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Happy first Monday of December! So the countdown has officially begun. It seems each month is full of obligations and general busyness, but especially this one. Parties and traditions must be paid proper attention; thoughtful gift selection and wrapping must be conducted; and, most important, we must slow down enough to truly enjoy this entire month. I mean what really is the point if all we are is a bundle of stress? So, I've created December's moodboard to serve as a gentle reminder of the things I hope to get accomplished for the holidays, and to enjoy the process. This moodboard will also give you a heads up of what's to come this month.

  • The first photo above is a little sneak peek of our holiday photos. My good friend, Jared (also my husband's cousin/best friend and whom my children call uncle - got all that? You may remember his Mini-View.), set aside a Saturday morning to help us with our holiday photos. I promise to share more from this photo shoot in another post. I played creative director and stylist for the photo shoot (gosh, that sounds so fancy) and Jared worked his magic behind the lens. Guess what? It was SO much fun! I think I found my new vocation. [smile] Now, I just need to work on the actual holiday card, order it, and mail it.
  • I decided that I'm going with a black & white + gold color theme for our holiday decor. In theory, it doesn't sound very festive. However, take a look at those two photos above and tell me you're not feeling it. It's going to take all my willpower not to add just a drip of deep crimson into that color way, but I faith in myself. 
  • I've been seeing so many clever advent calendars. For me, this one takes the cake via A Merry Mishap
  • I'm dying to know, do any of you have fancy holiday parties to attend? What are you wearing? We will have three or four parties that are all relatively casual. We don't put any pressure on anyone to dress up, but I think most people enjoy wearing a little something special and sparkly this time of year. 'Tis the season, right? (I'm loving the little gold detail on that collar.)
  • Last, but never least, this is the time of year where we clock in lots of much needed family and friend time. It's a celebratory time where we reflect on the year that has passed and the new that 2013 will shuffle in. Cheers to good friends, loving family, and each other. Are you excited for the new year? I'm curious, do you make resolutions or goals?
There above is the month in pictures. Oh, I totally forgot to include a Christmas tree. We do indeed go out, purchase a real tree, and decorate it. (Christine shared some potted Christmas trees last week that I just loved. Might have to set one of those up on our dining room table.) So, my friends, it's the last month of the year. Let's make it count!

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image source: holiday tissue flower photographed by Jared Abe / presents via Decor8 / advent calendar via A Merry Mishap / playing dress up via Veanaddinner party and a toast via Twelve at a Table

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  1. Happy December. Boy, you are busy. That's far too much celebration for me:)

    I am going to a few Christmas things, but all rather casual and informal. I don't do formal! I have tons and tons to get through before I leave for Germany on the 24th December. Hope I'll get it all done so I can relax and have a much needed holiday!

    Goals, planning for 2013. For sure;)

    Your kids looked to die for on that shoot. I bet that holiday card will look great....

    Glad you are back on form to tackle that very busy December of yours:)

  2. You know,  I went with my colourful decor from the past couple of years but I've had the combination you mention on the brain all season long- so luxe. And I usually make a resolutions list, but right now I am a little stressed out about all of the loose ends. I mean really, 4 weeks?! That's all that's left???

  3. so pretty. love the black & white themed, and I'm super into advent calendars. I wish I had some little ones to make one for. are you making them? have a wonderful holiday month with your family. sounds like your feeling better which is a good thing! xo Teri

  4. Christine DinsmoreDecember 4, 2012 at 7:19 AM

    I am right there with you Theresa! I am shooting for a black and white christmas too. It does sound counter-intuitive but I think with that extra sparkle it will be just perfect. I love ALL of these photos and that is what I want to see when I look around my house - don't know if I will actually accomplish that but if I get half-way there I will be happy because I really love this moodboard! xo

  5. Love this moodboard. Love love love. I need to track down that gold collared shirt asap. Leave it to the internet squirrel to hunt something down! :) I have two fancy holiday parties to attend this year, mine and J's for our work. But neither will look as lovely or intimate as that last shot. That's how all parties should look! Only replace the red wine with some white ;) Happy December!!

  6. That first image is gorgeous, and I absolutely cannot wait to see all of your styling work come to life. Fantastic! And I love the idea of a black, white, and gold Christmas. We're all over the place right now, since we don't have much of anything at all. Lots of reds (traditional), although we did get our "Oh Joy" bunting from Minted yesterday, so there's some pink in the mix too. The best thing about this post: your thoughtful words, as always. I needed that reminder to enjoy the holidays. That's what it's all about, right? xo

  7. I was just talking with a neighbor of mine that we're feeling kind of "meh" about our Christmas decorations. Not the tree stuff...too sentimental about those, but my around the house stuff, don't get me wrong, I love it. But could I be a bit bored? Perhaps. I like how you're mixing things up. I have at least one "do" this year, possibly two. Maybe more...who knows! Enough to get out my Laura Mercier Truly Red, that's for sure!

  8. Great Mood Board! I am totally feeling your holiday decor choices, although I really think a splash of crimson would look great with the colour scheme ;) 

    Happy December!

  9. A gorgeous dark moodboard, yum!  I'm feeling the black white gold colour theme too this year T.  Well, more like shying away from any definite colour and opting for some muteds.  I might change my mind come the weekend though.  I'm with Erin on that blouse, if you find it Erin, give us a shout :-) xx

  10. I don't have any fancy dress up parties planned so I'm going to have to undertake some of that on my own.  Where oh where can I wear my sparkle tights?

  11. hi t, i love your mood board - simple and beautiful.  we have a bowling party and a casual friends get-together, and then a bunch of family christmas celebrations.  not too dressy.  finding time to shop for that little bit of holiday sparkle is the hardest thing here.  my son is a great decorator for halloween each year, so i've asked him to decorate for christmas, too.  he hasn't started yet, but did make cut-out cookies for his class st. nick party tomorrow.  

    i'm excited about the new year, but enjoying the moment.  happy today to you and yours!  

  12. a gorgeous festive moodboard! i can't wait to see the shots from your photo shoot! i am sure they are totally wonderful. 
    most of the parties i'm attending are relatively casual, though i'd love to really dress up for at least one of them. i LOVE the gold collared top, but it is SO hot here, maybe something similar to that but halter neck with a low back... enjoy it all honey, you are right, that is what is most important! xxx


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