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happy friday everyone! how was your week? today i'm bringing you part three of our road trip up north. on sunday, before we made our way over to the heath ceramics studio, we actually visited the bay area discovery museum. the museum came highly recommended by my girlfriend, and i fully understand why.  above you can see the entrance to the museum and a breathtaking butterfly installation found on an adjacent wall.

who wouldn't love spending a day at a museum whose back drop is the golden gate bridge?! i took the above shot while i was sitting on a bench overlooking the playground area, and, there in the distance, was the glorious golden gate bridge. can you see it? with coffee in hand and the warm sun on my face, i could have sat there all day. 

i suppose it goes without saying that the kids had a blast. there were several outdoor play areas including an amazing twig and branch sculpture created by artist patrick dougherty dubbed the peekaboo palace, which also pulled double duty as a maze (see bottom right photo). in addition to the outdoor areas, the museum included a handful of small buildings which housed different areas for interactive play - painting, playing with clay, learning about the ocean, building with blocks...to name a few.

the museum's mission statement beautifully encapsulates user experience: We believe play cultivates creativity. Our open-ended, child-directed philosophy encourages children to experiment and make discoveries. We want children to hang onto the spark that allows them to see infinite possibilities, and try new things so they can grow into innovative adults capable of creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. 

hm, a mission statement that can also be applied to adults. i have one more road trippin' post about the time we spent in the actual city of san franciso, which i will plan to share next friday. let's just say that city exploring with kids in tow is a whole new experience.

happy weekend, my friends! what's on the agenda? whatever you've got planned, can we all agree to include some play that sparks infinite possibilities? let's shake on it.

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  1. hello t!  it looks like the perfect adult/child place.  the kids are happy - learning and exploring - and you can sit and enjoy the sunshine a bit.  the view is spectacular, too.  happy weekend, n

  2. That museum looks incredible. And they're not kidding when they say San Fran gets a lot of fog! If it weren't for your little arrow I'd never have spotted the top of the bridge. The sky could not have been any more blue though! Did you guys have good weather the whole time? It looks like it! I really, really want to go to San Fran now! You think they'll let adults go in that branch maze??

    Nothing on the agenda for the weekend, woohoo! Pretty happy about it, too, can't you tell? See you on Monday! [wink] xoxo

  3. LOVE The Peekaboo Palace! - it looks like such fun - and I adore the look of total concentration on E's little face. :)

    Kids do take play very seriously, don't they? By that, I mean that they make a point of ensuring that it is a huge part of their everyday lives. We often become guilty about taking time out to "play" as we get older which is a shame.

    You're so right about the museum's mission statement also applying to adults.
    You may have noticed Tina and I discussing The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It makes a very good point about "adult play" enhancing one's creativity and general wellbeing and - having gone through "the process" for a month now - I can certainly vouch for that.

    Can't wait to read about what the grown-ups got up to in San Fran - enjoy what's left of the weekend! :) xo

  4. You know I love places like these... your trip sounds so much fun. Look at the kids. Totally in their element! Just gorgeous.
    Check out Eames' chucks... are they?
    I LOVE the photo of the kids in the branch sculpture.

    Great mission statement! See you Monday. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  5. i love this! i love that kids love this!
    the butterfly installation is lovely.
    i will be away this week, we are going on school camp. love to you xx

  6. It was such a great day. I smile just thinking about it. Happy weekend, Noreen!

  7. So glad my last minute decision to blow up the tip of the bridge a bit and include an arrow proved helpful. Oh, and I fully took advantage of that branch maze. Adults welcome.
    Yes, see you Monday [wink].  

  8. Chi, it's so true about how serious kids take their play. Over the weekend, my daughter was playing next to me while I was on the computer and she was in a full blown conversation with her dolls (i.e., talking to herself). I mean, it was quite a serious conversation with all the right voice intonations. I didn't want to interrupt her, so I just smiled and listened.
    Wow, you're a month in with The Artist's Way? So good, Chi. I picked it back up about the same time you did, then I put it aside to read Twyla Tharp's book. However, I really want to pick it back up again, making it my third attempt! Once your done, please keep me posted on how you like it.

  9. It really was such a wonderful museum and gorgeous environment.
    Thanks, Tina. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, as well. No doubt full of design inspiration.
    PS~Oh, Eames' shoes are high-top Vans, but they do look like converse.

  10. I loved that butterfly installation, too! It was so delicate looking.
    Leah, have the most wonderful time with your littles! Lots of love and hugs.

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Theresa! And I love that mission statement. It makes me wonder if my family needs a mission statement...I know my blog needs one, but a family mission statement? Interesting concept. I'll have to think on that one. And I absolutely adore that photo of the bridge.

  12. The kiddos look adorable and like they're having such fun

  13. fabulous photos. looks like you had an amazing day!


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