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Hi, everyone! Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I thought I would pop in today with my very last Mini-View of 2012! I also thought that if you're at work or enjoying some down time at home this week, you might be in search of some inspiring words to carry you into the new year. If that's the case, I've got just what you need from Dara Kennedy of Ayla Beauty. This Princeton and Harvard educated mom, who started her own skincare company, Ayla Beauty (which means "bearer of light"), after ten years in the industry, aims to deliver skincare that allows both your inner and outer beauty to glow. (Sign me up.) Dara came to my attention when her people* contacted my people [wink], and I tell you, this Mini-View arrived at the perfect time as I reflect on the year that has passed and think about the year ahead. Dara's words really resonated with me, and I hope they will for you, as well. Without further ado, herewith is Dara's Mini-View:

The Rilke quote is just perfect! A big thank you to Dara for sharing this inspiring Mini-View and these wise words with us today. It has been such a pleasure having you here.

Well, my friends, happy hump day and short week! Let's make it great.

*Special thanks to Kerri Lee Ross for reaching out to me and bringing Dara and Ayla Beauty to my attention.

5 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Dara looks so serene and beautiful! I know she has her own beauty  line, but hers is definitely an inner-beauty that can't be bought. Loved all of her answers, and I have to say, "wasted potential" is one of the most crippling fears I think I have. And I love Itzhak Perlman, too! Our similarities end there, I'm afraid, as her degrees could run circles around mine, haha! Thanks for another great Mini-View, Theresa! Hope your Christmas was relaxing and wonderful. xoxo

  2.  Wonderful mini-view! I always wonder how I'd answer these questions, and I end up thinking, not very well! And Rilke! He's one of my all-time favorite poets. "The Archaic Torso of Apollo" has long hung on my wall, for inspiration...that last line: "you must change your life!" 

    Hope your Christmas was merry, merry. Been thinking of you! XO

  3. What a wonderful mini-view! I love Dara's thoughtful responses and especially that last quote -- how perfect as we venture into the new year. I'm trying to grasp for answers to plan for my goals, but maybe I just need to go on living and I'll find those answers along the way. Thanks for sharing this with us, Theresa!

  4. What a great interview, I always love them and this one does not disappoint. Such a fantastic view points on life. I agree that I also do  not possess the "regret" trait, which is good because I know there are many things I could regret if I so chose to do so. Hope you had a marvelous holiday, Theresa! xo

  5. I really enjoy your mini-views, this one is no exception! I need to check out her skincare line because if it makes you get her skin I need to give it a try. Hop you had a great Christmas! I wish you a happy new year too. May 2013 be a great year for all of us...


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