{monday muse: the selfless}

Sometimes an event takes place in our nation that holds us all captive.
We are struck speechless and stunned.
Such was the event that happened one week ago today.
Out of this tragic event, we witnessed courageous acts of selflessness.
Man helping their fellow man. 
First responders and Good Samaritans.
 The people of Boston and the greater Boston area. 
Federal agencies coming together and working together. 
The fallen and the injured.
I had planned a whole other Monday Muse for today.
However, these people and their stories are inspiring me.

Is there a moment from last week that has stuck with you?  

Here is a beautiful post written by Fourth Street regarding the different ways you can help.
Happy new week, everyone. Let's make it count.

image source: Boston photographed by Bram Platel via 500px

6 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Beautiful, perfect. Thank you.

  2. Christine DinsmoreApril 22, 2013 at 12:39 PM

    this is so lovely. there were many things that stuck with me. at first i was just overwhelmed by my negative feelings on why these things happen at all. but i was immediately moved by other bloggers and even the medias (gasp) positive coverage of "the helpers." and i have to say i was completely amazed at how well the whole city and all the agencies worked together to find the suspects so quickly. it may not be a popular view but i can't help but feel sorry for the younger brother. hopefully through this tragedy though he can help prevent further young people from getting wrapped up in radical ideologies that see violence as a way to be heard. xx

  3. ditto lauren. no moments. had to turn the tv off, because my 11-year-old was watching the news, and they were showing the videos over and over. so, peace to you. and all.

  4. A beautiful post T. My heart aches for the loss of innocent lives and their families left behind. xx

  5. The whole thing just seemed like something out of a movie- surreal. Just glad they were able to identify and capture them so quickly.

  6. Absolutely touching, T. I know how much that city means to you and how much this whole thing must have affected you. I'm trying to focus on the positive in the whole horrible ordeal, so I think it's important to highlight the first responders and the other marathon runners and spectators who ran toward the chaos to help. I'd like to think I'd do the same, but let's hope we never have to. xoxo


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