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hello, hello and welcome to hueville where i aim to highlight color trends that have caught my attention. this time around, i've been noticing a heavy use of metallic silver paired with either charcoal gray or neutral/tan. now, i realize i'm pushing the creative boundaries here by calling metallic silver a color, but i know you will allow me this stretch. here is what i discovered:
  • these straw baskets spray painted with metallic silver are a diy tutorial from martha stewart, and they look totally doable. you should see the other items that they silverized.
  • thank goodness that zadig & voltaire cardigan is sold out because i might just shell out three figures for a cardigan with elbow patches, especially in metallic silver.
  • for all you photography lovers (which basically means all of you), i found a beautiful way to pimp your camera. behold these dazzling camera straps by bloom theory. too girly for you? ok, try this one.
  • leather wrap bracelet by chan luu. what can i say, i'm a sucker for a pretty leather wrap bracelet.
  • these cambridge satchels have been hitting the scene pretty hard between street style and fashion blogs. this metallic version is pretty sweet.
  • i'm again at your mercy and needing creative license with these ag gray jeans with tiny white polka dots. they definitely don't fall into the metallic silver category, but they were just too cute not to include in this roundup.
  • if you click nothing else on this list, please check out these pillows by {me} longings. the patterns, material, and screen printed process utilized in the making of these pillows amount to something really beautiful.
  • oh joy! stationery screen printed with metallic silver. imagine receiving this little gem in the mail. snail mail just got a little more stunning.
  • salt water sandals in metallic silver. did you know that they make salt water sandals in adult sizes? no longer reserved for the kiddies anymore, and at $40 they're a steal!
so, tell me, what color trends have you been noticing as of late? you never know, it just might find its way to hueville.

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  1. good morning, t!  i love the outfit - it could go straight into my classroom with me, and be comfortable all day.  i'm not getting out much right now - just to my classroom - so you'll have to keep me up on what you are seeing.  joy to you, n

  2. This hueville is right up my street.  I LOVE a bit of shiny.  The cardigan is so cool, I'd never have thought of metallic elbow patches, what a clever designer :-)
    I'm seeing a lot of gorgeous and vibrant blues around - I've got my eye on these lovelies http://www.selfridges.com/en/Accessories/Categories/Shoes/Sandals/Wedges/Pricilla-satin-wedge-sandals_641-10004-3103699609/?cm_mmc=Email-_-120725_Summer_Essentials-_-other-_-product&_$ja=tsid:32517


  3.  Great round up! I love shiny things. The cardigan looks great and love the camera strap. Also the pants with polka dots are super cute. I saw this chambray shirt with polka dots at GAP a while back and didn't buy it, now it is sold out everywhere. Lately I have been noticing mustard yellow sneaking it's way into my heart and already bought a  pair of corduroy paints for the fall in that color.

  4. I LOVE that cardigan with the shiny elbow patches, what a glamorous little surprise! Makes me smile. Yes, good thing it's sold out ;)

    So on the topic of color ... and 'metallic colors' at that - I have to admit I've seen a lot coppery tones creeping their way into the interior design/decor area ... and I like it :)

  5. Oh man, a Cambridge satchel has long been on my wish list, and you're right: that metallic silver (totally a color, T!) is so cool. I love everything you collected! I had no idea they made Salt Water sandals for adults! They are the most darling little shoes for kids. I'm really loving that cardigan too, but my wallet is equally grateful it's sold out! Loving this hueville series.

  6. Hueville is such a cute name. I love that sweater, of course it's sold out! I've had my eye on that satchel, though I'm not sure I REALLY need another bag. Great new series Theresa!  Teri

  7. Love those baskets - great idea - and that sweater is fab. You really can't beat a chic grey sweater for everyday. I know it's everywhere, but lately I've been rocking a lot of orange (esp in work wear), and mint pants (on the weekend).  Great round up! 

  8. i am loving all your series! you are brilliant! and that's why i love coming here :P
    i love your metallic silver and gray pairing. it really tones the metallic down and gives a soft look!
    and that DIY camera strap i'm definitely going to try it one of these weekends!

    thanks for sharing as always,
    her imajination

  9. Absolutely love all your picks! I pinned that metallic basket project a couple weeks ago and now you're totally motivating me to complete my DIY project. :)

  10. I really like the stationery and the camera strap... that'll do me. The cardigan is cute too. Been looking for a more funky strap but maybe glitter won't go with me on a Vespa, camera round my neck. I certainly won't pass for press any longer:)
    Like the Hue ville series...:)

  11. Another wonderful series! I love all of these series that you come up with, T. So clever. And this Hueville totally speaks to me. This is a color palette that I can completely get on board with. I don't use a camera strap, but that silver one is making me wish I did! I actually like every single thing you've selected here, so keep them coming!

  12. I love all your picks. So beautiful. The camera strap is awesome... and i'm jealous about the salt waters, they are way more expensive in australia. 
    Hueville! such a great idea xxx


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