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happy friday everyone! for those that celebrate, did you have a nice fourth of july? we have a tradition here where we go to my husband's cousin's house for their annual fourth of july block party. the party festivities include a mid-morning bike parade, lunch, water slide, water balloon toss, water balloon and pie-in-the-face fight, live band, dinner, and - what we've been waiting for all day - fireworks. it's a long day, to be sure, but the kids have such a blast. we've been attending this block party for about the last four years and it definitely marks time each year we attend as i look around to see all the kids one year older.

true to my word, the kids and i will head off today for some summer fun. i'm thinking we'll either head to LACMA or the aquarium. last friday, we went to the kidspace children's museum in pasadena, and the kids didn't know which direction to head to first! there were apparatuses for climbing, science experiments for exploring, a dark room for glow-in-the-dark fun, and plenty of areas for water play. (the kids were so disappointed that i didn't pack their swim gear. bad mommy!)

so what's on your agenda for the weekend? we have two birthday parties, so this weekend will entail plenty of quality time with family and old friends. here's to another great one!

ps~as promised, i wanted to say a few words about a great meet up we had last saturday. teri (beach city lifestyle), lauren (still plus life), lauren's son, callum, and i were able to meet at the shade hotel in manhatten beach for breakfast. teri and i had met in person previously, but it was our first time meeting the lovely lauren and callum. meeting lauren was like meeting an old friend you haven't seen in a while; she is just so kind and warmhearted. really, both lauren and teri made the entire morning so easy and comfortable. we could have sat and chatted for hours. callum was easily one of the kindest boys young men i have ever met, and so well-spoken. as they say in the south, "these are good people." (pop over here if you would like to see a little photo of the three of us together.)

have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. sorry to have missed that meeting!! an online party come to life. i'm so happy you got together.

    your party sounds awesome. that pie-in-the-face - that i'd love to see! our 4th was traditional - fireworks, parade, grill-out with friends. wonderful. must get to my classroom now - we're already preparing. have a great friday with your kids, n

  2. Little kids holding hands is just about the cutest thing ever. Looks like everyone had fun! Next time, I'm sure you'll remember their swim gear ;)

    Your account of your meetup with Lauren and Cal and Teri warmed my heart so much. You ladies are so wonderful and I can't imagine how much fun you had just sitting around talking like old friends. Next time, count me in! Haha. You looked so wonderful and happy in that shot. No surprise! Have fun at all the birthday parties this weekend, T! xo

  3. sounds like your 4th was a lot more exciting than mine...but we did get to see some fireworks and have a few drinks with friends - and at the end of the day, thats what matters!

    Have you take the kids to the Getty Center yet? It's one of my absolute favorite places in LA. I know they have lots of fun activities for kids and maybe mommy can sneak away and catch the Herb Ritts exhibit ;)

  4. i loved seeing the three of you smiling and having a good time. Callum, what can I say, he'd be welcome here anytime:)

    Those kids of yours..... well done for venturing out, as promised, and coming back to share! Your kids will love you for it!!! And we do too....

    Go and celebrate this weekend and, foremost, have a great time. BTW, great photos & graphics:)

  5. Oh my dear, reading this brought tears to my eyes. I can't even tell you how momentous it was for me to meet you and Teri for that lovely breakfast. Really. And how much it meant that you so warmly welcomed my boy. I really and truly felt as if I was sitting down with girlfriends that I see regularly (and wish that I did!). Being with you both had such an ease. We could have stayed all day. We could have danced all night. I absolutely can NOT wait to do it again. love

  6. Wow! They really go all out! To a kid, that's gotta be the next best thing to disney world or should i say disney land for your kneck of the woods? ; ) A Live band??.....and a bike parade??? Sounds awesome!!

    I think that's cool you got a chance to meet Lauren : )

  7. I'm so envious of your meet up! I would have loved that. Isn't it great though that when you meet other bloggers it's like you've known each other for ever? My favourite thing! Loved seeing the photo of all three of you :)

    And that 4th party looks brilliant! xx

  8. Hope you had a great day with the kids. I wish our meet ups weren't few and far between, but I think we should make an effort to see each other and other blog friends more often! Teri

  9. leah of sang the birdJuly 7, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    hope your kiddie time was lovely. i am so glad your time with lauren and teri was so wonderful, and easy... a tad jealous that i live SO far away. much love xxx


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