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i don't know what it is, but i've had napa valley on the brain lately. when i lived in san francisco, we would venture out to napa every couple of months. only an hour outside of the city, napa was the perfect little getaway. whether you're a foodie, a wine connoisseur, art lover, or spa goer, there is something for everyone in napa. don't forget comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to do some major walking as you tour the most beautifully designed wineries. casual chic is the way to go when it comes to fashion attire - you want to look nice, but you also want to be comfortable. as soon as we can sneak away for a weekend sans kids, napa will be our first trip. though it has been awhile, here are some must-dos in napa (some i've actually done and some are on my wish list):
  • tour - domaine chandon (owned by moët & chandon, who also own dom pérignon and louis vuitton) great tour of the property, and interesting history lesson about the company and sparkling wine (did you know that champage can only be called champagne if it comes specifically from that region of france?).
  • picnic - v. sattui winery. the winery has a small market right off their wine tasting room where you can buy all the necessities - fruit, cheese, baguettes, and deli meats - for a great picnic. spread out your blanket or eat at the tables provided on the front lawn.
  • stay - hotel yountville or auberge du soleil 
  • eat - french laundry (make sure to book your reservation months in advance of your stay) 
  • indulge - bouchon bakery (calling all macaron lovers)

    i know we are smack dab in the middle of summer and most people have bodies of cool water on the brain. napa just sounds so relaxing to me right now. so, i hope you've enjoyed this little escape. have you ever been to napa or ever wanted to go? do you have anything similar to napa near you? 

    clothing: black hat / crossbody bag / sunglasses / knot bracelet / mj bracelet / madewell v-neck / skirt  / superga

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      1. Napa! I've always wanted to go! I imagine it as being so relaxing and picturesque. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco, too. Maybe a combo trip is in order, I didn't realize they were only an hour apart! I always thought Napa was much farther north, for some reason, but then again considering I've only been to CA once and it was to SD/LA, my perception of where things are located in Cali might not be the most accurate, haha. I LOVE that you brought back the Wear in the World series! I'm loving the comfy chic look of that outfit. That tee and bag are calling my name! No surprise they're Madewell & J.Crew. Clearly our brand-love is spot on ;)

        Disqus isn't relatively new, I'm surprised so many people were having problems figuring it out! Thanks for the mini-tutorial, T. You know, one day I'm going to totally switch you to Wordpress and you won't have to worry about annoying little fixes like this :)

      2. How funny! I woke up after a very interrupted night last night thinking, "I wonder when Theresa will do another Wear in the World?" How cool is that?!  I love this one! I've always wanted to go to Napa. Can you believe we never went while we were out there? And the French Laundry is on my bucket list. I have two Thomas Keller cookbooks (one is the FL cookbooks) for pure photography inspiration. Love his stuff. Love the outfit too. I'd wear everything!

      3. Popping on again to say that Disqus did do something different because it's switched things up a bit on all the blogs I comment on that use it. I totally forgot to log out and back in before commenting below, but thanks for the tutorial!

      4. Hey T
        I went to Napa April last year. I can’t remember which vineyard we went to (duck something?), it was fun. We couldn’t get into the French Laundry unsurprisingly.
        I really liked Napa but I have to say it isn’t a patch on the South African Stellenbosch area which is quite honestly the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen in my life. Extraordinary.
        Trying new Disqus now….!

      5. Hi Theresa! Thanks for the Napa tips. I've heard so many good things about Napa, but I've never been. Your tips may come in handy one day. Love the outfit you put together, it fits the scene so well :) I want to be in that outfit and in that picture right now!

      6. Never been to Napa T, another for my list!  I like your wear list, especially the MJ bracelet. I'm all for comfort too, but I'd have to add a pair of heels to this combo, even if they only made a brief outing from my handbag.  What have the problems been with Disqus, I don't seem to be having any ???

      7. Lauren Lester SweitzerJuly 11, 2012 at 7:08 AM

        I love Nappa - you're right, it's the perfect day trip outta SF. I totally agree, the Chandon winery is beautiful (that's actually where my now hubby asked my dad for my "hand" - so old school). I love the outfit suggestion too - simple and classic.  xo!


      8. Teri Roughen @beach_citylifeJuly 11, 2012 at 8:47 AM

        I'm going in September! Where should I stay?  Both hotels look amazing! I've never been so I need some guidance.  xo T

      9. What a cute outfit! I've always loved your knack for putting together effortlessly chic looks. :D

        Napa looks heavenly. I'm teetotal but I'm sure I'd find other fun, frivolous ways to pass the time!

        I'm considering using Disqus for my comments, too. It would be so nice to respond to everyone properly! :)

      10. i'm going to Temecula in a couple weeks for a wedding. it's not Nappa, but i'm very excited to relax, drink wine, and spend time with family and friends. the advice about the walking shoes wasn't something i thought about, but SUCH a good note. thanks!

      11. When you make your way out west again, you definitely have to add SF and Napa to your trip. I know you would love both places. And, you know, I will totally meet you there.
        Ha! When I explained to my husband all the issues I was having he said, "Why don't you just switch to WP?" I think I'll do one more spruce up with Blogger and then switch over. You're on speed dial when it happens. ;) (I don't why I'm scared since you've reassured me the process is seamless.)

      12. No way! I guess it has been a long time since I've done one of these. Why can't Alt Summit be held in Napa?! How amazing would that experience be?! We would kill all kinds of birds with one stone. Aw, French Laundry...I don't even have proper words. Bucket list, too.

      13. How come I wasn't aware that you went to Napa? Did you write a post about it? I'm going to see if I can find it.
        Oh, wine tasting in South Africa would be a dream trip. If you say that South Africa is better than Napa, I can only imagine how amazing it must truly be.

      14. I hope my tips really do come in handy one day. What a great holiday that would be for you.

      15. You can definitely sneak in a pair of heels. I think a little kitten or wedge would look great.
        See, I think a blogger conference needs to happen in Napa.
        Oh, re: Disqus, previously some were not able to link their blog url to their comment, which they would prefer to do. It was a real bummer. All fixed up now.

      16. Aw, so glad you shared that little bit. I can't think of a more perfect place than Chandon to ask for your hand in marriage. Your husband has great taste! ;)

      17. Though, you really can't go wrong with either hotel, my vote is for Yountville only because it has been on my wish list for a sooo long. Plus, I know you'll take great pics and share it. Right? Oh, and please do the tour at Chandon. I just know you'll really enjoy it, Teri. I think you would also enjoy a picnic at V. Sattui; Totally your style. For other wineries, there is: Coppola, Stags Leap, and The Hess Collection (which has an art gallery with an amazing collection).
        PS~See if you can get into French Laundry. Call now!

      18. Hmmmm...French Laundry. Maybe we should go together?

      19. Thanks, Chi! You definitely don't need to be a drinker to enjoy Napa. It's like you don't need to be a gambler to enjoy Las Vegas; There so many other things to do. There are great art galleries (like the one I mentioned to Teri below), restaurants, spa treatments, and shopping. People slow down there and just enjoy life.
        PS~Once I got the blog url linking squared away, I have to say that I really like Disqus.

      20. You know, I've never been to Temecula. Thanks for the reminder. It's only about an hour away and would be a great way to satiate wine country cravings. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

      21. Never been but heard so many good things about it.... Annie's comment is interesting!

        I actually like that outfit. Well, like the Superga, skirt and T-shirt. Can't believe I'm commenting on this:) and as very often, love your photoshop skills and layout design.

        How are you T? Is July better for you? x

      22. WOW, T, the Disque thing worked. Thank you x

      23. Never been either but it's on my CA to-do list! Thanks for the great tips! I've heard raves about French Laundry but didn't know you had to reserve so early, good to know! Love the wardrobe picks too :) Have a good weekend Theresa!

      24. Napa is on my places to visit list. I'll have to check out (virtually for now) the places you recommended. Love the outfit! I would totally wear it myself. The skirt is amazing and the shoes and glasses are a great splash of color.

      25. Can you believe I've been living on the west coast for 4 years and STILL haven't been to Napa. Mind you, everyone tells me I will love it and this post confirms that as well. I'm bookmarking this so I can reference back to your recommendations once we finally make it up there! Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment on my last post :)



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