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happy first day of summer everyone! i'm going to keep this post light. i've been burning the midnight oil these days and it finally caught up to me. i almost, almost didn't get a post created. however, there was just no way i could let the first day of summer slip by without sending you some summer love. lately, this stretching-ourselves-too-thin has been happening to a few of us, right? oh well, you live and you learn. i knew the month of june was going to be busy, and now it's over half way done! 

so what are you most looking forward to over the next few months? are you looking forward to breaking out your summer whites? ;)

image source: zara

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  1. hmmm, yes, definitely finding it a challenge to do all i want to do... happy summer to you...
    the next few months for me are busy... my boy is home for the holidays {doing a happy dance} and i'm wanting to have a pretty special birthday party for miss s and me, we share the same birthday. i want to do something celebratory to celebrate my mum giving birth to me... you know...
    hope your moments of loveliness are abundant xxx

  2. Happy first day of summer, dear! Take care of yourself! Having fun is more key than anything, yes? I'm seeing these shorts (or similar) crop up all over, but I just know I can't pull them off. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to some time at the beach, getting some projects completed, and taking some time to read a few books on my list, oh and get back to doing my yoga practice. June has just flown past to this point so I suspect July and August will do the same. I want to be more present to enjoy the season. Take care and enjoy it with your little ones!

  4. Oh my gosh, the lace shorts are everywhere! :) That first girl has my watch and my camera, from the looks of it! Love these pictures. Love Zara, so that's no surprise. These really do say "summer" to me in a not so obvious, bikini-and-sun-hat sort of way.

    Summer is special to me because our anniversary is July 4th, and Boyfriend's birthday is in August. I'm looking forward to lots :) But staying out of white pants because that's never ended well for a klutz like myself! xo

  5. white? err no my legs are white enough without being given a nice reflective shield to shine off.

    I am however looking forward to summer dresses and cut offs :)

    You guys seem to start summer a day earlier than us?

    I think I told Erin earlier that summer is over tomorrow. I should be careful what I wish for!

    I have some black lace shorts which I wore all winter. I absolutely adore them.

  6. I'm a summer baby (like Leah) and this'll be my last birthday before The Big One and, yes, I am looking forward to it. :D

    I'm also hoping to have more meals outdoors in the sunshine and to just generally "stop sweating the small stuff", which I've been doing a lot lately regarding my Autumn/Winter collection ......

    Have a restful week, honey! :) x

  7. Happy Summer T! That 'ole problem of stretching ourselves too thin syndrome, I've posted about it today too :-)

    Summer? I look forward to booking a holiday (fingers crossed) where Sun exists, wearing flip flops and cool dresses, barbecues with friends, long light evenings, happy feelings.

    Den and I's anniversary is 4th July too, so much in common Erin!!!

    I like the look of these shorts, but following on from my views yesterday on Erin's post, I could never pull them off. I do have a pair of cut offs but only have the courage to wear them in the garden normally. I LOVE the skirt though, I would love to own it, I'm going to have a look online for it now. Thanks lovely x

  8. Happy Summer lovely.
    Take good care of yourself. We've all been there:)

    Tomorrow is the longest day in the year! Here's to a great summer!

  9. happy summer, lovely ladies. this is my season...although i don't think i could pull off those cute lacy shorts. yeah, definitely cannot. :)

  10. i'm running and running and it's all fun. but i'm tired! and not having time for byw 2.0. or any of my summer chores at home. so next week, slow down. this week is on full-tilt. joy to you, n

  11. great summery outfit! Love the colours.

    Yes June has been quite busy for me too. I am looking forward to finding my pace again instead of scrambling to keep on top of things - but I shouldn't be complaining, it only means that things are moving, happening, changing and that's good :)

    Have a great day!

  12. Happy Summer! Our summer started with temperatures in the mid nineties. Too hot for my taste ;) Looking forward to lots of summer fun like bbq, beach, outdoor movies and hopefully getting our friends together in our backyard for a very late(!) housewarming party ;)

  13. Yes, finding the time to get everything done has been challenging lately. I can't even imagine doing it all with two little ones to worry about too :)

    I've been so crazed i didn't even realize I missed the first day of summer. Thanks for the friendly reminder :)


  14. @LEAH - Hurray for your son coming home! I bet the time can't tick off fast enough for you. I think having a fun birthday party for you and Miss S. is an excellent way to devote your energy and time. Celebrate life, Leah!

    @LAUREN - Yes, having fun is the most important thing. Most definitely. Oh, let me clear this up, I cannot wear those shorts either. But, they sure are pretty to look at. ;)

    @TERI - Your summer list sounds absolutely perfect. I can definitely get on board. As soon as this course is over, I hope to get back to the routine I had; It was working quite nicely.

    @ERIN - These photos read summer to me, too...In a city dwelling sort of way. Well, here's a little advance congratulations on your anniversary! My son's birthday is in August too! Seems you and I have lots of life to celebrate.

    @ANNIE - Oh, I'm looking forward to wearing more dresses and cut-offs too. Hm, wonder why the UK would start summer a day later? I'm sure there's a logical explanation. I'll Google later. :)

    @CHI - Wow, we have a lot of summer birthday babies in here. Both of my kids and my husband have summer birthdays, as well. "Not sweating the small stuff" sounds like an excellent goal! Well, some stress is expected when you're starting a business, but hopefully it's not too overwhelming. Sending you lots of positive energy, Chi!

    @SAM - You and Erin share the same anniversary? What are the odds? Well, congratulations in advance. I hope you and Erin both do something special to properly honor the occasion.
    I AM vicariously living through these two women above in their short skirt and shorts. ;)

    @TINA - Thank you, Tina. I will. I think July will be a little less crazy.

    @CHRISTINE - Love that you're owning the season. Make it great!

    @NOREEN - Ha, that's how I feel - June is full-tilt. July a little quieter, or maybe mid-tilt instead of full. ;)

    @HOLLY - That's a great way to look at it - Busy is good...Means you're getting things done. Good for you, Holly.

    @NINA - Mid-nineties?! Talk about barreling into summer full speed ahead. New York isn't messing around. Well, I hope you get some kind of reprieve soon. Your plans sound perfect.

    @KATE - Ah, you are busy! :) Well, make sure to take some time to enjoy all the good stuff that is happening to you. Your blog is really getting the attention it deserves and all your hard work is paying off. Exciting!

  15. Michelle LeBlancJune 26, 2012 at 6:48 AM

    Oooh those are right up my alley! Happy summer! My June has been super busy as well. Whew. I'm glad it's almost over. We finally got a break from the heat, but it's about to rear it's ugly head once again. And I refuse to wear shorts! :-) But, I can certainly appreciate incredibly cute and unique ones. If only I could get over that self-consciousness!


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