{monday musicality: the remix}

Happy Monday everyone! I haven't done a Monday Musicality in some time now; I rather missed it. I don't plan to permanently restart the series, but with five Mondays in October, it became necessary. Knowing this extra Monday was on the horizon, I've been jotting down the songs I've been listening to on repeat over the last month or so, and decided to create a mix tape for you all. (Just consider me your old high school boyfriend.) Please enjoy!

The last one by The XX is what I listen to when I'm commenting on your blogs or writing a post since it has no words, and it has a nice beat. Oh, and if you don't listen to any other song, when you get the chance, will you please listen to You're the One that I Want by Angus and Julia Stone? If you're a Grease fan you will instantly recognize this remake. It's quite different from the hip-shaking original by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. I think you'll like this sweeter, slower indie version.

I've also been listening to the new No Doubt album on loop. It's so good, and it was worth the wait! Yes, I'm old school and still buy albums. What was the last album you purchased?

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  1. Intro by the XX is seriously one of the greatest songs ever. I listen to it on loop because it's just not long enough, and you're right, the beat is incredible. I love that Young Bloods song, too, and you picked my favorite Portishead song! Wow, we have quite similar musical interests, Miss T. Clearly we have good taste. :)

    The last album I purchased was over the weekend, I bought the Amelie soundtrack because somehow my copy is MIA, though I'm sure it's just lost somewhere in all the construction chaos. That photo you used is beautiful. Welcome back Monday Musicality!

  2. I am a huge fan of grease and love you're the one that i want so I can't wait to check out the indie version. Haven't heard any of the other songs but I fully trust your taste in music so I'll be jotting these down. I agree with Erin, that photo is beautiful!

    Last album I purchased was Esperanza Spalding newest album Radio music Society... Love it!

  3. I'm loving the XX track at the moment too.  This 8tracks software is really cool, not heard about them before - it's like the followgram platform huh?

    The last album I bought on itunes was Jesse Ware - It's playing in the background as I type :-)

  4. I'm sure the last album/cd I purchased was some sort of "greatest hits". My music collection still lives in the 80's for the most part.

  5. i do miss the music monday's...but the mini views was a great replacement!!
    i only recognized the xx, naked & famous and sia from your playlist. i'll have to check the other ones out ;)
    if you haven't seen naked & famous perform...you should! i think i've been to 3 of their shows and enjoyed all three of them!!

    happy monday!!

  6. Oh, we do share very similar taste in music! We could take a road trip
    together. Portishead live at Roseland Ballroom - best CD. Now you've
    convinced me that I need to get the Amelie soundtrack. If you love it,
    then I'll love it.
    PS~You should make me a mix on 8tracks. ;)

  7. love all of those songs- you got a lot of my favorites on there! I've used the Lumineers on an 8tracks mix before. I can't get enough of that song. 

    I think the last album I bought was Alabama Shakes. That's a great album all the way through. 

  8. Esperanza Spalding is a good one. I featured one of her songs months ago. She's just so cool and smooth. I haven't had a chance to check out her new album. Need to make that happen. I think I might have to do a beats + hip hop mix sometime in the future. :)

  9. I love me a good greatest hits album! :) 

  10. Wow, three times! That's fantastic. Music is always better live, isn't it? I miss going to shows, but we're working on it.

  11. Oh, I remember a post you wrote about Alabama Shakes. Gosh, even their name sounds fun and cool. You better believe I'll be spending some time over on YouTube looking up all this music. ;) 

  12. I am just not the person to ask for new music. But I love listening to your selections. Our Sonos is unplugged at the moment so even my background music is missing at the moment and I want it back. I can't wait to listen to the Grease remake!

  13. Hello T! The last album I downloaded was the Isles of Wonder, the soundtrack from the Olympics ceremony. Makes me feel all emotional! I often listen to Wit + Delight's mixes on 8Track, she has some great ones. Happy October! x

  14. Good choices in your mix there... thank you.

    I'm particularly a fan of the XX and was lucky to see them live in my club. They have a recording studio downstairs so I get to see some great bands when they record stuff for the Mercury price.
    Hope you had a nice weekend.:)

    Not sure what I bought last as I listen to Spotify and my download from iTunes...

  15. i need to listen to this.  maybe while i clean the kitchen?  happy tuesday, t!

  16. i've missed your musicality mondays... a lot of the songs i listen to at the moment are ones that you showcased on here on mondays.
    i do like this version of 'you're the one that i want'. ii love grease!! miss s is a grease fan too :)

  17. Theresa, I finally have time to listen to your little mix and love it! I am listening to it while catching up on your blog...


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