{at this moment: weekend wishes...}

happy friday everyone! as you read this post, we are in the car embarking on our seven hour road trip up north. i've got the snacks and plenty of entertainment packed into the car. oh how i wish i didn't get car sick, otherwise i would spend a good chunk of that time reading. i guess there will be much singing going on. yea, we'll be that family on the highway. make sure to honk and wave hi.

for those of us stateside, this weekend marks the end of summer as we celebrate labor day weekend and kids trickle back to school. for many people, monday will be a holiday and an extra day off from work. got any fun plans? will you be posting on monday?

ps~the shot above was taken at my son's birthday party last weekend. my son and a handful of his buddies jumped on to this paddle board making for the perfect photo op. actually, i can't believe i got the shot as i usually can't get my camera out in time. thanks everyone for your well wishes. the party was great fun - a full, leisurely day at the beach. the kids had a blast relishing their {uninterrupted and unencumbered} time to play together.

ok, everyone, have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. as always, thanks for spending time with me this week. see you on the other side.

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  1. What a wonderful photo! Brilliant job on that and on the party...so many birthday parties are scripted but the best are those uninterrupted times of play, yes? Even at 13...yes, that one is coming up next week. Sigh. Have a great trip. Neel shares your motion sickness. He'd be driving, and I'd be reading or we'd have a book on CD. Can't wait to hear all about it next week! In the meantime we'll be recovering from our first week of middle school. xoxo

  2. What a great photo! As a December baby it's so strange to see a birthday party on a surf board haha. I might be a little jealous. I'm not sure if I'm posting on Monday or not yet, I sort of want the day off but I haven't missed a day in 2012 and I want to keep that streak going! Will you? I'm sure you will be too busy having a grand time in San Fransisco. Enjoy the trip and the car ride. Some of my favorite memories include long car rides to vacation spots. Have a good one, T! xo

  3. I wish I didn't get carsick from reading in the car too - it'd be the perfect way to pass the time away.  Have fun this weekend!

  4. good luck on your road trip! have a wonderful weekend 

  5. I LOVE that photo... perfect!

    Enjoy your stay. Relax, have fun and come back and tell us all about it, won't you? See you next week!!

  6. did you add that cute dolphin fin to the photo?  or is it a floatie?  happy vacation!

  7. oh honey, i hope you had an easy trip... i get car sick too. i can't read, knit etc.
    the birthday party shot is a brilliant capture. have a wonderful time in sf xxx


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