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well, hello there and happy september! i did go a little m.i.a. there for a second. my apologies...i missed you so. we just returned last night from our trip up north to the bay area and i'm exhausted. i need a vacation from my vacation. so a second round of apologies if i'm not particularly prolific or coherent right now. as i like to do at the beginning of each month, i put together a little moodboard to, well, set the mood for september. here's how it's shaking out:

  • september always feels like a month full of new beginnings to me as students return to school and learn new information. i thought i would follow suit by reading the creative habit by twyla tharp (recommended by lauren) and the power of now by eckhart tolle (recommended by annie). this month, i'm looking forward to creating new habits and harnessing the present. i'm also planning to take a few online classes with nicole. let the learning begin!
  • all of us are fully aware that with september comes a new season, better known as fall. as the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisp, i'm most looking forward to breaking out the layers and catching the glow of red maple leaves.
  • just a lovely quote by a lovely author, reminding me to mind my thoughts. i mean, who wouldn't want sunbeams shining out of their face?
  • this month, my book club picked a classic, the great gatsby. i read this book many, many years ago (probably in high school) and, so, i've forgotten many of the details. i'm really looking forward to (re)reading it and getting lost in the era.
  • oh, just a shot of my dream office where all of the above learning might take place, if this space were indeed mine. i would also plan to get plenty of blogging accomplished, and figure out where to next.
  • i came across this quote - which is actually a martha stewart living motto - while i was reading this very informative alt summit new york recap. the motto and the post couldn't have come at a better time as i try to expand my horizons this month and realize how to live a more creative life. the one thing i know about myself to be 100% true is that i will never be through changing (or learning), and this certainty brings me a ton of happiness. 
what are you certain about this month?

you know, the best part about going away is coming home. i will share more about san francisco and our trip later. for now, i have missed visiting everyone and have plenty of catching up to do. happy hump day!

image source: the creative habit by twyla tharp photographed by me / fall outfit via boden catalog / ronald dahl quote hand lettered by lisa cogdon found via / fall foliage photographed by me / book cover via the dieline (title changed by me) / office space / martha stewart living motto found via note to self

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  1. Welcome home, dear! I hope your trip was wonderful! I am so glad you got Twyla's book. It was recommended reading for my first photography class and I just loved it. Feel like I need to pull it out again and add it to the pile along with Fire Starter & Happiness at Home. Lots of inspiration floating around! And hey! I'm taking one of Nicole's classes this month too. Back to school for everyone.

    One of our neighbors, and dad to Callum's best buds is an English teacher at Cal's school. He was telling me that every year he does a flashback class where he teaches a classic for the adults at school. Most find that they don't enjoy the book as much as they liked it "back in the day" and wish they hadn't read it again. Interesting, hmmmm? Hope that doesn't happen to you! I'm thinking more fun to read TGG in a book club than with an English teacher!

    Oh, and I love the dark moodiness of this mood board. I'm ready, bring on fall.

  2. Hi and welcome back! Did you have a good time in SF. I've not taken Nicole's classes so you'll have to let me know what you learn. Is it photography and photoshop? What other sort of creative things are you looking to do more of? Happy September! xo T

  3. "I'm taking one of Nicole's classes this month too. Back to school for everyone."
     Really? Yay! Which one? :D

  4. Welcome back, T - I missed you, too! :)

    LOVE your September moodboard and the books and quotes you've chosen. Note to self: Must get that Twyla Tharp book. According to Lauren and Tina, it's a worthy addition to any library and I'm inclined to believe them.

    "the one thing i know about myself to be
    100% true is that i will never be through changing (or learning), and
    this certainty brings me a ton of happiness."
    Haha! Same here!
    That Martha Stewart quote is so apt. The Hubster can never predict what I'll be getting up to next! :D

    Looking forward to reading your San Fran adventures on Wednesday. xo


  5. Welcome home T, glad you had a lovely albeit busy time on your trip.   

    I love the berry shades in your moodboard, so this season.  I'm getting all excited about Autumn colours too, there's a blog post brewing on it for sure.  Great quotes too.

    I do like to hear your plans for the month, it's always a packed full itinerary, are you and Lauren doing the same class? How cool if so.  Do you know I've never read the great gatsby, shame on me. 

    I'm still working my way through the Firestarter book, Must Finish It and Take Action!


  6.  Oh, not sure what happened to the comment here!

  7.  Ahem! I mean - um - Friday. :/

  8.  "I'm taking one of Nicole's classes this month too. Back to school for everyone."
    Really? Yay! Which one? :D x

  9. T, welcome home. My comment from the last post is not showing so am not sure what's happening with Disques.
    Glad you had a fab time and look forward to some tales.

    September is always a great month. We have The London Design Festival, a truly great nearly 2 weeks of Design ├╝berflow of amazing stuff. Europe's finest! There are a lot of people I tweet with who I will meet for the first time and there are tons of invitations so very busy for me.

    I'm delighted you're reading 'The Creative Habit' and know you'll love it!
    I'm doing catch up of all outstanding books and mags I've accumulated and really enjoying it. I tend to dip into multiple books at once:)

    I love how passionate you wrote about lifelong learning. I cannot imagine a day without it and hope that when you, Chi and I and the rest of the gang, who share this sentiment, are in our Zimmer frames we will still discuss books and the meaning of life!!!

  10. wow. i love all of this so much. that outfit with the red pants and layered sweaters? so perfect.

  11. I'm taking a Typography and Principles of Good Design class.

    Lauren and Chi, which one are you taking? 

  12. I'm only on the first chapter, but I'm liking it so far.
    Hm, that is an interesting discovery made by Callum's English teacher. I can say that my love for Fountainhead has waned as I've grown older. When I first read the book in my twenties, I was smitten. Now that I'm older {read: wiser?} I don't fully agree with Rand's philosophies. Though, the book is still a favorite for its first impression on me.

  13. Hi Teri, I'll let you know how the classes go (Typography and Principles of Good Design). If all goes well, I'm thinking of doing a PS or photography class next. I know Chi enjoyed her tabletop photography class. Hm, what else? I would love to squeeze in some sketching, and get some art on the walls of my home. Happy September!

  14. Kindred spirits, all of us. I suppose that's why we are all so drawn to each other - Always pushing ourselves to learn and grow. At some point, I very much want to put a plan in place where I'm "doing" more and applying all that I'm learning. (Ha, my husband feels the same!)

  15. I couldn't wait to put this moodboard together for the berry shades...My favorite. :)
    You should read The Great Gatsby - It's a quick read, 180 pages! You know Baz Luhrmann is directing the movie version, due to release this Christmas.
    "Action" being the operative word, right? Yup, will be working on that, as well.

  16. I've seen some of your tweets and I'm excited for you. You are going to be overflowing with inspiration and meeting up with some great peeps. Have fun!
    Hm, now I'm thinking a virtual book club might be a good idea.

  17. Amanda, you just reminded me that I was going to include the LA blogger meet up on September 16th as part of the learning and stretching theme in this moodboard. In my exhaustion, I totally forgot. Well, if there are any LA bloggers out there who are interested, here are the details: http://www.lovecreativeblog.com/2012/08/la-blogger-picnic-meet-up.html

  18.  Cool!
    I'm giving the classes a rest for now - too many balls in the air! :D

  19. Late to the party because my work computer wouldn't load Disqus all day! Anyway, that Boden picture is just perfection. Absolute perfection, all of my favorite parts about fall! And it plays so well with the red leaves and all that moody typography. Wonderful monthly moodboard! Welcome back from your trip! Can't hear all about it (with pictures I hope!). 

  20. I really love this moodboard and I love how you seamlessly blend in the crimson color with your design.  Do I see a branding theme here?  I hope you had a good time on your trip and can't wait to hear all about it.  And I love that quote from dear old Martha!

  21. happy september, theresa, and welcome home.  i hope you have a short rest from your vacation.  you deserve it.  the mood board is lovely.  i'm with roald dahl's quote all the way!

  22. I can't believe we have September already! On one hand I am looking forward to wearing all my fall clothes but on the other hand I can't let go of my summer dresses/skirts. Always love your moodboards and collages, this one is no exception. Is the girl wearing a velvet blazer? Why did I ever get rid of mine? I have taken a Photoshop class on Alt Channel and the instructors also teach at classes with nicole and have thought about taking a more in-depth one there. Please let us know how you like your classes.  My September will be filled with my parents visiting for two weeks, they arrive next week and I can't wait to see them.

    Happy Wednesday and a great September! 

  23. Fall foods, football, I'm looking forward to all of it.  And cooler weather - we need a break over here!

  24. i loved reading 'the great gatsby', i can't wait to reread it. it is currently in my 'to read' pile....
    september is going to be grand. my boy is home for the holidays and i am sooo excited!!!
    p.s learning is always happening... that's the way i like it. i would love to take one of nicole's classes xx

  25. I so look forward to your monthly mood boards. This one is fabulous as usual! With all the red :) This month will be quite hectic for me as we are moving back to Berlin. Just signed the lease for an apartment so at least we have a place to live but all the other details and organisation required with moving is kind of overwhelming me ... but I'm pretty excited about it all still. September is going to be crazy, I'm certain of that!

    Wishing you a great September Xx. 

  26. I am so excited about Autumn. It's driving Richard nuts. He gets really upset when summer ends. A bit of a clash for us!
    Love to know how you get on with Eckhart. I listened to the podcast rather than the book. He's a funny little german hobbit :)


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