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Hi, everyone! So, if you were ever dying to know what my better half does (I know it keeps you up at night, ha!), I wanted to share this video* that the ever talented Mr. Jared Abe filmed and edited for my husband's business. For me, this video represents a great exercise in branding - tells an engaging story, communicates a value proposition, and hints at the company's personality.

In the spirit of the title of this post, Speaking of Branding (and in light of yesterday's post), here are some great links on that very subject: 
  • Great series on blogging (with smart tips) by Anna of Blog Milk, especially this post about how to brand your blog.
  • Great post that just about sums up my current transitional feelings.
  • Great read and reminder about why I blog from Dinner: A Love Story**
  • Wise words from Jasmine Star at Alt Summit (via Sulia):
    • It's important for you to list your weaknesses, but it's even more important for you to play to your strengths. This is where you create your brand.
    • Take what you have and make it work.
    • Personalize your brand by showcasing who you are.
    • Come up with three words that describe you. Use those words to measure your success.

Do you think much about branding either for yourself or your company?  

Well, friends, I'll leave you with that question and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

*I know some of you don't like and/or are unable to watch video. If you fall into that category, you will just have to take my word and trust that this video is great. 
**Thanks again for sharing, Erin (of Such Small Steps)

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  1. Oh, we're definitely going to get so many great soundclips and snippets of advice from Alt. I can't wait!

    First? Your husband is adorable. And his passion for his business really shines through in that video. They look like such a great, happy office to work with! Thank you for sharing that video with us. My boss' last name is Kado, but long 'a'. Kaay-doh. Haha.

    Speaking of branding...I've changed header logos a million times, color schemes, layout designs, everything, over the past 2 years, so I'm not sure if I have a distinct brand in that respect? But considering the biggest google searches that lead people to my blog seem to be about macarons, Gary Oldman, and hipster backpacks (I get this one a TON and it makes me giggle every time) I must be doing something right? Haha. I only got business cards a little while ago once I settled on a header I wasn't going to change in 5 minutes, but so far the only people I've given them out to have been my mom and friends. Woops.

    Have a great weekend, T! I'll be thinking of you. xo

  2. Christine DinsmoreJanuary 25, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    i think about branding a lot. i like where my blog is at, i am not sure about my biz and whether i need to make them exactly the same - so, yes, i think about those things all the time. I hired Ana from blog milk to do my blog (re)design. It was really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of whose design aesthetic i really trusted. it was money well spent. once i revamp my product line i plan to take a harder look at the branding there too. i may be needing some feedback when i do . . . : )

  3. What an amazing team and business! I love how this video showcases such personality, passion and fun. 
    I have trouble with branding for my blog because I don't even know what 3 words describe me. I would love to be more 'consistent' with image/posts etc but I don't know where to begin... I'll check out the links that you posted.
    Love to know some of your process and what words you use to describe yourself/your blog... xx

  4. I am just finding your blog and I am loving it :)  I am a freelance graphic designer so I am loving these links as well.

  5. Brilliant Vid and what a team!  This shows just how personable a bunch of people they are - oh and your husband - what a cutie ;-).  His business looks like a lot of fun to be involved with.  I love that they use their christian names in their branding, working in a space where barriers and classes are broken down, I'd definitely feel comfortable about buying or selling a property with their help.   Plus the experience with estate agents in the UK is NOTHING like this!  

    Branding - yep, currently spending a lot of time on this and working through it.  I've not been blogging as I have a new project on the go and Jasmine's points I'll be using to help me work through it.  All will be revealed soon.
    Welcome back by the way ! x

  6. I sat in on several talks on branding at FoodBlogSouth, and hmmm, and the most I learned was consistency and community. Well. If you remember, I've been working on the three word exercise for my photography for a long time, and I finally landed on my 3 words. Now you're making me do it for my blog too! ;) I'll manage. I'm not sure I really *want* to brand myself, but I know that it'll be a good and usefully exercise.

    And great video! XO


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