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Hi, everyone! I'm popping in today to help wish Paige of Approaching Joy a happy wedding. Paige authors a wonderful blog about (among other heartfelt topics) her creative journey - the high and lows, the triumphs and frustrations - and her posts always strike a chord with me. You know how much I enjoy sharing the love around here, so when MJ of Pars Caeli asked me to join a group today who is collectively helping Paige celebrate her special day, I was in. I'm sending Paige some beautiful flowers and a little love message, which I know she will love because I snatched them from her wedding pinboard [wink]. Gorgeous, right?

Congratulations on your special day, Paige! Wishing you many years of happiness and love.

Say, do you have any words of advice that you can share regarding love and relationships that has stuck with you and helped you through the years?

image source: bunches via The Decorista / bouquet via Sterling Style

5 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. I love Paige's flower choices! I can't wait to see what the fine gal will be carrying down the aisle!

  2. Oh, those are gorgeous flowers, aren't they? I'm such a sucker for fresh flowers. Our big wedding budget items were flowers and photography..still happy about that 10 years later. Thanks for joining in this fun!! xo, MJ

  3. Just gorgeous! I love ranunculas, peonies, AND poppies, so seeing them all at once is a delight!

  4. Gorgeous flowers! Some of my faves! I'm glad I popped over to catch up from yesterday because I love to share the funny/sweet advice my grandmother gave me and Neel before we got married. She said of her own marriage: I always had my money, he always had his money and I always bought his clothes. They were married over 70 years. My own anniversary is this weekend... much joy is in the air.


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