{a masquerading gift guide}

Ok, I admit it, this roundup is a wish list masquerading as a gift guide. Though, I have to say that aside from those amazing flat ankle boots (only because they're pricey), I would happily gift each and every item on this list, instantly making me some kind of gift hero.

I was reluctant to create a gift guide at all because there's so many great ones floating around the interwebs right now. But, then I thought, if I don't create one how will my family know what to give me. I joke! My aim with this guide was to select and support products that were either made by hand or by companies/artists that are independently owned. (The California photo album is actually a company that my two girlfriends just recently launched, KT Design COllective. The entire collection is full of really cute designs, so make sure to check them when you get the chance.)

Here are some other holiday gift guides that I thought were just great, and very helpful:
  • Creature Comforts - Ez of Creature Comforts really does an amazing job of curating the best gifts for everyone on your list. The bonus: Most of her items are things I haven't seen before.
  • Rue Magazine - Another great roundup of gifts categorized by fun types like the Preppy Pal, Etsy Enthusiast, Whimsical Lady, and more.
  • To and From Gift Guide - Created by Meg Biram and Modern Eve, bloggers unite and come together to create the ultimate gift guide. Rest assured, there is something for everyone in this very comprehensive guide.

So, do you already know what you're getting for everyone on your list? Have you found any other great gift guides that you can share here?

image source: O N E - Cape Horn art print via Sociey6 / T W O - clutch by One Eleven Studio
T H R E E - hand embroidered antler pillow by Plumed Pillows / F O U R - gold knot ring by Gabriela Artigas
F I V E - black geo earrings by A Merry Mishap / S I X - hand appliqued felt California photo album by KT Design COllective
S E V E N - 2013 city calendar by Rifle Paper Co / E I G H T - flat boot by Modern Vice

13 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. fabulous collection! And I love that you were so thoughtful with your reason for your choices. 

    Thanks you for sharing other gift guides you like. Will be checking them later for more inspiration :)


  2. Love this gift guide, and loved seeing Christine's work represented! Kudos to you for choosing all small and independent designers. So much more quality than your typical big box stores, and you'd never get this kind of attention to detail.  That knot ring is stunning, and you should really put those boots on your wish list! They are fab and so so "you." I'm starting my gift guides this Friday, but I'm pretty much done shopping for everyone I know! I still need to get something for my nieces (going to kick it old school and buy them books!) and J's parents, but other than that, je suis fini!

  3. your round up is the best, but yes there are a lot out there right?  Cute photo album from your friend's co. I will check out there site. xo T

  4. I'm all about the earrings from A Merry Mishap - I need to send your blog post over to someone as a big Christmas gift HINT

  5. Fantastic picks! I would be thrilled to receive any of these pieces. Even more thrilled to get ALL of them. :) The print and the pillow completely belong in my new office. How did you know?!

    And those earrings? Wardrobe staples for sure. Need.

  6. Phenomenal guide (hi Christine, hi Tori!). I love everything on here. For other people, of course. Cough cough.  And there are a lot of gift guides out there. I've tended to avoid them, but now I'm not sure why. Hmmm.

  7. These are great picks Theresa. Hmm...maybe I need to post a masquerade gift guide too!

  8. Christine DinsmoreDecember 5, 2012 at 8:14 PM

    aw shucks! i just sat down to take a couple minutes relaxing after getting my boys to bed (finally!) and what a lovely surprise to find! thanks so much xo i love these picks, i am off to check out that calendar, it is fabulous. and congrats to your friends' new business! how exciting. xoxo!

  9. Lovely gift guide sweetie. I think i love everything there! Tori's clutch is beautiful!! xx

  10. haha, gift hero... i love everything on this list. must forward to those buying me gifts this year... 

  11. Hi T. Are you back to normal? Hope you've overcome this nasty bug!

    I think there are far too many gift guides out there. I find it quite overwhelming looking at 1000's of products. I thought consumerism is on the way down:))

    My list of gift giving is small and thank God I don't really do Christmas in the traditional way so don't go through the stress like everyone else. I'm pretty chilled about it all and take it in my stride.

    Your choices are very nice and I hope you get everything you wish for.

  12. i do love the fact that all of your gift choices coordinate so beautifully with one another... very important should one lucky person receive all of them! ;) i have loved that whale print forever & anything from merry mishap is super sweet! off to check out the sources for some of your other picks! {p.s., good luck!!!}

  13. I know what you mean about doing gift guides too... there are already so many out there! I do love the one you did... maybe I'm kind of into black and white lately. :) Thanks for introducing some unique goodies! 


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