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hi everyone and happy friday! these summer weeks are flying by. every time i turn around i'm wishing you a happy friday. as many of you know by now, every friday of this summer the kids and i are venturing out and exploring what our beautiful part of the world has to offer. last friday, we headed to the aquarium of the pacific, right in our backyard of long beach. i wanted to go to LACMA, but the kids wanted the aquarium, and their votes outnumbered mine. (sometimes i allow for democracy. not always, but sometimes. ;)

the aquarium was crowded! can't imagine why. it's not like it's summer and school is out and every parent or school program is looking for a place to entertain the kids. sheesh! i suppose, the five yellow school buses parked outside should have been my red flag. 

i know, no complaining, mommy. it's for the kids, and the kids did have fun. they carried their maps with them everywhere we went, taking pause to reference and study them. they would often inform me of sea life trivia or point us in the right direction. my little tour guides. anyway, we had a lot of fun. except, that is, when we lost my three year old daughter. did i mention it was crowded? from the upstairs viewing rooms, she walked down the stairs, grabbed the stroller, and headed for the exit. when the guards asked her where she was going without her mommy she replied, "i'm ready to leave." needless to say, i had a mini stroke as my imagination ran wild in my head. i thought the aquarium was going to be forced to pull a "code adam" and shut the place down. no such thing happened and we were reunited (and it feels so good). as for my daughter, cool as a cucumber. (oh, i'm so in trouble!) moral of the story: aquariums are dangerous and i'm never going back. [smile] have you ever been lost or separated from your loved one before? how scared did you get?

ok, everyone, i hope you enjoyed this week's installment of summer friday (mis)adventures. where will friday fun take us next? OH, and happy friday the 13th! what's on your agenda for the weekend? we have one birthday party and then some general downtime. whatever you do, have fun and, most importantly, hold your mommy's hand!

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  1. I lost Cal ever so briefly in Legoland in Carlsbad years and years ago. It wasn't even nearly as scary as you describe. Just couldn't lay eyes on him in the playground for a few precious seconds (felt like hours!). So I know your fear. Even now, when I feel like he should have come back from a perfectly safe bike ride but hasn't yet, I worry. I don't think it'll ever go away.

    Quiet weekend in these parts. I'm so grateful.

  2. gosh, that does sound like a nightmare! i guess that's your worst fear as a parent isnt' it?  glad all was okay, but wondering how you explained it to her so she doesn't do it again. poor you. wondering what you're up to today. some place with no crowds I'm sure. xo T

  3. "I'm ready to leave," oh wow, definitely laughed when I read that. What a decisive and independent little girl you have there. I also love that she grabbed the stroller too, like "ok, got my stuff, I'm all set now." Looks like a great day, albeit with a bit of a scare.  Happy friday! 

  4. I just had a mini-heart attack even reading about E wandering off and deciding it was time to go (once the panic subsided, I laughed heartily. You've got a little pistol on your hands, T!). I love your summer initiative to get out and explore the city with your kids. Really, they will thank you for it one day, there's nothing better you can do for them. 

    A recent anecdote about getting separated: while we were in Paris J left his sport coat in one hotel after we changed hotels the 2nd day, and we went back to pick it up after lunch. J suggested I head down the street to the little boutique recommended to us by Süsk on her map rather than go back to the old hotel with him and wait around while they brought down his coat from Lost and Found. The store and the hotel were 2 blocks from each other but the idea of being in a foreign city without a cell phone, alone, with no way to reach him if we crossed paths or got lost or something, was horrifying. Nope! I joined him at the hotel and we sat around for 10 minutes and then went to the store together. Probably not the most time-efficient plan, but at least I didn't get lost or separated!

    Have a great weekend, T! xoxo

  5. Oh my, losing my daughter would be a total nightmare... i can almost feel your heart attack. I keep thinking to myself too what would i do if I lost my daughter?? she's also at an age where she likes to play "hide & go seek" so i'm so worried that will happen one day when I can't find her. Maybe I need to put a dog tag necklace on her? :) 

  6. Beautiful shots. Yay mama for taking one for the team. And Miss E knows what she wants!
    I've never had Miss S wander off but my boy was always doing it. When he was 4 i lost him in our local shopping centre. He was gone for 20mins... I was beside myself. Frantically panicking is an understatement. When I found him, he was in the toy section of the supermarket. He was happily checking out the new spider man toys and was completely oblivious to what had been happening. All i could do was hold him and cry... 

  7. I lost Cal ever so briefly in Legoland in Carlsbad years and years ago. It wasn't even nearly as scary as you describe. Just couldn't lay eyes on him in the playground for a few precious seconds (felt like hours!). So I know your fear. Even now, when I feel like he should have come back from a perfectly safe bike ride but hasn't yet, I worry. I don't think it'll ever go away. Quiet weekend in these parts. I'm so grateful.

  8. She got a stern talking to...I was thinking this episode would be a
    great teachable moment, but really she was unfazed. Ugh! Tune in next
    Friday to see where we go to next.  

  9. Yes, she is definitely head strong. I've already warned my family that we've got our hands full with this one. Imagine when she's a teenager!

  10. So glad I can laugh about it now. What seemed like an hour of my life was really only 5 minutes. I think I would have done the same thing as you in Paris. You just never know, right? In the grand scheme of things it's better to "waste" 10 minutes that risk wasting the whole day lost from each other. Wise decision.

  11. This episode was the first time I 've ever been truly lost from my kids in almost five years of parenting, and it was pretty scary. I also have family that has embedded some pretty scary stories into my head. So, I wasted no time and went straight to the guards. Ha, dog tags...Or did you ever wear those i.d. bracelets in elementary school? I think a name and a cell phone number might work.

  12. Oh, Leah, 20 minutes would be torture! I feel your pain. Once they are found safe and sound, the most difficult part is explaining to them how scared you were and making it a teachable moment when they are totally unfazed.

  13. Whew! Not gonna lie, I'm not looking forward to those days when the kids want to go for a bike ride with their friends, on their own.
    Hurray for quiet weekends! Have a beautiful one, L. 

  14. hey t!  i'm back!  the school busses were your warning, and good for you for going anyway.  fish are awesome.  anemones just make me so curious.  

    today on a cruise ship with 2400 people getting ready to leave, we had permission to go early b/c of an early flight.  i had the biggest bag, and went first to the waiting area (so as not to have to tromp down 8 flights of stairs b/c the elevators were full), then my daughter arrived.  my husband finally came, and said, "where's c?"  he's 11and responsible.  now he was missing.  he had gone to where he THOUGHT we were meeting, and there were people there, but not us.  it was crazy.  scary, and with a flight in balance.  elevators packed.  where could he be?  after 15 minutes he found us, and all was well - except for some extra gray hairs. 

    whew.  glad you found your little one, and let's just stay in the house a bit, shall we?


  15. Your little kiddies are sooooo cute!  Little mini T with her map, awww.  I bet you couldn't be angry with her for walking off for long?  I can't recall a time where either of my two and I became separated, only the times where they've refused to move off a spot and I've walked off in the hope that they would shortly follow.  My eldest and I took part in that little scenario many a time.

    I love aquariums, the one in Dubai's Atlantis Hotel is simply awesome, whiling away the hours peeking into the glass.  Your kids would love it. 

    Hope you're having a nice weekend x

  16. Theresa, I am in total admiration of your parenting stories. If ever I'm a mom, I will definitely think about them :) The aquarium looks awesome!

    When I was little, like 5 or 6 (probably), I was in a shopping mall with my mom. I was walking alongside her, but started to stray away without noticing, because I wasn't paying attention. Then I saw something really cool, and I wanted to show her. Feeling the presence of a tall person beside me, I grabbed to tug on what  I expected would be my mom's hand. Except it wasn't. It was the hand of a tall scary man! (Ok. he probably wasn't scary, but I was expecting my mom, so anyone else would have been scary, lol). I was panic stricken! The man smiled, but I was horrified! Where was my mom!? Did she leave me? I was lost!!! Then I heard my name being called by a familiar voice. I turned around and there she was, not that far away. I ran to her like my pants were on fire and glued myself to her legs, tears in my eyes. She had watched the whole thing happen. From that day on, I was always paying attention that my mom was around. Lesson learned. 

    But your daughter is so fearless!!! Lol! She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to get it herself. Fantastic! Although, I can't even imagine what you must have felt in that moment. SO glad you found each other. 

    Great post :)

  17. Wow amazing photos Theresa and you know I can’t get enough of Eames and her topknots.
    What a great (but terrifying for you) story! I love her spirit, I hope she never loses it.

  18. Gosh, yes, know that fear through nephew and nieces.... must be a million times worse with your own kids.
    I do love her spirit though. She'll be one independent great woman one day!!!

  19. My goodness! How scary for you - sooo glad you found her!
    Such a darling photo of her. She looks so content studying her map.

    Great photos in general - I would have found the lighting extremely tricky but you've made it work brilliantly. :)
    I'll never forget the first time L was shown her grandad's fish in his aquarium. The look of "Oooh, fish!" in her eyes made him hastily explain that they weren't edible!! :D

    Can't wait to read more of your Friday family outings. x


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