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Q U O T A B L E - I found this quote via Oprah a few months ago and it rang so true. If you're anything like me, it's easy to find yourself caught up in working towards that next big idea or exciting adventure or something you've been coveting for a long time, and maybe you even lose sight of the specialness of the small things in between. Appreciating the little things will ensure that you feel happiness every day, rather than some day when/if you achieve those larger goals.

N O T A B L E - Speaking of happiness, renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister "spent ten years exploring happiness in preparation for The Happy Show," an exhibition being held at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art. "...Sagmeister has gathered the social data of Harvard psychologists Daniel Gilbert and Steven Pinker, psychologist Jonathan Haidt, anthropologist Donald Symons, and several prominent historians ... [including] a personal narrative, as Sagmeister's individual experience is portrayed beside social data detailing the role of age, gender, race, money, and other factors that determine happiness."

Sagmeister's name will sound familiar to many of you if you attended Alt Summit as he was the keynote speaker, and/or if you're interested in design. I hope to make my way over to MOCA to see Sagmeister's exhibition before it leaves on June 9th. Museum visits definitely make me happy, and Sagmeister's thematic exploration sounds fascinating.

Is there anything you do each day or on a regular basis to ensure your own happiness?

Update: In light of Monday's tragic event in Boston, I'm sending thoughts and love to all those affected. Boston was a city I once called home and I lived only a few blocks away, on Marlborough Street in what's known as the Back Bay, from where the bombs were set off. It saddens me whenever anyone (or a group) feels compelled to kill innocent people to slam their message down our throat. At the end of the day, Boston is a resilient city, full of unbreakable bonds and an immense love for their fellow Bostonian. Happiness is fleeting: from Monday's event alone we know this for certain. However, this fact should encourage us to make each day, each happiness count.

image source: The Happy Show via Forbes 

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  1. A beautiful quote and a beautiful message at the end there, T. I thought of you immediately on Monday, thinking your "little getaway" was really an east cost jaunt to visit your old city, and I got so scared, even though the whole thing was just an hypothetical. I'm much happier you went to the Happy exhibit! I agree with you in that we've been either told or molded into thinking happiness looks like one thing, when in reality it's so much more, so many little things we can forget to see or not even recognize. It definitely stems from learning to be grateful for everything you DO have and not pedaling after things you DON'T. A solid lesson this week. xoxo

  2. so excited for the Happy Show! I didn't hear that it came to LA. if you're thinking of going, let me know! i'd love to meet you there :]

  3. Great quote! I believe it was Gretchen Rubin (of The Happiness Project) who also said that happiness doesn't always register as such in the moment. It often does in hindsight.

    The Happy Show sounds so cool - definitely something I wouldn't have passed up on if I was in the neighbourhood! :D

    For me, happiness begins with my morning pages (http://juliacameronlive.com/basic-tools/morning-pages/). It's the first thing I do when I wake up and it makes me the best Me I can be. I've finally realised that tending to myself makes me of more use to others and that makes me not just happy, but fulfilled.

    P.S. So tragic what happened in Boston. Why do such people think that hurting others will make them feel better? It never does.

  4. Christine DinsmoreApril 17, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    for some reason i have had a difficult time commenting on your blog this week . . . so i hope you will forgive me if this is a repeat (a version of what i just wrote a moment ago).

    love this quote theresa. i felt my life really changed when i decided to be happy. that it's a choice one make. of course we have moments we can't control that might not feel happy at all but in general it's a pretty effective state of mind to feel it's in ones own power. look for the happy. oh and have you seen the movie "happy?" it's a good one and i think it's on netflix.

  5. We had A.Day yesterday so I didn't get to your blog until this morning. I wish I'd been here sooner. I needed to read this. I'm not feeling happy. I'm feeling fractious and chaotic and utterly impacted by the events in our country this week. Sam reminds me on my blog that our world is impacted daily. I'm trying to focus on happiness, and you helped me do that just a little, dear.

  6. I try to pay attention to those things I should be grateful for. I like to think I do this on more regular basis than most, but I don't have that one thing or moment each day...

  7. People talk a lot about being present, and I think the reason it makes such a big difference is that by being present you have the opportunity to catch those fleeting moments of happiness. Joanna Goddard once wrote a post about how she'd recently read a book by a widow and in the days that followed, she'd catch herself looking at her life as though it were a memory. I feel that way a lot -- treasuring moments, knowing that they'll live in my heart forever if I pay attention to them now.

    I've been thinking that I need to create some kind of happiness ritual. Was it in MCM that she talks about having a bath each day? Recently, I've noticed that taking the time to prepare food for myself boosts my happiness. I easily fall into bachelor mode when I'm working, and will literally subsist on crackers for the entire day until it's time to cook dinner. But I've found that stopping to make little balanced meals actually makes me more productive in the long run.

    ...And now I've written you a novel. Again. :) xo


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