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happy friday everyone! camping: i've been talking about it all week, haven't i? i decided to adopt the u.k.'s word for camping - glamping* - because it just sounds infinitely better. (well, don't all their words sound posher, especially with their cute accent?) plus, london has been doing such a bang up job hosting the 2012 olympics, i was inspired to give them a tiny fist pump from across the pond. well done, you guys!

anyway, i digress. back to the business at hand, we leave for our camping glamping trip today. however, before i leave i wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend. as you rest your head on your fluffy, down pillow and lie your body down on your cushy mattress tonight, please think of me. in the dirt. in the event that i don't make it back here on monday, due to a bear mauling or misadventures with poison oak, i have someone stopping by who will take real good care of you.

have a beautiful weekend, my friends!

oh, i haven't done this in awhile. here are some things i was loving this week that i wanted to share with you...

*thank you, sam, for teaching me this new word!

image source: nomad-tanzania

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  1. I would so much rather glamp than camp. Actually, I won't camp at all (the bugs I've mentioned before). Have a wonderful weekend, sleep tight and tell ghost stories around the camp fire for me!

  2. Have a lovely time in the wilderness T. Oh, and thanks for the mention, I'm very pleased to have been of service. Oh and stop with the cute accent, if only you could hear it, hey Annie?!

  3. Ha! Glamping. Much more my style, especially if I throw in my faux-British accent. Aren't those the cutest. Sam's so clever. Enjoy your camping trip! Let's hope there are no actual bear encounters or anything that would remotely put a damper on the experience for you guys! I'm excited to see who you have lined up for Monday, too!

    I love Breanna Rose, so much inspiration on her blog! You're sweet to include me, as well, T! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Have a great time T! Sounds like you are going to have fantastic weather. Don't forget the fixins for smores:)

  5. Lauren Lester SweitzerAugust 10, 2012 at 8:45 AM

    Oooh - I love camping! Such fun memories for your lucky kiddos. The term "glamping" is so fun, we've been looking into staying in a yurt on the coast at some point - I think that would qualify. Have fun - xo!


  6. Have a great glamping weekend! Hope the weekend will be fun without any bear mauling, killer insect bites or back pain due to not sleeping in a bed...A friend was camping in Yosemite with another friend and they could hear a bear sniffing and circling their tent. I would have had a heart attack. Enjoy your trip! xx

  7. well, theresa, best wishes for calm weather and soft winds. also some chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker treats! enjoy as best you can, n

  8. T, thinking of you as I lay in a very comfy bed in Germany;) I know you'll do well and will be hugely proud of yourself afterwards. Think how your kids will enjoy it and believe they have the coolest mum on earth.

    Try and embrace the experience the best you can and come back to tell us all!!!

  9. Have fun, you glampazon, you! Can't wait to read all about it and to find out who/what you have in store for Monday!! :D x

  10. you know, there had better be a chandelier in that tent (or egyptian cotton sheets at a minimum) otherwise it really is just camping! funnily enough, i just this minute put the box on and "carry on camping" is on!!! haha... hope your adventures are as exciting!!!

  11. Love this tent and more the bed. I think my glamping in on this weekend. Thanks for provoking me ;)
    Java blogger

  12. Well Sam is everso slightly accented like Carry on Camping so that all ties in nicely!
    Hmm yes glamping, I'm on the fence about it. Last year R went to a place called Fforest Farm in Wales and stayed in a teepee. All the women were in floaty maxi dresses and huge sunglasses and he found out they were vogue fashion editors and suchlike. All a bit pretentious! There's a part of me that thinks proper camping is the way to go, especially somewhere as beautiful as where you are T. A different sort of holiday I suppose. I always quite liked the Tarzan camping from the b&w films of our childhoods.

    I camped in Yosemite too, in the snow. With the bears. And I camped in Botswana and I was in a tent alone and my two (male) friends were in the next tent. I thought my friend Al was snoring in the night and keeping me awake and found out the next morning that it was a hippo sniffing around. Eek!


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