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Happy April! I would have posted this salutation on the first, but I didn't want you to think I was pulling your leg. Did you pull any pranks on April 1st? I'll admit, the day slipped right by me. (This prank was pretty funny.)

This month... 

I've got flowers on the brain and Kari Herer's floral photography takes my breath away. Actually, I love flowers all year long. I don't save flowers for special occasions and, for me, I don't need anything fancy. A small bouquet from the farmers' market or Trader Joe's is perfectly satisfying. Do you buy yourself flowers?

I can't seem to put my finger on the reason why I love this all white ensemble. Perhaps, it's because the season has me craving lighter colors. Everything about this outfit is so clean and minimal.

So, in June, there's this little thing called Alt NYC happening and I need to start thinking about business cards. Designspiration is dripping with inspiration. Get ready for some stationery suite porn.

My daughter is 3.5 years old and we are finally transitioning her toddler room into a "big girl" room. One of the things I want to create for her room is a gallery wall. I just need to decide what art should go in each frame. This gallery wall that we saw on our trip to LACMA last week stopped me in my tracks. It sure does take all the work out of having to find art for each of the frames, now doesn't it? (Speaking of which, how to create and hang a gallery wall.)

Find your thing...The next time I'm feeling fearful and/or doubting myself, I'll be sure to read this quote, and all your helpful comments on this post. (Thanks, everyone!)

Happy new week!

Oh, in case you missed it, I did a fun post about Living with a Boy over on Love Creative and discussed what I'm currently reading over on Such Small Steps. Pop on over, if you get the chance. (Thanks for having me, Amanda and Erin!)

Update: You may have noticed that the site was down all day Friday and at different times over the weekend. I was finally trying to change my blogspot URL to a custom URL. After countless attempts at trying different processes and calling Go Daddy, blogger wouldn't redirect for whatever reason. So, I'm back to the blogspot address. One day, I'll have that custom URL. Someday.

image source: flower photography by Kari Herer via Etsy / A.W.A.K.E. SS 2013 via Apartment 34 / black and blush business card via designspiration / gallery wall taken by me at LACMA / "find your thing..." quote via La La Lovely

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  1. Inspiring as usual. A great way to start the month. Good luck with the big girl room transition!

  2. Joy | Frock FilesApril 8, 2013 at 8:21 AM

    Just gorgeous! I can't wait to hear about what you end up choosing for your NYC business cards. I know whatever you create will be stellar.

    Thank you for linking to my blog. :) I wish you were nearer so we could work on the gallery wall together. These things are always more fun with company and some good music (and maybe a drink or two).

    As for migrating over to a custom URL -- if you need help, Katie is a great resource. Let me know if you want her info.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to read your guest posts, Theresa! And I love this, my
    birth month's, mood board. I so wish I were better at buying myself
    flowers, but I'm just not. I love having them in the house. We have an
    amazing wholesale florist here in town where you can go in and pull
    stems from these pots lined up along the floor...for (almost) pennies. I
    kept trying to talk Neel into Flower Friday where he'd swing by and get
    us flowers for the weekend, but to no avail. Oh well.

    And I'm so excited you're finally getting to Alt NYC. Sounds like just the thing you need! XO

  4. Once in a while I pick up some flowers for myself, working near the flower district might be to blame...I cannot believe we have April already, the first totally escaped my attention. If anybody played a prank on me I still don't know. I was oblivious that day. Oh, I have to check out your guest post and also the creating and hanging gallery wall links. We collected a bunch of frames and want to create a gallery wall as well...

  5. i love flowers all year round too. I love being able to pick a bunch from the garden, flowers always make me smile! ALT!! So exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing your business card design.
    And E is getting a big girl room.... So wonderful. Hope to see pics. Much love xx

  6. You've been a busy little guest-blogger! I have lots to catch up on. I'm so sorry you were having troubles HERE with your URL. Anything I can help with potentially? I love this April moodboard, almost as much as I love gallery walls! I think E will love one in her room. And when you're done hers can you come over and hang one in my place? That would be swell!! Okay, off to read your guest posts. xoxo

  7. There is something so calming about this board. Love it- and can't wait to see the Big Girl's room!


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