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In the beginning of the week, the work of Charles and Ray Eames was the feature of  this month's Monday Muse. In the post, I mentioned that many in the industry tried to label Charles' creative endeavors - Was he an architect? Was he a designer? Was he a film maker? Was he a toy maker? Charles didn't see himself as a specialist and instead preferred to think of himself as a generalist - constantly nurturing his many passions and curious about the world around him. I realized that I left the post suspended on that note knowing that I wanted to further discuss the topic with all of you here today. 

Almost at the same time that I was working on the Eames post, I came across a tweet last week from Joy of Frock Files* that led me to this specific post on the website, Puttylike. In the post, the author asks, "What if, instead of looking outside ourselves at preexisting roles, we came at our careers from a place of introspection and conscious design. What if we ask ourselves, what kind of life do I want to create, and how can I make that happen?" That is to say, rather than trying to fit ourselves into career A, B, or C, we instead designed our own path that supported our passions and played to our strengths.

I know advertisers love nothing more than to fit each of us into a nice box. It certainly makes their job easier. However, I suspect each of us is more complex than a simple demographic, and we have multiple passions and interests. I imagine the key to living a richer, fuller life is having the ability to pursue all of our passions and designing a career/life that supports those things (if we're fortunate enough), much like Charles and Ray Eames. (Emilie, the author of Puttylike, calls these types of people Multipotentialites.) The way I see it, the idea of pursuing multiple passions is why blogging has taken off and exploded. Blogging finally gives people the platform they need to pursue and showcase their many talents, interests, and passions.

What do you guys think about designing the life you want - Is it pie-in-the-sky thinking, only possible for some, or necessary in order to live a more fulfilling life? What are your many passions? 

Just some things to think about as we begin another weekend. Make it great everyone!

*Joy, I meant to tell you that I found that tweet and corresponding website fascinating. Thank you for sharing!

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  1. this is such a timely post for me theresa... having spent 3 years studying interior design & 4 months in an internship, i felt a bit reluctant telling people that i wanted to pursue yet another internship, but in a completely different field... you see, i want a multi-disciplinary approach to my design... i don't want to be restricted to a traditional approach to my work, because that's not enough for me... it doesn't fit my style... i want to be open to working events & styling & interior design & wherever else my heart takes me... i want to incorporate my love of photography & travel & floristry & oh so much more! i think historically this path was only open to the privileged {ie, independently wealthy} few... but nowadays with more flexible attitudes towards job sharing, etc, it's more achievable for the masses... & i think slowly, but surely, people are appreciating that there can be more to life than a 9-5 job which doesn't feed their soul! thanks for posting & opening the discussion! sue

  2. I was so excited when I saw this post in my Bloglovin list because I'm passionate about the topic of creating a life you can be passionate about. What a delightful surprise to find that it was inspired by Puttylike! Her blog is such a great resource for creative people with diverse talents and interests. I spent much of the past decade trying to fit myself into roles that just didn't work for me. You're exactly right: blogging is an outlet in which I can invest energy into all of the things that inspire me. In the process, I've discovered even more things that I love and want to implement into my life. As a freelancer, my work is diverse -- I blog for myself and for other sites and I do some graphic design work. Nothing is ever mundane. It's not for everyone, but once I really began to believe that I didn't need to fit into a pre-defined role and that I could shape my career, my life became so much brighter. Thank you for posting about this -- I'm excited to hear what others have to say about the subject.

  3. So glad you found this meaningful, Sue! What you describe for yourself is exactly what I had in mind when I was writing this post. There really is no pre-existing job title for you (and many others like you) that will nurture all of your interests. Thus, designing your own career makes perfect sense. It's takes courage to forge your own path, but fulfillment and happiness is a great motivator. ;)

  4. I have to admit that I definitely got lost in the Puttylike website. I suppose why I'm so fascinated by the topic is because from a very young age I was spoon fed a very traditional career path - Go to school, pick a major, and then get a job based on that major. I was never shown an unconventional career path or given the idea of designing one from scratch. People that were raised in creative families are most likely familiar with this idea. However, my upbringing was very traditional, and practicality ruled; To my detriment, I think.  Thank you again for sharing the tweet, opening my eyes to wonderful possibilities!

  5. That's a great insight about blogging Theresa, I completely agree with you. How nice that we all have outlets for our 'other' sides.

    Have a fabulous weekend xx

  6. I think this would be the ideal way to view things. If more of us thought this way, this world would be a happier place.

  7. Ok, I am in bed, on my iPad and exhausted so, brace yourself, a list is coming:

    1. This is amongst one of my favourite quotations
    2. This subject is close to my heart
    3. i spent many years suffering from the fact that I had multiple interests and passions until I discovered Barbara Sher
    4. Read all her books. Best: refuse to choose and Wishcraft. She named people like us: Scanners
    5. Look at Barbara Winter's work. Love her to bits
    6. John Williams (Screw Work Lets Play) did a retreat with Barbara Sher and a few years ago started a movement called: Scanner Nights in London. Google it. There's a monthly meeting
    7. I read Portfolio People by Max Comfort in the late 90's and learned about multiple income streams.
    8. Emilie ( Puttylike) is the latest addition to this great topic. She's diffeerent again and embraces people with many very different passions. She has recently started a membership forum which I joined for a while but have now left due to time-difference etc. She is inspirational and very talented. Also she is young and so brings a fresh perspective to it all.

    I had my Abigail Ahern masterclass today which was fantastic.

    Great post. Have a lovely weekend T.

  8. This topic is very dear to me, dear! For many many years I felt, oh, I don't know, somehow "less than" because my interests were so varied (and seemingly disparate!). For so long I have tried to find the thread... It's tricky at times to be married to something of a "guided missile!" But yes! This! I can't wait to check out her site because some times the thread can be a tangled knot and sometimes a beautiful tapestry. Thank you, again and again, for pointing me the way.

  9. yes, i agree.  many people i know have multiple gifts and ways to contribute to society.  let's bring our strengths out to share.  time to go do report cards.  joy to you!  n


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