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happy first monday of august! as i do on every first monday of the month, i created a new moodboard to help set the month in motion and on the right foot. august is shaking out to be a pretty busy month. i suppose we're trying to squeeze every last drop of summer goodness out of the month. 

so here is what's on the agenda for august:
  • this coming friday, we will leave for our third annual family camping trip, along with five other families. every year the coordinator selects a different camp ground and this year we're heading to big bear. i'm just going to come clean and tell you that camping is my least favorite thing to do. ever. but, i promise you, not in a high-maintenance-i-can't-live-without-my-blow-dryer sort of way. (i don't even use a blow dryer.) it's more of a visceral dislike...almost like something happened to me in my childhood and scarred me from ever enjoying camping. maybe i watched one too many friday the 13th movies when i was young. don't those movies all entail camping and everyone getting murdered? anyway, it's once a year and i'm going. for the kids. if my tent could somehow look like the one above, i might just learn to love camping. i know, a pretty tent still doesn't solve the ax murder issue.
  • the cake eating continues this month with a couple more birthday celebrations. my son is beyond excited to turn five and be all growns up.
  • august is the last full month of summer and a beach scene seems most appropriate. i plan to enjoy every last second of this season before retailers start shoving the holidays down our throat. (this photo was taken by gray malin. are you familiar with his work? pretty gorgeous!)
  • i finally convinced my husband to take a road trip up north at the end of the month. i'm looking forward to visiting good friends and spending some time in the city. i once lived in san francisco right after college and i'm excited to give the kids a taste of this amazing city. (this is definitely on the agenda!)
  • i try to follow this simple rule of thumb when i'm writing and creating posts. an interesting question was brought up during blog brunch this past saturday - how much do you tailor your content to your readership? i don't tailor too much and just try to write about what i love, and hope it resonates. (sometimes i fail. ha-ha! ;)  what about you, do you tailor your content? also, have you ever attended blog brunch? let's meet there next month.
overall, i suppose you could say that my frame of mind is set on frazzled this month. however, i'm reminding myself to stay calm, take things slow, enjoy the process, and make lists...lots and lots of lists! how is august shaking out for you? 

image source: camping / cake via 100 layer cake photograph by apryl ann photography / beach scene photographed via maison gray / mom, inc. poster via oh joy! / san francisco cityscape

39 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. I feel the same way as you do about camping.  Plus the bugs.  Oh the horror of the bugs

  2. I have really fond memories of camping with my dad as a kid, and totally loving the outdoorsy-ness of the whole thing. I think I could be persuaded to camp again at some point, so long as I had access to running water; I have a skin-care routine that can't be messed with, come hell or humidity or sleeping in a tent! Haha. That makes me sound high-maintenance, I know :) You'll have a good time, I just know it. Not sure if you've watched any of the Harry Potter movies, but whenever they use a tent it's always magically enormous inside  with a full kitchen and tons of bedrooms despite looking small and dowdy on the inside. Wouldn't that be the best way to camp? Anyway, have fun in San Fran this month, too! I've never been but it's definitely had such an appeal for me. That picture of the cable car really sums it up. So beautiful!

    You are the queen of celebrating birthdays recently! I am jealous of all the delicious cake you get to consume, haha. Especially that beautiful one you included. Your mood board this month is really cohesive, with all those coral/peach-y elements. Well done, lady! 

    I definitely don't tailor my content to my readership. I don't think everyone always wants to read about how much I love Gary Oldman or Paris, but hey! I've read a few places that if you write what about what you love as if you were talking to a friend, people will respond well to it. Trying to write what you think people want to read won't sound as genuine. Just my two cents. :)

  3. You sound busy! Camping sounds fun. We're planning to do a quick over night trip but might not make it til September. 
    I saw the blog brunch on Saturday but was running around and couldn't jump in. Seemed like some fun questions and thoughts. I was thinking about the same question in regards to tailoring my content. I always think about who is reading, which is probably not a good thing. I 'm always conflicted with that question. You seem like you have a handle on it.  Have a great Monday!  Teri

  4. Gosh you are going to be very busy on your variety of trips.  I don't mind a bit of camping until 24 hours after I get there and after the first cold night, I remember how unattractive it all is.  I hate that feeling of being dirty all the time.  However, we are going upmarket in September for a bit of Glamping so I'm anticipating it being a whole lot more enjoyable.  I love SF BTW and would love to visit again in the future.

    It's possibly selfish but I write about what I love too T.  But then again, I don't want it all to feel too mechanical for me, you know?  If people don't like it, they won't visit :-)

    Happy August !

  5. I can't believe we're in August already! Sounds like a fun month ahead for you are your family. Have so much fun in SF, and at Golden Gate park especially. I can't think of a better place to go with wee ones. This moth should be calm-ish, we do have one long weekend planed down the coast for our 1st wedding anniversary! Thanks for sharing this mood board. 

    I don't think I tailor my content either, but maybe I still too new to this game o tell. Food for thought for sure. 


  6. Ha! Camping. My family teases me that I prefer the "Out of Africa" version of camping where Meryl Streep says, "Aren't you glad I brought my china and my crystal?"

    I really love your mood board this month, T. August here in Virginia feels so watered down. Grass is growing brown and the sky is a faded blue. Everything looks watery from all the humidity and your pops of color remind me that there's still a lot of vibrant about this month. I have watched the blog brunch via twitter from afar but never attended. Next month, I am so *there!* I was loving what I was seeing you guys tweeting about. I too write about what I love...to my downfall as well, I think. What I love lacks cohesion, and I need to work on that!

  7. I want to be in that tent! I like camping for one or two nights but I've never stayed anywhere posh like that. So beautiful. Get Lauren on board, she takes her silver cutlery and chandeliers with her when she camps.  Glamping it's called over here.

    I spent my entire childhood camping and I liked it but seriously grew out of it when I was about ten. then I camped a lot when I was in my twenties. Often at the south coast we'd find a campsite next to a nice pub. Then you just go there eat pie and drink cider and roll back to your tent. Lovely. Obviously it rains a lot here though.

    I don't tailor stuff for my audience really but I do sometimes feel the need to write something quickly as people know I've done something from Twitter/Instagram and I feel that if I write something different people will be like 'but tell as about xxx!'. Ultimately I totally think you should be writing as a way of expressing yourself. Blogs who write for readership are often dull and lifeless. I could name a few! ;)

  8. fabulous board! I like the peachy colour presence.  Thanks for sharing the link to Gray Malin - I'm really enjoying his portfolio. 

    Hope you have a good camping trip, and yes, let's enjoy the end of summer "before retailers start shoving the holidays down our throat" - you are so right!! I almost forgot that was coming ... even more incentive to enjoy to the max. 

    As for tailoring content ... Like you I write what I like :) 

    Happy August!!

  9. Love the mood board- great pics! Hope you survive the camping trip, the things you do for your kids right :) I totally get how you feel about camping- I'm kind of the same way! Nothing a few glasses of wine won't help though :)

  10. Sounds like a great month T! I grew up camping, but my husband didn't and has no interest in doing it. I want to find a place like the one in your picture - I think that might be a happy medium for us:) So exciting you are doing a trip up north. We are going over Labor Day to celebrate our anniversary - don't miss the Cindy Sherman show at SFMOMA - it's a spectacular one! I'm planning on eeking out every last beach day too...as soon as the time changes, I go into a somewhat prolonged depression that usually lasts the entire month of September and part of October...I wish I could be light till 8:30 all year round! It was so fun running into you last week - lets try and do cofee soon!

  11. No camping for me:)
    Saw that beach image via Holly... very beautiful stuff.
    Tailor, no not really, but I suppose while the Olympics are on I have been dealing with it more like a reporter who wants to show how vibrant everything is. I hope it still comes across that I'm totally passionate about everything I blog about:)

    5 yrs old, oi, how grown up is that??? Cutey. BTW, Kfir has now been re-named (Roi) and today can breath for the first time on his own. Yay!

  12. "not all who wander are lost" - aragorn, the fellowship of the ring.  i LOVE that saying.  so when you are camping, just wander - but not too far, and don't get lost.  i'm with you 100% about camping, though.  i used to say that my idea of camping is room service.  but i've never camped, so maybe it's wonderful.  i don't need a blow drier either.  

    august is my busy time.  i'm working every day.  oh, and today when i was going to staples, i passed michael's crafts, and they had scarecrows out.  there it is.  merry christmas!  (ps.  did i ever tell you that i LOVED that you enjoyed "i'm farming and i know it".  so happy.  

  13. Yes, I totally forgot about the bugs until I went to Target today and was in the garden section. Thank goodness bug repellent accidentally caught my eye!

  14. I love the outdoors too. When I lived in San Francisco, I hiked and rode mountain bikes, and loved it. Spending the night outdoors is another story.
    Don't hate me, but I've never read or seen any Harry Potter! However, I know my time is coming. I think the kids are going to love the books and movies. I'll soon be on your wavelength.
    Yes, queen of birthdays. We have a large family and we celebrate at least one birthday every month. Wait, except January...No kids were born in January.
    When I was writing that Blog Brunch question, I couldn't think of any of us who do tailor. I think we all pretty much write about what we love.

  15. I think it's always good to have your readership in the back of your mind to keep your voice and content consistent. I mean, you guys would probably think something was awry if I started talking heavy politics on the blog. ;)

  16. I hate the feeling dirty part, as well. Thank you for introducing me to "glamping." I learned a new word today.
    The more I think about it, the more I realize how difficult it would be to write about anything other than what you love. Erin said it best, the post just wouldn't be as genuine or heartfelt. It would be lackluster.

  17. Well, happy 1st anniversary (in advance)! They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Hope you can do something special to commemorate the occasion.

  18. Oh, see, that's my kind of camping. ;) Remember Eric and Sue (and their wedding and his Mini-View)? They went on an African safari last year. As you would expect, they said it was amazing.
    It's true, with August comes the dog days of summer. For the first time all summer, we are going to be getting some pretty warm weather this week. High 80's all week! ;) I know, I should shush now.
    I don't think "downfall" at all. Your posts are always from the heart...There's your cohesion.
    Ok, blog brunch in September. See you there.

  19. You're right, I'm going to see if I can get Lauren to join our fourth annual camping trip.
    I'm thinking a campsite next to a nice pub is a brilliant idea! However, glamping in the rain would be miserable.
    "You should be writing as a way of expressing yourself" that about sums it all up right there.

  20. You are very welcome, Holly. Happy you're enjoying Malin's work.
    Can you believe I actually saw a bit of Halloween stuff in one store?!  Crazy.
    Happy August to you too. Let's make it a great month.

  21. I heart you for bringing up the wine. Yes, wine is definitely on the packing list.

  22. We are going to SF over Labor Day Weekend too! You know what's going to happen, right? We're going to run into each other grabbing coffee or something in the city.
    It is nice that the days are so long right now. The daylight really is the best part of summer. Well, you know who to call if you need a pick-me-up. I'm always up for coffee anytime, or juice. ;)

  23. Love you, ducks. Somehow, if you and I were in charge of the agenda, I think we'd rock that camping bit. Gorgeous, kitted out cabin and all. ;)

  24. Oh, that's great news to hear about Roi. Cool name! Kfir was cool, too. Yay for tiny miracles!
    You're right to blog about the Olympics. How could you not with it happening right in your backyard. I'm loving the coverage from your perspective.

  25. Thank you for the quote source, Noreen. I added the quote to the layout at the last minute because I loved its meaning. In my twenties, I wandered A LOT. I lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Tampa, New York, and, finally back to Los Angeles. So the quote appeals to the (one time) gypsy in me.
    Scarecrows? Oy! I know you're working really hard right now preparing for the start of another school year. Do try to enjoy some time for yourself though. (Yes, that song was pretty funny!)

  26. Wow Theresa!  That house post got quite the reaction!  I think when you start tailoring your content you lose some of that authenticity.  I love the fact that you just write what resonates.  Right now I'm going through a little funk where I don't even want to search around the internet for content. And I never thought I'd say this but I'm at the point as a blogger where I'd much prefer to post my own original content and if the readers like it they like it, and If they don't, they don't (is that blogger maturity I hear?).

    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time Camping and make the best of it.  And I can't wait to hear about that trip to San Francisco!

    I love the month of August simply because it's my birth month, but next weekend I'll be at the Big K.r.i.t. concert (remember my rapper crush?)  He will be in Orlando this weekend so I'm excited about that!  Other than that we'll be gearing up for that first day of school!

  27. August sounds like such a fun month for you (and Townsend!). Funny how kids can't wait to get older as long as there's cake and presents involved. :)

    I'm not a happy camper either - I love my mod cons too much! :D
    Glamping seems like an okay-ish compromise though ..... :/

    I don't tailor my posts at all - I write whatever takes my fancy. Not everyone's going to like that and that's just fine with me. :D

  28. Hi Theresa...first off, stunning moodboard! Normally August is a downer of a month for me as it means school starts (most international schools begin in Aug.). BUT, not this year! Stepped out of teaching this year and it's incredible to extend my summer this way. So...your board makes me happy.

    Just got back from 5 weeks in SF...I truly love that city. Enjoy every minute. Have some Bi-Rite Ice Cream...yum!

    As for content...they simply come out of something that inspires me.

    YOur month sounds really full and satisfying. Have fun. 

  29. Your blog is so beautiful and full of great inspiration. Love this mood board, it definitely send a great message for the last month of summer.

    Stay in the Lines

  30. Ha, that post did get quite the reaction. :) I really don't mind it. In fact, I would rather have honest sharing of opinions. It forces me to look at things in a new light or notice something I may have missed. I want people to feel comfortable saying exactly what's on their mind. (Well, as long as it not abusive, obviously. ;)
    Oh, have the best time at the concert! I know he's one of your favorites, so definitely get your groove on. ;)

  31. Seems like everyone has the right angle. What's the saying, "You can't please all of the people all of the time."
    Yea, kids can't wait to grow up/age and adults just want to slow it down.
    "Happy camper" :) 

  32. Thank you, Christine! Wow, five weeks in San Francisco. Sounds wonderful. Ok, Bi-Rite Ice Cream, duly noted. Also going to try to get my hands on some Blue Bottle Coffee, among other things.
    Happy to hear you're able to enjoy an extended summer. Life is good!

  33. Thank you, Jaclyn! Beautiful and inspiring - Can't ask for better a description. :)

  34. Hi THeresa...came back to check out the link for the blog brunch but it isn't working? Can you give me more information please? Thank you. 

  35. Raluca | WhatWouldGwynethDoAugust 8, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    A) I hate camping, too and B) I wanted to do blog brunch but stumbled upon it too late, would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  36. wow! that's a busy august...in a good way! ;) i also am doing a bit of traveling in august and can't believe summer is already over! luckily we live in california so we can still enjoy some sunny day for a few more months ;)

  37. This looks like a month full of great things! I wouldn't mind camping in that tent, looks more like glamping. And yes to bringing some vino on the trip! I am in love with SF, never lived there though but fell in love with it on several trips. I don't think I would do much biking there though ;) I have never heard about blog brunch but will check out your link! The issue of tailoring the content to the audience is interesting, I only write about things I love so hopefully that's what people like but have thought about doing more recurring columns. Have a wonderful August!

  38. I love this moodboard... well, because there's a pretty cake, a gorgeous beach, and well, SF! :) Happy Happy August, lady!

  39. Happy August lovely! I hope you are enjoying the process.... it changes life completely when we start doing that. My FIVE is so growns up. Wow life is moving fast at the moment!!
    Enjoy SF, I've always wanted to visit. Much love honey xxx


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