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Happy Monday, everyone! Did you have a great weekend? Well, I have a wonderful visitor stopping by today. I'm spending My Monday with ... Sam of Bright Space! Sam is a very stylish woman with amazing taste and an interior designer by way of London. I asked Sam to stop by to share her favorite things with us, many of which I share a mutual fondness. I bet you will too ... 

{Flowers} Live, potted, fresh cut, dried, faux ... You name the form, I have them all in bundles at home.  I may have mentioned this before but I'm so in love with with flowers that I wonder if I've missed my vocation in life.  To own a little florist shop would be a dream.  I have a penchant for lillies, hydrangeas, and roses. Blooms make me smile and it's such a simple way to 'lift' the feel and look of a room.

{Candles} Candle sticks, scented candles, tea lights.  My favourite form of lighting, and it transforms the atmosphere and look of a room instantly.  Astier de Villate in Broadway is my favourite scented candle.  The aroma is divine, but there's a downside in that A de V candles don't seem to last as long as Diptyque or Voluspa.  I light scented candles daily and to hell with the expense!

{Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs}
I'm a Marc Jacobs fan for his perfume and bags.  This perfume is great for everyday wear.  The scent is floral but not too sickly, girly sweet.  It's my No.1 at the moment.

{Snakeskin Heels}
These are my staple heels that I always reach for as they are sexy and comfortable at the same time (except in the Winter).  I bought these on holiday in Vegas one year - I was out shopping and having a 'fat' day, I couldn't find anything new clothes wise to wear so opted for a pair of heels instead.  Bingo!

I've tried most brands and I'm not loyal to any.   Sadly I'm not blessed with long, thick, dark luscious eyelashes so I rely heavily on mascara when putting on my face in the morning (and a trowel).  In fact, if I was dropped on a desert island and had to choose only 5 items to take, the top of the list would be a tube of Mascara! 

The iphone 4.  But not necessarily to make or receive calls on.  I rely on mine to feed my obsession with Instagram and also to receive texts from my 18 year old when he wants me for something.

{Interior Design book}
Naturally, I had to have something interior design related!  This book is here representing my interiors passion.  It was one of the first books I purchased when I decided I wanted to get into the industry.  Amusingly, this book is not about the glamour and fun of Interior Design, it is full of tedious facts about the process of interior designing and should really have put me off the desire to run an interior design business from the outset. Jenny Gibbs, the author, is the principal and founder of KLC School of Design and serves on the Council of the British Institute of Interior Design.
{Hair protein spray} Having fine hair that's a mousey colour in its natural state, I spend an absolute fortune at the hair salon.  It's the one personal treat for myself every 6 weeks and I couldn't be without it.  I'm sure the staff there see me coming when I arrive for an appointment because they always easily upsell me with the new 'must have' hair product. This Protein Spray has UV protection and it moisturises and evens out the porosity of your hair... right!

{A photo of 'The Girls'}
We are best friends and we've been together since childhood.  It's a cliche but we've had our fair share of ups and downs in the past but we all go together like strawberries and cream. That's all eight of us in the photograph which was taken in 1992. I won't divulge how young we were there but I will proudly say that we really do not look much different now, perhaps just a little 'rounder'! We all have a copy of this photograph, either framed and up on the wall, or the mantel piece or as mine is, on my bedside table.
{J Brand Jeans} Spendy but so worth the money.  They keep their shape and colour like no other brand I've experienced.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your favorite things with us, Sam. I always enjoy discovering what little luxuries bring happiness to a person's life. 

When you get the chance, make sure to pay Bright Space a visit to learn even more about Sam's beautiful world and loves; She's got a terrific eye.

Happy new week, everyone! Let's make it great.

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  1. Okay, as I was getting ready this morning, I thought, "wonder when the next 'my Monday with' is coming up and who will it be!" And here you are! Hooray for Sam! I love every single bit about this series. Really.

    I love learning how much you love flowers, and all your quirks about your hair (I have fine hair too, and I'm on meds that makes it WORSE!) and mascara! And Sam, your comment about the heels made me think about our tv series "What Not to Wear." It never fails that the women get into deep, deep trouble looking for clothes according to their new "rules." They are depressed and sad, and then they go into a shoe store and suddenly they're wreathed in smiled! Angels and singing and all is well with the world. Shoes do that!

    Love, love, LOVE this!

  2. flowers, candles, Oh Lola!, mascara, design books, j brand - check and check! Now I'm curious about hair protein spray, something I never knew I needed. :-)  

  3. A trowel! made me giggle and it's totally not true, Sam doesn't wear heavy make up that I can see.
    Well I love all of that except J Brand (don't like their jeans,...sorry! They just are the wrong shape for me, I'm a 7 for all mankind girl) and the Jenny Gibbs book as it is very dry.

    Great post T, always lovely to see a little bit more inside someone's world xx

  4. Oh yaaaay! Sam! I love her things. Those hydrangeas are divine. I remember walking around ABC Home and Sam pointing out the Astier de Villate candles and raving about them. I'd love to see a close up of the photo of all the girls together, that's a really sweet momento to include, and even sweeter that they've been so close for so long! Another great post, Theresa! Thanks for having Sam over! xoxo

  5. Hee-hee, I thought it was only proper to follow My Monday with Erin with Sam. I'm using the degrees of separation method. Teri (and me)  met you, you have met Erin, and Erin has met Sam. Hm, who should I spend my next Monday with? :)
    The care that Sam puts into her hair put me to shame. Thank goodness I'm finally getting to a salon tomorrow!

  6. I made those mental checks, too! However, I have Daisy by MJ rather than Oh Lola! So nice to share so many likes, right?

  7. I know, in the photos I've seen of Sam, it didn't look like she wore much makeup. 
    I have to say that I'm an equal opportunity denim buyer, I'm not loyal to any one brand. Though, I will put a vote in for Citizens of Humanity. They're pretty great, especially their salvage line.

  8. I was thinking the same thing when Sam mentioned the photograph of her girlfriends. Friendships like that are rare and very special. It made me want to break out photos my own girlfriends that currently live in albums on the bookshelf and have them framed.

  9. First off, great layout and photo. Really enjoyed seeing your world. I had no idea about your dream of a little flower shop. When you get sick of the interior design industry, then come back to this. Look at Nicky Tibbles' Wild at Heart. She started small. Have a look at her book, it's really nice. She's a great woman and I have much respect for her and her impeccable taste. She combines flowers with interior passion. There is always a combo! She's also very nice.

    Love your sandals. But hey, you have great legs so can imagine they look fab. Love the 'fat day' reference, which I had today so couldn't find anything to buy to wear:)

    I burn candles nearly daily so understand.... I usually burn Abd el Kader from Cire Trudon. I'm allergic to perfumes so need candles made from vegetal wax with pure essential oils. I've not tried A de V candles.

    Can you believe I have NEVER worn Mascara? I've been dying them since I was 15 and look ridiculous with Mascara on as mine are long and curly (but not thick).

    Nice to see your pals you've been friendly with forever!

    T, great series....:)

  10. Oh, I just love the my monday with series! I am totally with you on the J Brand Jeans, they fit me very well too but have found that some models at uniqlo fit the same as my J Brand skinnies. Also who can resist candle light, it makes everything look much better! Thank you Sam & Theresa for sharing!

  11. Love the composition of your photo. Now, I really must look into this hair protein spray...

  12.  I shall give uniqlo a look up Nina, thanks!

  13.  Thanks for having me Theresa, it was a lot of fun.  Yes you must get your girlfriends photos framed and displayed.  It makes me smile every time I catch sight of them.  Erin, I'll take a close up and send it to you :-)

  14.  Thanks Tina for the Nicky Tibbles book recommendation, I'm going to go look at that in a mo.  x

  15. What a lovely insight, Sam.  I too would LOVE a florist shop.  The best ones I have ever seen are in Sydney.  I used to spend a fortune on flowers though.  Sadly, with the climate, they were also dead within days.  Coincidentally, that is also where I discovered J Brand jeans.  I have some black ones.  They are awesome.  I haven't had to replace them yet, and long may that continue, but where do you recommend getting them over here?

  16.  Trowel, ha! That's my drag look!  I converted from 7 to J Brand a couple of years ago, they have the slight edge for me x

  17. another great post T! Sam is definitely super stylish. Those heels are amazing!
    And Sam, I love your florist shop fantasies!

  18. Wow. I LOVE what Sam has put together here. Just gorgeous! I have a thing for hydrangeas too. 


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