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summer friday fun days continue. last friday we ventured off to the getty center in los angeles. the museum was designed by richard meier and founded by oilman j. paul getty, now owned by the j. paul getty trust. aside from paying for parking, the entire museum was free. as you can see from the photos, the museum is perched on a hillside with sweeping views of los angeles. people, it gets hot up there thanks in large part to the abundant use of travertine and concrete in the building's construction.

this time around, the kids definitely took one for the team. (unlike last week, i am thrilled to report that no one got lost.) towards the back of the museum and off the cafe terrace is an amazing 134,000 sq. ft. central garden replete with water treatments, rolling hills (where people are welcome to picnic and kids make like rolling pins), art sculptures, and an impressive array of beautiful flowers (dahlias were center stage on this visit). my photos really can't honor the beauty of this garden designed by robert irwin.

the permanent collection houses artwork by paul gauguin and vincent van gogh, among others. temporary exhibits include work by gustav klimt and herb ritts. truth be told, i was most excited to see the herb ritts exhibit, which included his earlier black-and-white photography and editorial work. (sorry, no photos were allowed in this area.) you all remember the janet jackson video love will never do, right? there was a special viewing room where people were allowed to watch a loop of ritts' commercial and music video work. my kids especially liked this part of the exhitbit and when i informed my son that janet was michael jackson's sister his eyes lit up (he is a huge fan of michael jackson). seeing ritts' exhibit brought back a flood of memories. take a peek at his body of work (no pun intended) and you will understand what i mean.

in the end, i think the kids had a good time. though, i have a feeling i will be taking one for the team on our next round. hope you enjoyed visiting the getty center with us. if you ever get the chance to visit, i highly recommend it.

so, happy friday once again. what's on the agenda for the weekend everyone? whatever you do, have fun and be safe.

ps~a huge thank you to kate of the forgetful wife for recommending the getty center!
pps~i'm pretty sure this guy was at the museum on our visit. quick, can anyone remember which movie made him an instant star?

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  1. This is definitely on my list for our next trip west. My dad was a welded steel sculptor when I was growing up (he's switched to painting and photography since tearing a rotator cuff a few years ago), so museums were much a part of the fabric of my childhood. Cal and I get to our local art museum, which is actually quite nice for a town of our size, at least once each summer. And my heart thrilled when he said that the Met was one of his highlights of our NYC trip a few years back! Looks like you guys had a great time. 

  2. mmmh, he does look familiar... did a dog run up on his d*ck per chance? ;) oh, and nice photos of the getty centre too!

  3. This place has been on my Must List for a long time, and I'm glad to hear from a trusted source that it lives up to all the hype :) In that picture of your kiddos, is E making like a rolling pin? That is just adorable. So happy no one got lost this time! And I'll say it again, I love that you are doing this with your kids this summer, and making an effort to go to all different types of museums and places with them. It's an invaluable experience! I love all that curvy stonework and even the garden hedges. And the views you guys have out there...unbelievable.

    I'm with Sue, I'm pretty sure he played Dante in the Sex and the City movie! "I'm sorry, but my dog ran onto your d*ck, DECK!" Hahah have a great weekend, T! 

  4. it's one of my favorite places to go! Teri

  5. Your dad was so talented! He would definitely love all the steel sculptures at The Getty. You (and the rest of the tribe) inspired me to take the kids to museums. Remember I was worried that they might be too young? I threw caution to the wind and just went for it. Even though they don't LOVE the visits in their entirety, the trips will make great memories (fingers x). 

  6. You're right, you're right! Ha-ha, I had to read your comment and look at your name twice to make sure it wasn't spam. Gilles Marini is his name.

  7. Oh, Erin, you will love this place. Right up your alley - Great art, lots of beautiful walking areas, a nice terrace cafe overlooking the central garden, and amazing views of Los Angeles. Does that mean you'll be visiting soon? ;)
    Oh, you and Sue are good!

  8. Before embarking on these Summer Friday Fun Days, I forgot about all the wonderful things that Los Angeles has to offer. These excursions have been a great reminder.

  9. I had a feeling the kiddies might enjoy that garden :) The fact that your kid is a MJ fan just makes my heart smile...I idolized him when I was kid ( my ballet teacher was less than thrilled when I would practice my moonwalking skills instead of plies). Have an amazing weekend!!

    P.S. I totally giggled at "body of work" 


  10. How fun that you took the kids to the Getty Center! I love it there! Just the gardens and the architecture alone is worth a visit but the art is a nice extra treat. Gorgeous photos and presentation as always.  He, he I would have guessed Dante as well but I guess most women at the movies were looking at his deck ;) Have a great weekend!

  11. Hello T, I needed that field trip!  It looks like a wonderful place, and I look forward to going someday.  Gustav Klimt just passed a birthday or anniversary, I believe.  His art is really cool.  Also Herb Ritts' photography.  The photos you took of the outside are really dramatic!  I love the curves and the overlook.  And don't you love when cultural institutions go out of their way to be welcoming to families?  The roll-down-the-hill and picnic area is so nice.  Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  12. The permanent collection sounds wonderful. I saw the Gustav Klimt exhibition when it was in Melbourne last year. LOVE him! 
    This is an amazing space... And such awesome grass for rolling on. Nice balance for you and the kidlets. Though you probably will have to take one for the team next Friday. Happy weekend xxx

  13. Another great outing for team T:) so glad no one got lost:) I can see E has the right idea.... just take a rest when tired!!!

    I'm so pleased you're venturing out and enjoying culture, time with kids and some adventures. I love Ritts but when it comes to Gaugin, Van Gogh and Klimt he wouldn't feature! Anyhow, it's all inspiring and a feast for the eyes.

    Good you had some eye candy while there...
    Happy weekend T

  14. i still haven't made my way to the getty center or the getty villa! it's still on my 'to go' list!! 
    thanks for showing me a glimpse of it :)

  15. Michelle LeBlancJuly 25, 2012 at 6:14 AM

    What an awesome building. I love that maze garden. I haven't been to Los Angeles since I was about 10 and my husband has no interest in going. I think it would be awesome to take a road trip and just "discover" California up and down.


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