{at this moment: inspirationCOOP turns TWO!}

Happy Friday, everyone! Well, despite recovering from a nasty cold, my birthday turned out great. Really, I had no doubt as my friends and family always pull through. I felt the love pouring in all throughout the day via messages, phone calls, and packages in the mail. Even my dad stopped by and dropped off a bouquet of flowers straight from the LA flower mart. At night, I had just enough energy to make it out to a family dinner (just 15 of us), and I was over the moon that everyone rallied on a school night to help celebrate my special day. Oh, and a special shout out to my husband who not only organized dinner, he also Instajacked me later that evening, blasting happy birthday wishes Gangnam style. (Oi! He's going to get it. ;) Anyway, to anyone and everyone who reached out on my birthday, I thank you with all my heart. You definitely know how to make a girlfriend feel real special.


Well, in all of the hullabaloo over nursing a wretched cold and my birthday, I totally forgot that this here blog turned two on Tuesday (November 27 - my very first post that started it all). It boggles my mind that I've been writing this blog for two years now. Who knew I had so much to say?

Last year for my one year blog anniversary and birthday, I conducted a little giveaway - my way of thanking everyone for their continued support. I rather liked how it all turned out. It's nice to give back, so I thought I would do it again this year. (Hm, I sense a tradition brewing.) Now, I'm not Oprah, so I can't give each of you a car. However, like last year, the items that I am giving away are things that I truly love, and would love for you to have. One lucky winner will receive the following:
  • Kinfolk Magazine (v.5*) - If you've been reading this blog even for a short time, you know how much I love the idea of kindred spirits gathering together over a beautifully set table to share a meal and robust conversation. Kinfolk is my one-stop for all things gathering related. Beautiful magazine. Beautiful blog. Beautiful dinner series. Check it all out when you get the chance.
  • Volupsa Candle {cute travel size} - As you know (or now you know), Volupsa is my favorite brand of candle. This one is just small enough to make it ideal for traveling. You take candles with you when you travel, right?  
  • Townsend Sakai holiday cards - Two embroidered holiday cards from my once-upon-a-time stationery company.
  • (Who knows, I might throw in some extra little fun stuff cuz I'm cRaZy like that.)

I'll make it real simple To Enter:
Please leave one comment telling me how much you love inspirationCOOPERATIVE - Just kidding! Simply leave me a comment telling me what was the best gift you've ever received? (Could be tangible or intangible.)

Bonus Entries, only if you want:
-Tweet about this giveaway (leave an additional comment letting me know you Tweeted)
-Follow inspirationCOOP on Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram (leave an additional comment for each one you just started to Follow)
-Like inspirationCOOP on Facebook (leave a comment letting me know you Liked)

The giveaway will close at 9:00 p.m. pst on Thursday, December 6th. One winner will be chosen at random (and I do mean random) and announced next Friday, December 7th. Open to both U.S. and International residents. Please make sure to leave a way for me to reach you should you win.

Thank you and good luck, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.

*I tried to get the latest issue (v.6), but West Elm didn't seem to have it in stock. If I get my hands on v.6 - the holiday issue - I'll send that issue instead of v.5.

21 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. this is a hard question... right now i'm in the bahamas because my bf decided to take me along on his work trip. that's a pretty amazing gift. perhaps one of the best gifts i've received (recently at least) was getting let go from my job. it has opened up some amazing opportunities in just 3 short months (like working from the bahamas). i can't wait to see what will happen next.

  2. Happy 2nd Blogoversary!!! I just started blogging and love reading yours - there's so much inspiration in design and content :) You give me lots of hope I can make mine as nice as yours. My best gift I received was LASIK surgery. I was legally blind before but still fortunate to have contacts and glasses. So many people suffer from needless blindness and I am grateful every day I am one of the lucky ones that could do something about it. 

  3. happy birthday and congrats on your blog turning two! what an exciting week!! i love your cards, so sweet. i am been wanting to get my hands on an edition of kinfolk for awhile now, i need to get on that or put it on my xmas wish list :) xo

  4. T, Happy 2nd anniversary.  With me nearly 1, you are for once older than me:)))

    You know I love coming here to see what new nuggets are being spread by you. I just heard that on Wednesday Daniele is bringing out: The desired Map. Will be interested to hear what you think.

    What a great giveaway. I'm particularly happy it's open to "international residents" (love that) too:))
    Would graciously accept any of them.

    Best gift I received is that my art teacher in boarding school taught me to always ask questions and be curious.... thank you Mike!

    Really glad you felt special on your Birthday. (Psst, you ARE!!!!)

  5. I'm so happy to hear you were able to enjoy your day despite the pesky cold. And it sounds like you have an awesome family.  My husband is a pretty good gift giver. Best gift might have been about two years ago when he gave me a camera. Not just because the camera was awesome, but because he was giving it to me so that I'd start my blog and it just showed how supportive he was.
    ...Oh, and Happy Blogaversary!!

  6. ...how can it be that I wasn't already following you on Pinterest? That error has now been rectified!

  7. i'm glad you are getting better!  happy birthday, and a happy BLOGGING anniversary!  i like your blog very much because it is a reflection of you and the things you enjoy.  here's to many more years of creative joy.

    ah - best gift - we adopted our children, so i must say  - them.  without their marvelous and loving birthparents, we wouldn't have kids.   joy, n

  8. hi theresa, did i comment before?  i tried to.  

    my best gift comes from adoption - my children.  

    joy to you, n

  9. happy 2 years my darling. i love what you have to say, keep it coming! 
    the best gift that i have ever recieved was on my 31st birthday... miss s arrived just before 4pm and i was in love...

  10. Oh my! Happy blogaversary, T!!! :D

    You've created such a wonderful place to hang out and I always leave feeling inspired and with a spring in my step. I can't wait to see what another year will bring, my darling! xoxo

    The best gift I ever received was the gift of motherhood. Becoming a parent has been such a fun, crazy, enriching adventure and it has made me the person that I am and continue to strive to be.

  11. happy belated birthday theresa! AND happy blog-anniversary! 
    thank you for always sharing your inspiration here! i enjoy reading your posts and i can't wait to see what's under that clever sleeve of yours! happy blogging!!!

    the best gift i ever received....would have to be the vegas birthday get together my bf organized last week for my big 3-0!
    and what a great giveaway!!! i hope i win!! *crossing fingers* :)

  12. Happiest blog birthday and I'm glad you had a good (real) birthday as well.

    Best present ever?  Socks.  I feel like a gal can't have enough socks and my dad always finds the funniest ones to give me

  13. Ah! What a milestone! You were just full of milestones in the past few days! Another belated happy birthday and a very very happy blogaversary!! Two years feels like forever, well done for such an accomplishment. My two year is in February, and that's blowing my mind. I love all the items in your giveaway! That scent of Voluspa is my absolute favorite; I could drink that smell, it's so sweet and addictive.

    Hmm, best gift I ever received? My first dslr film camera that was technically a loaner from my dad. I was in 8th grade, and thought I was oh-so-cool and artsy carrying around a film camera. Half of my shots were blurry or out of focus, because I was still learning all about aperture and shutter speed, but it was the start of a very long love affair with film for me!

  14. THIS IS HARD! But first, happy birthday (again) and happiest of anniversaries. Your blog is one of my favorite stops along the day for inspiration, thought provoking questions and all around beauty. And now, for your question. As far as tangible gifts, it would have to be a tie between my first camera, given to me by my dad and my Monica Rich Kossan locket, given to me by Neel last year for Christmas. Intangible gifts come from my friend Megan (who we just visited in Nantucket). After a literal decade of bad birthdays (and when I say bad, I mean BAD: near-death stroke, hospitalizations, jailings, you name it.), she organized a wonderful day for my birthday to break the cycle. A group of friends met us for yoga, more friends met for lunch...there were presents! It was wonderful. And it totally broke the cycle. She's a good and thoughtful friend. As are you, my dear. Happy happy day to you.

  15. Happy blogging birthday T.  Here's to your brill blog and to lots more inspiring posts in the future.  Great giveaway too.

    The best gift I've ever received.  Oh the pressure, do I really have to pick just ONE?!  That's just how totally spoilt and lucky I am :-)



  16. Happy Blog anniversary! I love Volupsa Candles too! One of the best tangible gifts I've received is a giant ampersand :)

  17. Happy two years!! One of my favorite gifts ever was a lamp my mom made out of an old projector. Not only is it beautiful and creative but also a great conversation starter!

  18. Happy anniversary! I love your blog. Every post is so thoughtful, and I'm always so happy to see your new posts in my feed.

    I thought a lot about gifts over the weekend, and which was the best. It was and will probably always be this: James and I spent a year apart, both of us thinking that we would probably never be able to talk to each other again. But the missing each other never got easier, and every day I wrote him a letter. One day I sent one. A few weeks later, I got  one from him. I've never been so relieved, so happy to receive anything in my life (and he had very much the same reaction upon receiving mine). A couple of months later, we were driving across the country so that I could come back and live here with him. That letter was the gift of a new beginning, and it's led to an abundance of happiness and a kind of peace that I'm experiencing for the first time.

    Thanks for providing this food for thought, Theresa. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  19. Oh Theresa! I've been m.i.a. for a little while, but so happy to come over here and read about your blog anniversary and your birthday! Happy belated on both, very BEST wishes to you xoxo

    And the giveaway is just fabulous too! Good luck to all!

    The best present I ever got was a little silver ring from my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) for no reason and no occasion. Just because. It's so special to me, I wear it every day on the same finger as my wedding band. I never take it off :)

    Xx. Holly

  20. Love your blog, love coming over here to see what interesting things are on your mind :) 

    The best gift I ever got...that's a tough one! My husband had a friend create a piece of art for my 30th birthday based on a very old photo of my best friend and me. It hangs in our dining room and I love it to pieces. 

    Congrats on your anniversary! 


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