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i can't remember if i ever mentioned that my husband is in the real estate business. what this means, among other things, is that he comes across some amazing homes in his line of work. more often than not, he sends me links to such homes so that my jaw can appropriately drop to the floor. case in point, take in the breathtaking shots of this newport beach, california home. whoever staged this home cleverly used little pops of red throughout that instantly caught my eye [wink]. while i would happily accept this home soup to nuts if, say, someone willed it to me (i should be so lucky), there are a few things i would tweak. there's always room for tweaks, right? nothing structural, just cosmetic (the nerve!):

  • i love a white shingled home with black shutters. in addition, all the window trim and doors have been painted black inside and out, adding to the home's dramatic effect; it's brilliant. the only thing i would change is perhaps i would paint the door a bright color like crimson red or...?
  • i'm loving the craftsmanship of this home, including all the moldings, thick baseboards, ebony hardwood floors, and built-ins. 
  • the little sitting area above is pretty perfect and i don't think i would change anything. though, i have to admit, the white armchairs make me a little nervous.
  • i love the red upholstered armchairs in the dining room, but another part of me is dying to change out all the chairs for something mid-century modern. perhaps the wegner wishbone would work?
  • i love the carrera marble used for the kitchen island! however, i would change out those red leather stools for bertoia bar stools.
  • i thought the powder room was really unique. the ornate mirror and custom vanity are pretty stunning.

  • behold the master bedroom and bath! the zebra print upholstered bench at the end of the bed would need to vamoose. however, the high pitched, tongue-and-grove ceiling...yes, please! 
  • oh, again with the carrera marble in the master bath!
so, now that i officially have lockjaw, tell me what you think - what do love and what would you change?

source: all images via houzz 

12 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. hello t!  from the outside, it looks like a dollhouse.  really.  just shrink it down and open the roof and children will love to play with it.  inside, it also has that perfect look - esp. the hall.mirror.  i agree with you about the dining chairs but not the front door.  it's awesome the way it is.  thanks to your honey for sharing!

  2. Wow! The dark wood floors throughout are just incredible, they really make the other elements pop. That first bathroom is to die for. Actually, so is the second. I agree about painting the front door. Maybe a bright yellow or even an acid green? Look at me, talking about color! What a great find and no wonder your jaw hit the floor! One day I'll own a house like this... ;) And you can come over whenever you want!

  3. Whoa, the house just SPARKLES.  The kitchen is gleaming - I suppose that's what all that white does throughout the home.  The  hallway with the rooms branching off the side to the end is such a cool design element that I feel like people don't take enough advantage of today

  4. Although this house is definitely not my style,  I can still appreciate it for what it is. Very contemporary and stylish. I love the ebony floors, the wall and ceiling trim and yes, those pops of red! 

  5. Wow - this is stunning. I love the contrast of the black trimmings with the mostly white walls and exterior. I would do a bit of redecorrating, but I wouldn't change a thing as far as the "bones" go. Thanks for sharing! 

  6. What an amazing home!!!! :O
    Like you, I love the pops of red and I would totally go for a bright red front door, too. I also love your choice of the Bertoia stools as a replacement for the red ones - they have a wonderful lightness about them in contrast to the deep, dark, dramatic flooring.

    The bathroom with the red sink-cum-bureau is pure, girlish opulence  - j'adore! :D

    I would also add a few quirky, fun pieces - it's a little too grown-up and serious for me! :)

    Funny you posted about a house for sale - it looks like we'll be putting ours on the market soon, fingers crossed.

  7. would you hate me if i said i'm not in love? the bones are good, agreed... but the decorating is lazy... sorry, it just is... it's lazy to just continue the same pop of one colour from head to toe, top to bottom, nose to tail... where is the excitement as you walk from one room to the next other than "ooh, i wonder where the red will appear next?"...  if i had to guess i'd say this has been staged for sale... poorly, predictably, without much effort (well, that's harsh, probably a lot of effort, just put in the wrong places)... next!

  8. Hello T I'm back! Sorry for my absence, couldn't comment with Disqus at work *shhh* and am at home now!

    Well I'm with Sue. It's show-homey, not very personal 

    It's over lit as well, it looks awful from the outside with all of those lights. It reminds me of one of those crazy US Christmas houses. Love the black shutters and frames though.

    Love the wooden floors. Hate all the white and red but I love the coffee table and sprayed vanity. You know Sam has a vanity a bit like that?

    Gosh aren't we a fussy lot? x

  9. Oh dear, sorry to spoil the party> Completely not my thing!! But I can see why a lot of you really dig this. It is magazine perfect or at least how magazines used to show homes. Thank God, they've moved on and now show personality in homes.

    Good shots though:) Nice wooden floors.

  10. Love the dark floors with all the white going on in this house. What would I change? I would start living in it, mess it up, leave traces (books, magazines, clothes etc.) everywhere that somebody is living in this house. It looks a little bit too staged for me, but I am sure you and everyone of these lovely ladies here would breathe life into it in their own unique way.

  11. I love all the dark trim and that dark ceiling in the hallway....stunner! While I understand what people are saying that it's a bit impersonal, we *are* looking at a show home after all! I love your tweaks. I much prefer your barstools, and I'd prefer pops of different color than the all red throughout. The jury is still out for me on those "conversation" living rooms. I just can decide how I feel about them, but I love the bedrooms and all those light jute rugs on top of those gorgeous floors. Thanks for sharing dearie. I love nothing more than peeking inside homes like this!

  12. Theresa-
    I love all the white cabinets and carrera marble counters. oh, and the black trim and dark floors. I agree the bathroom sink/vanity  is a nice touch. Big houses are so hard to decorate. It's  a little too matchy for  me as far as the decor. The exterior is beautiful!   Teri


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