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In just two short days, our family (along with two others) will be boarding a plane and landing on the beautiful island of Oahu. To say that this trip is something we've all been looking forward to and needing would be an understatement. As with all the past years, we have no agenda for this trip. We plan to wake up each day, pack up our gear for the pool and beach, order shave ice, dig for sand crabs, bury the kids in the sand, and count our blessings. Wash, rinse, and repeat. My {dream} daily uniform will look something like the illustration above.

Packing list to include: 

  • Denim shirt - as a cover up
  • Scalloped bathing suit top - the scalloped edge adds a bit of sweetness to this top
  • Striped bikini bottom - for the love of stripes
  • Panama hat - sun protection is a must
  • Round sunglasses - I've been wanting a pair for some time now, but I'm unsure if they'll make me look bug eyed
  • Flip flops - or, as the Hawaiians call them, slippahs or zodees. Havaianas make some of the most comfortable versions.
  • Striped towel - Ok, truth be told, that towel is really a rug that I would really love to have in a towel version. If you know of such a thing, I'm all ears, and thank you.
I know some of you have your own upcoming trips, or if you could go anywhere right now...Do tell.

11 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. I am beyond happy that you have this trip on the near horizon, dear. I think you very much need it! And I love your illustration so much! I haven't said it in awhile, but I love your illustrations SO much. I just adore them. More, more! Our trips are on hold because of dear Violet (although I think Europe is on the horizon for June), but if I could, I would go the opposite of Hawaii to a cabin in the snow. If only. :)

  2. *Sigh!* Sounds heavenly! What I wouldn't give for some sun, sea and sand right now. *Glazes over*

    I LOVE giant, round sunglasses - they're my absolute favourite. I'll never forget the first pair I bought as a teenager. My brothers teased me mercilessly but I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, I was Africa's answer to Jackie O! :D

    Have  a wonderful time, darling!!! xoxo

  3. P.S. So nice to see your fab illustrations, by the way. It's been a while - you should post some more often! :) x

  4. I needn't answer that last question, right? ;) You know what my answer is going to be? Haha. I am so excited for you!! I forgot that you guys go every year around this time (it is around this time, right?). You're going to have so much fun, especially after how hellacious this month has been all around. Take photos when you can be bothered to remember, but don't let it interrupt your relaxation. If you happen to Instagram a picture of giant shave ice, just know that I'll be 6000 miles away, licking my lips in jealousy!

    As far as that rug-to-towel search, have you looked into Turkish foutas? They're usually striped with fringe and super lightweight and absorbant! Check out Nine Space, Chance Co., and Wayfair.com. Happy packing!! xoxox

  5. Bon voyage, Theresa! I know you're going to have the best time. Eat plenty, soak up the sun, and don't forget to stop by Giovanni's in Haleiwa. Oh man, I'm green with envy! Or, as a real local would say, "Ho, I'm so jealz." (You'd laugh if you heard me attempt pidgin.) 

  6. Christine DinsmoreJanuary 30, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    oh my how wonderful for you! i hope this trip will be exactly what you all need. a nice respite, reset, fun and relaxing getaway!

    if i could go anywhere, well, i would go just about anywhere! top of my list would be paris, prague, rome, the middle east, argentina . . .

    enjoy, enjoy, enjoy xo 

  7. How exciting to be going on holiday,  eekkk!  I love your illustrations too.  Zodees - I must remember that, such a cute name, although a tough contender for the equally cute 'flip flops'.  Your bikini is funky, I like to see different bottoms to tops myself.  Have fun and chill out after your eventful few weeks.  I'm not jealous... MUCH! x

  8. enjoy, theresa!  your daily routine sounds relaxing and wonderful.  and bringing two other families probably means buddies for the kids, am i right?  or babysitters?  i look forward to some beach photos!  joy and safe travels, n

  9. Oh I wish I could back to Hawaii! Any island would be fine with me. I am so ready for a vacation and I will be leaving for a long weekend in Florida tomorrow mroning and my suitcase holds similar items than yours. Denim shirt - check, Havaianas - check and because I love stripes too I packed a striped bikini top. Have a wonderful time on Oahu Theresa! 

  10. so jealous!!!! have fun with the family and can't wait to see pictures when you get back! eat some spam musubi for me :D

  11. oh you so deserve some r&r! i hope you have a wonderful time xx


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