as are all your picks. I fear this will be a dangerous series if it becomes a regular, haha, because you and I seem to have similar tastes in things! Loving lately, giant, pale peonies, this new candle we picked up at Crate & Barrel that smells like Bordeaux and Vetiver, and a slew of books I'm restraining myself from buying until I read the current stack. Ha!

  9. Lovely - we all need to be a bit indulgent now and then. :-) I'm loving the blog make-over as well!

  10. Love the new blog look! These are all drool-worthy! I have dreams about the perfect farm table, and that might just be it. Hope you are well :)

  11. Ha, I am having the same issue with the Jenni Kayne flats. Love them, don't love the price :(

    The flower prints are stunning, great find!

  12. I am SO all about Portia and Ellen's home - everything is perfect, especially the stable!

  13. I haven't done a Skillshare course yet but have heard they are great. I just popped over to Paper Fashion, such gorgeous illustrations. I also love Kari's prints; beautiful and affordable = perfection. I hope your mood has been boosted. I have been in a bit of a funk this week. Not much fun.... Hope life is good honey xxx

    p.s the blog makeover is gorgeous

  14. Nothing wrong with indulging! Love all your picks. I've recently taken my first skillshare course via Justina Blakeney on Interior Styling. Loved it!! It's a great way to pick a skill or two.

  15. Hey T, just checking in. Hope all is good for you. I love the design you created for Lauren's blog. You are so talented xx

  16. hello t, i miss you! how's things? i hope all is well, and you are just enjoying your mom-time. joy and warm thoughts, n

  17. I take it you're taking a breaky

  18. your blog is exquisitely wonderful, so full of beauty and loveliness

  19. Hey love, hope alls well with you and enjoying your time away from here. Look forward to having you back :-) x

  20. Love the first image, with I could look like that in jeans and a tshirt and blazer..
    Can't wait to hear about NY you lucky thing! x

  21. I have been wanting to take a fashion illustration class! It's on the bucket list! Thank you for the link.

  22. My jaws just dropped!

  23. Oooh so many cool links! I've taken several Skillshare classes (dumpling making, photography, hand lettering), and they were all really fun! It was wonderful meeting you at Alt last week - you have a beautiful blog over here :-)

  24. Absolutely gorgeous picks! Someday* I dream of a farm table just like that one with long, cozy dinner parties to be had around it! Also thanks for sharing the ranch tour - I just...speechless!

    Hope you are doing well. Been out of the blog loop and will be perusing through all your always lovely blog posts now :) xo. Marit

  25. thinking of you, and hoping you and yours are well. joy to you, n


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