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i have a huge confession to make everyone. i've been cheating on my favorite brand, j. crew. i have professed my love for this company many times on this blog. i think any roundup i create includes at least one j. crew item. i have loved this company since 1990, when its biggest competitors were lands end and eddie bauer. yes, there was such a time. then, ms. jenna lyon stepped in and took j. crew to a whole new level.

enter the culprit that has captured my cheating heart, madewell. imagine if j. crew had a younger sister who took road trips to the desert and went to music festivals, and you will have an apt description of madewell's collection. (j. crew and madewell are in fact sister companies, which helps to explain my wandering eye.)
even from their respective lookbooks, you can see that madewell is a bit more fun and trendy...while j. crew is more sophisticated and classic. though madewell's target audience skews young, that doesn't stop me from partaking. i just stay away from the mini skirts and mid-drift shirts. (you're welcome.)

i feel as though i owe j. crew a box of chocolates and a bouquet of yellow roses. don't worry, j. crew, you will always be my first love and i will always find my way back to you.

what say you about madewell? how you ever purchased anything from j.crew's younger sister?

source: all images from madewell and j.crew websites

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  1. Theresa, your "you're welcome" after the mid-drift shirts comment made me laugh out loud this morning. I love J.Crew. LOVE. THEM. Love as in yearn for and don't have enough. Like I might need more before an upcoming trip. Sigh. And I've been seeing Madewell *everywhere* but haven't really checked them out. And now I will. xo

  2. I didn't realize J.Crew and Madewell were sister companies! I guess that's why I like Madewell's easy chic aesthetic, then! I think I was confusing them with Emerson Fry for some reason? Oh well. I love J.Crew forever and ever, but I love Madewell too. I haven't bought anything from them (yet) but I love their use of prints like polka dots and stripes. Stripes! I know you feel me on that :)

  3. I can't believe you ditched J.Crew for a younger woman. shame on you. I've just been checking it out and i love their stuff! Love that white jacket in the first picture. And you can buy it on shopbop which means we can get it over here hoorah! (J.Crew's international shipping and returns process is truly appalling and they still havne't openend a bloody shop here!)

  4. I bought a few things from Madewell online and then just last week made it into a physical store- gorgeous stuff!! Pricey but just my style. I bought two dresses (I posted that one striped one on Instagram). J Crew is sometimes too preppy for my style. Just wish they were both a bit cheaper!

  5. I love Madewell! So far I only own two pairs of their jeans, which fit great. The outfit with the white blazer and the polka dot tee is just perfect. Have entertained the idea of getting a white blazer but I'm so clumsy I probably would get dirt, tea or whatever on it within minutes ;)

  6. do not taunt us with that which we cannot have {over here in the uk}... i positively refuse to pay j crew's exorbitant prices for its uk market... so will wait patiently for the day they decide to set up shop here... do love a good 70% of most everything they do though!

  7. I will never leave J.Crew, however if I pass by a Madewell store (which are few and far between), I do stop in. I don't go to their on-line shop, but in person I always find something to buy. Teri

  8. Like my British counterparts, I don't know either brands really, but looking at these monochrome lovelies I'm sure it wouldn't take long to fall in love with them as you have T. Madewell is a cool name too, hope it lives up to it. x

  9. I stalk Madewell website all the time but the funny thing about that is I don't own one thing from them. Jcrew and anthro are just too kind to me ; )

  10. I think I will always prefer J.Crew over Madewel but that said recently they have been knocking it out of the park! I also love how well merchandised their stores are, no doubt following in their big sister's foot steps :)


  11. @LAUREN - Ha, I hear you. I do. I think my love for J.CREW equals yours.

    @ERIN - I think Madewell is right up your alley, for sure. (You're certainly more the target audience. ;) I can definitely see you in any of their pieces. Like J.CREW, you've got to catch their sales...They're pretty good.

    @ANNIE - Ugh, sorry to hear about J.CREW's shipping and return policy. I have to say that for a company that gets most things right, disappointing our UK friends isn't good. Hopefully ShopBop is a better avenue for you.

    @ERIN - Isn't the store design great? I love how they style it with vintage items and books. Madewell (and J.CREW) can definitely be pricey. I like to catch their sales, which are pretty good.

    @NINA - I've never tried on their denim. I'll give it a go next time I'm in the store. You're funny about the white blazer...Mine would be dirty before I walked out the door. ;)

    @SUE - Eek, didn't realize J.CREW prices were so different in the UK. I bet they are working on opening a store in the UK as I write this, or they better start. I need to taunt you with something...You all have Liberty and we don't. :)

    @TERI - I'm with you, I will never (fully) leave J.CREW. I love them too much. Every once in a while, I do like to add a little something fun/trendy/different to the wardrobe and Madewell seems to be answering that call right now.

    @SAM - It actually does live up to its name...Ha, great catch! :) The quality is good and its reflected in the price points. But, like I mentioned before, if you catch a sale, it's all good.

    @TORI - Oh, yea, Anthro is my other love. From the store design to the styling to their catalogs, I do like Anthro. (I think you just outed me. ;)

  12. i need to go shopping. i'm 5'11" tall. does either store have pants for tall folks? joy to you, and glad your kids love the library!

  13. I have to admit, I've strayed as well. It all started with a perfect pair of Madewell skinny jeans, before I knew it I was buying dresses, tops, even (I'm ashamed to admit it) underwear! I went to JCrew yesterday to buy an "I'm sorry I cheated one you" scarf.

  14. seriously! i feel the same way! i went into maxwell the other day and dropped some serious $$$ but the stuff is so cute, especially to dress up or down!

    ps: i really like your blog! i found it through the 201 class we took! so fun!

    xxo em

  15. your "you're welcome" comment after the mid-drift shirts comment made me laugh out loud too, this sunny saturday morning.
    i don't think we have either stores here in oz, but i absolutely love their styling and clothing. would love some good quality stripes, they always look so funky. maybe i'll check shopbop. xxx

  16. Don't know them but can understand your slight 'unfaithfulness'. It's difficult when that happens, right?

    Hope it will turn out more than just the latest flavour of the month:)


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