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Happy Monday, everyone! Did you all have a great weekend? I'm sure it was quite possibly heavy with thought, which is why I am thrilled to be spending My Monday with ...  Chi of One Zero Six Kids. Spend any length of time on Chi's blog and you will quickly learn that Chi has this wonderful spirit and inner beauty. Like most of us, Chi is on a creative journey and has just recently launched a beautiful, made-with-love-and-undying-attention-to-detail clothing line for children. When you get the chance, I urge you to make your way over to Chi's space and fill yourself with inspiration. But, first, let's take a look at Chi's favorite things, shall we:


1. I bought this throw when I was pregnant with my daughter. I happened to be shopping for her layette and stumbled upon it quite by accident. It is - quite possibly - the most expensive impulse purchase I've ever made! It's silky soft, luxuriously cosy and looks great on our bed, if I may make so bold. My daughter strokes it with such reverence on her face and squirms with pleasure whenever she snuggles underneath it.

2. I love this mirror so much that I bought it twice - intending to place one on each side of our bed. The matchy look doesn't do it for me so (for now) the second one resides on the landing. Who knows? I might actually give it away as a present someday. It's so beautiful, I think everyone should have one!

3. I adore this photo of my mother. She looks so young and seems to glow from within. As a child, I desperately wanted to look just like her but now that I'm older and wiser, it is her inner beauty that I strive to emulate. She is the kindest, most selfless person I know and my biggest cheerleader. I love the fact that her soul is still as youthful as she looks in the photo.

4. I am on an eternal quest to find paraffin-free candles that look and smell glamorous and this is one of my favourites. I've lit it so many times that there is now but a splash of wax in the bottom but at least I can use the gorgeous vessel to store my trinkets when the candle is no more.

5. I love working with beautifully made tools and scissors are no exception. The one on the left is from Hay and the other is a recent discovery I made thanks to this wonderful post from Colourliving. I'm a firm believer that the better the tools, the more pleasurable the task will be. These things do have a tendency to filter down to the end result.

6. I feel naked without red lipstick so I'm hardly ever seen out without it. This one is embarrassingly ancient but the shade is so perfect that I intend to use it until I have to scoop out the contents.

7. My heart skipped a beat the first time I laid eyes on these Japanese-made brass paperclips. Japan, brass and I are in the grip of a passionate love affair and I see no sign of it abating.

8. This velveteen shoe (one of a pair, I hasten to add!) was a gift from my husband. I'm a fashionista, he's a Formula One geek and I think it marries (no pun intended!) our personalities perfectly. They are extremely comfortable and I've twirled around many a dance floor in them.

9. I love this playful take on the pocket watch and it was another gift from my husband. I dropped several unabashed hints to get it and I'd happily buy one in every colour.

10. This brass collar makes my most mundane outfits come alive. I seem to have a penchant for things that are reminiscent of amour.

11. The fluoro pink frisbee is actually the packaging for a magazine I bought from Paul Smith. It has such a great mantra inscribed on it that I couldn't resist. I always find the most incredible gifts in his stores and I consider him to be one of Britain's greatest exports.

Don't you just love all of Chi's favorite things? How about that fabulous gold collar and those heels? My favorite part was the sentiment and photo that Chi shared about her mother. (Chi, you have definitely inherited your mother's inner beauty, rest assured.) And, Chi, thank you so much for taking the time to put all your favorite things together and share them with us today. I truly appreciate it.

Happy new week, everyone! Go forth with intention and thoughtful consideration. 

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  1. Great Monday with Chi! All her items are so great, the image of her mother and red lipstick being my favourites :) 

    "Go forth with intention and thoughtful consideration" - you bet, Theresa. Very appropriate advice especially at this time. TY.

    Xx. Holly. 

  2. Chi! You're so right, Theresa, she's certainly got that "calm, inner beauty" thing down to a science. When I grow up I want to be like Chi. I love, love, love that collar. It takes a true fashionista to pull that off. And those shoes! What a good husband you have ;) Another wonderful My Monday With! A truly bright spot in an otherwise dark week. xo

  3. What a bright and shining light this was today. Chi's unflappable spirit was just what I needed this morning! I love everything you showcased here, dearie, but it's hard not to pick that photo of your mom as my favorite. I see your spirit in her, you know.

  4. wow, i actually think this is one of my favourite collections so far {no offence to anyone who has gone before}, & i think it's because i feel like i've learnt a lot more about chi through the items she chose... first off, i love the photo... end of... i love nothing better than looking at old photos of my parents too to remind me they were young once & they had fears & hopes & dreams just as i do... & chi, it's obvious from comparing photos of you & your mum that there's a kindred spirit that runs between you indeed! that collar is utterly fabulous, as are the shoes & i'm strangely drawn to those scissors because i agree that we should surround ourselves with beauty in our every day dealings... also, i was just googling brass paperclips a couple of days ago {bizarre, i know!}... now i've found the perfect ones! thanks chi!!!

  5. Beautiful, stylish and very CHI!!!!
    I love the way of presentation as much as the individual items.

    Photo, mais bien sur:) scissors, say no more. Brass clips, well I've had mine for nearly 2 years:)) Been a Modori fan for ages and best online shop to get them ladies is: http://www.thejournalshop.com/ They are the actual wholesalers for Midori.

    Collar and shoes. I don't expect anything less from our Tribal Queen!

    The frisbee. I know the magazine and I equally love Paul Smith. I used to buy tons of stuff he would personally bring back from Japan in the Borough Market shop. I don't go to the market anymore as I now visit another on, but hugely miss that tiny shop. You've reminded me to take a trip there...

    I LOVE that pocket watch and yes, the mirror is beautiful.

    Great post T, great guest and really love the BOUDOIR feel. Chi, can't wait for you to do Vive la Différence!

  6. Aww, you guys are the sweetest!

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and to you, T darling, for having me. It's been a tough few days and I'm glad I could lift your spirits in my own small way.

    This has been such fun and I can't wait to see who's next! :D xoxo

  7. Ah Cheadle-dee I love her so much! She is so warm, and shy and cute and has the most wonderful way with words. I will never forget her getting dressed like a tornado explanation as long as I live. That’s made me very happy to see her here.

    Chi please can I hang with your mum, she looks so cool! And I still have that photo of you on a rocking horse xx

  8. Thanks Chi and Theresa for sharing this little collection.  Chi, I love that you bought the fab mirror in two's and that you will be eagerly scooping out your lipstick when the time comes.    That's a beautiful photo of your mum too x

    Who will be next?

  9. these are great favorites, that throw looks heavenly. one of my four year twins wants one like for christmas. each time we see one in the store he stops and "pets" it for a few moments. love that photo too! 

  10. Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and making Chi feel so welcomed here. As you can tell, Chi is well loved.
    Chi, thank you again for sharing your favorite things with us and stopping by today. I think it was just the ray of light we all needed. xo

  11. Love the pretty scissors! I bet using those makes you feel fancy, even if it's just for crafting ;)


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