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Happy Friday everyone! Last night's book club meeting and dinner here at the house went off without a hitch. Ok, I got one tiny knife cut, but nothing got burned and no one got sick (that I know of). Yay, me! Anyway, it's late right now as I write this, and I'm pooped. I'll be back later on Friday with a full recap, and our book selection. Meet you back here for happy hour?

PS~Those two photos above were my tablescape inspiration for last night's dinner party. Aren't they lovely?

Update: I'm back. It's happy hour somewhere, right? I just wanted to share a few photos from last night ...

Of course, I now wish I had taken more photos. However, between setting the table, prepping, cooking, and trying not to cut myself, I had all that I could handle [smile]. 

Since having Thomas Keller's bib lettuce salad at Bouchon last week, I've been craving it, and so I took a stab at recreating its goodness. The photo above was the one I had at Bouchon. Mine came out a little less beautiful, but still tasty, I think. I probably have a few more stabs at it before I'm thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. Also on the menu, all of my fall favorites were represented, including: this turkey loaf (is there a better name for this dish?), Ina Garten's caramelized butternut squash, and roasted brussels sprouts (call me, maybe, if you want the recipe). The highlight of the evening came at the end of the meal in way of those hi-tops from Frosted Cupcakery. Each one is half the size of a full cupcake, which means you can have two.

And, now, what you've all been waiting for ... We selected The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe as our next book. All the members of our book club have a son(s) in their life, so the mother/son theme in this book really resonated with us. (Thanks again, Erin.)

So, that's it, you guys. I did it! I have a little book club hangover right now. Not from libations, but from all the fun of planning and hosting this event. I really had a great time. There's something very therapeutic about planning, preparing, feeding, and sharing a meal with good friends. I'm ready for another one. Are you in?

So, what's on the agenda this weekend? Will you be sharing a meal with special people?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

image source: Gwyneth Paltrow's table via Remodelista / via twig and thistle

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  1. i am in love with the left table setting! i love anything french rustic! your table setting looked amazing! love the little touch of fall...(the pumpkin)! and the food looks amazing! i might need the recipe! ;) please do share!!! have a lovely weekend theresa

  2. Oh, all so gorgeous and inspiring. I miss dinner parties. They just aren't part of our lives the way they used to be and I miss them like crazy. We've tried to bring them back, and it just hasn't worked. I need to find a way, some how. You've made me want to cook some real autumnal food, and your book sounds like a perfect choice. Don't beat yourself up for not taking enough photos. Your plate (pun FULLY intended) was full! You've given me a lot to think about, and maybe cook this weekend too.

  3. Wow, the food and table look wonderful.  I'm glad it went off successfully! 

  4. I can't believe you host a book club night like a 40th birthday bash... I thought it meant a few girls round, some wine, some finger food, lots of sitting on floor cushions etc. Nope, you go full out and prepare a feast with great table settings, WOW!
    Love the photos and graphics..

    I don't know the book but am sure you'll all find it enjoyable.. that mother/son theme sounds fascinating!

    My best friend Michael arrived last night from Germany. After 3 hours of tennis today we've just been to see an incredible movie at the London Film Festival followed by great dinner. 2 more movies to see, more tennis, more food and lots of chatting until he leaves on Monday morning. He is very special to me and I love having him here with me...

    Have a great weekend T!!

  5. i'm so glad your night was wonderful!
    i would love to sit at your table; and chat like old friends... xxx

  6. Everything looks lovely!!  Glad you were able to pull it off!

  7. Love the inspiration photos and the linen napkins with the red stripe are one of my favorites:) The menu sounds fantastic...isn't just about everything in Ina's cookbooks amazing? I love hosting dinner parties as well. We used to have them all the time at our old place, but since we moved into our house, we keep saying we will do it when (insert name of room, project, etc.) is finished. Right now it's our bathroom downstairs, and kitchen lighting that are standing in the way. I know it's silly, but hopefully soon we will make it happen! I've been studying for a promotional exam at work for the last 2 months (its Oct.20th) so hopefully after that I can get back to socializing, blogging, etc. Would love to get together soon - maybe for dinner at our place:) Have a great weekend T!

  8. Wow, this brings book club to a whole new level! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, and that book pick is intriguing. (Adding it to my list as we speak.)  James belongs to a book club but they choose terrible things and eat equally awful things -- I'm not quite sure why he still goes, except that New England natives seem to be fiercely committed people. Anyway, if I found a book club this lovely I'd be much more excited about the idea of it. I hope you have a restful weekend after pulling off this successful fette!

  9. The table looks so amazing! I love the rep striped napkins and those adorable little cupcake bites. It looks like you guys had an amazing time, and let's hear it for Erin's suggestion! Even though my book didn't get picked I still feel like I won :) Go Team Erin! I definitely need to plan a girl's dinner soon, though I might have to make it a potluck situation. That bib lettuce salad looks yummy. Next time save a place for me! xoxo

  10. hello t, congrats on a lovely book group!  you menu sounds delicious, and i understand why you did not take more photos!  hey - that book looks like a tough read.  please let me know how you like it!  joy to you, n

  11. hiya... i absolutely adore the setting on the left which i think was done by gwyneth paltrow... nothing i would change other than perhaps adding some of your hi-tops {never heard of them before}... they look pretty damn lovely... i love the idea of a bookclub... an excuse for a girly get-together!

  12. Ooh T your photos are stunning, really pretty :)

  13. What a wonderful evening you guys had! The food looks delicious and I like the table setting with the little pumpkin. Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

  14. Looks like a perfect evening! I MUST try that salad and that table setting is perfectly fall!


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