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21 guns by green day. i know, i know, this song seems like an unlikely choice for me. i appreciate green day's music. though, i wouldn't call myself an avid fan. i'm a happy-to-catch-them-on-the-radio type of listener. last sunday, we got the chance to see american idiot (the muscial) and, i have to admit, i gained a new appreciation for green day's music. no, i didn't run out and buy their entire anthology. i did get to see their music acted out on stage and was able to intently listen to the song lyrics, which are often rife with political, social, and cultural messages of our times. (read the lyrics to holiday for proof!) there is something about seeing live theater (and live music, in general) - it's exciting and it sucks you in. this musical was no different.

when billy joe armstrong, the band's frontman, and the band started producing american idiot (the album), they conceptualized it as a "rock opera, inspired by the work of the who and several musicals."

in armstrong's words, "as soon as you abandon the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge song structure...it opens up your mind to this different way of writing, where there really are no rules." it's definitely an ambitious goal for a rock album; one that, in the end, paid off really well.

i'm curious, are you a fan of musicals? which one is your favorite?

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  1. I'm a happy to catch them sort of listener of Green Day too. I didn't realise they had a musical either, sounds like an interesting night out, hope the acting and singing matched up to the music.

    I'm not a regular musical goer but the last musical I saw was the Jersey Boys here in London, it was a little slow to start with but singing along to the famous tunes (some of which I never knew belonged to the FV and the Four Seasons) and seeing my mum enjoy the evening made it all good. I highly recommend it.x

  2. Funny, I feel the same way about Green Day. I had Holiday on my running/walking play list for years. Lately I've been skipping over it though. I might be a little worn out! And musicals. Meh. A girlfriend and I could quote every line from Into the Woods for-evah, but they're not on my radar generally. I enjoy them immensely when I go, so maybe my radar needs recalibrating?

  3. In general, musicals make me want to pull my own eyeballs out. I LOVE plays. But musicals....Why does everyone just break out into song? Why? Say it in a sentence! Haha, I know, I know, I'm a hater. J's office gave out West Side Story tickets for Christmas and we went a few weeks ago. Torture. When I was little we went to see Cats and I actually cried during intermission because I hated it so much. But that's just because Cats is so weird. Oddly, as much as I hate musicals, The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite soundtracks. I've seen it twice on stage and I didn't cry once :)

    Oh, and fyi, my dislike of musicals excludes all of the Disney movies. Those are totally acceptable. In fact, I adore them. They can break into song whenever they want.

    That said, I'm glad you had a fun time at the theater! It's fun to see something in a new light like that. Green Day isn't a band I love or anything, but I do give them a lot of credit for being so political with that album and not really caring if they got any backlash. And they've been around forever, so they must be doing something right!

    Hope you had a great weekend, T!

  4. Theresa-
    Didn't see this show. I love old musicals mostly, but whenever I get to NYC (only the past few years) I spend my time seeing shows a mix of plays and musicals. I couldn't pick a favorite.
    Hope you had a nice weekend. How are you coming with the BWY forums, etc? Teri

  5. I grew up listening to Green Day, in fact "Dookie" was one of the first CD's I ever owned. I still know every single song by heart and rock out in my car when a Green Day song comes on the radio.

    The husband and I are planning on going to see the musical at some point...I'm glad to hear you liked it!!


  6. I love musicals but I'm picky about the type of musicals I like to watch. It has to be a lot of dancing involved. I love Grease of course, West Side Story, and a play that I saw when I was a little girl called Ain't Misbehavin'

  7. hey t! i can see you tubing, hanging on, and worried about your swimsuit. hope you had a life jacket on!
    i prefer water skiing - less slamming onto the water. but the kids love it.

    regarding musicals - some, love. "les mis", "phantom", "annie", "my fair lady", and i want to see "mama mia". the beach boys are playing here tomorrow night, but i'm going running. we heard journey through the window the other night sing "don't stop believing" at 11:30 p.m. you'd have thought they were next door, instead of 3 miles away at the outdoor theater.

    joy to you, n

  8. I'm not a lover of all musicals but LOVED Grease. {Grease the original not grease 2}... When i was little i used to watch 'Annie' and 'The king and I' with my mama on a Saturday afternoon. So I like some musicals. Happy new week gorgeous xxx

  9. Oh Threresa, I can never watch the musicality videos you post - video not allowed in my country. Luckily I know this song :)

    But I do love the info you served up here today. How very interesting! And I would LOVE to see American Idiot - the musical!

    Since I moved to Germany, I've seen quite a few operas but always classics with a contemporary interpretation for the performance. I love that.
    This all makes me think about that last show I saw. It was so out-of-this-world-crazy-amazing that I will never forget it. It was choreographed and composed by a man named Hofesh Schechter and it's called Political Mother (http://www.politicalmother.co.uk/). Have you heard of it? If you ever get a chance to see it, you should :)

    Have a great day!

  10. lol! My mind wandered to Political Mother and I got so sidetracked I forgot to share my ideas on musicals :)

    I love musicals, but I don't see enough of them. So far, my favourite is CATS.


  11. I LOVE American Idiot. I think it's probs one of the msot played songs in my iTunes. It's the only song of theirs that I have.

    I liked Chicago, I loved Avenue Q. Bored by Billy Elliot and the one about the witches from Oz. Want to see the Phantom.

    Hello T! Sorry I've been away, I've read every post but no time to comment. Boo. Looking forward to seeing your new profile page ;)

  12. i've heard such amazing things about it! glad you enjoyed it! hoping they will make it down here eventually!

  13. Ha, I totally forgot to mention that I'm not much of a musical fan. The funny thing is, the ones I have seen - Les Mis, Rent, Lion King - I have really enjoyed.

    @SAM - I think my in-laws have seen Jersey Boys and liked it very much. It has music from their generation, if I'm remembering correctly.

    @LAUREN - I'm the same with musicals: Meh. But, then when I see one, I surprisingly really like it. What does that mean? Maybe we're in denial. :)

    @ERIN - Now, see...When I was young, I saw the movie version of West Side Story (the one from the 60's) and I remember loving it. I have no explanation for this since, like you, musicals aren't my first choice of entertainment.
    Oh, if you like Disney, you will love The Lion King. Wonder if you've seen it...The stage version.

    @TERI - That is definitely the thing to do when in New York. Oh, and Vegas. ;)
    Haven't been spending the kind of time I need to in the forums. Hoping this week will be better.

    @KATE - I really did like the musical. I think Billy Joe (and the team) did a really great job at bringing the album to the stage. I really do have a new appreciation for their work.

    @TORI - Oh, I remember loving Grease (the movie) when I was young. I mean, Olivia Newton John and those shiny black pants at the end. Good childhood memories. ;)

    @NOREEN - Wow, that's incredible that you could hear Journey from your house! Well, I hope you like their music...Otherwise, I could see this keeping you up at night.

    @LEAH - Ah, that's a great memory, Leah. You know, I've never seen The King and I. I do remember Annie...It's a hard knock life for me. :)

    @HOLLY - I have never heard of Political Mother. Must look into this...Thanks for sharing. Out-of-this-world-crazy-amazing is definitely a great review.

    @ANNIE - I remember you also went to see a pretty colorful musical around Christmas time. ;) No worries, Annie. Though, I was starting to think it was something I said. I kid! Working on that profile thing now. Ugh!

    @MARIT - I think after it completes its run in Orange County, it should travel down to San Diego. Go see it, Marit. I think you'll really enjoy it.

  14. I'm a little bit late ;)

    Not big on musicals either but really enjoyed american idiot when I saw it last year. My husband got tickets for one of the shows where Billie Joe played St. Jimmy (?). I got all choked up at the end when the whole cast played good riddance (time of your life) on acoustic guitars. It brought me right back to the 90s...

    Another great musical I saw was mama mia but it's no wonder because I've been a big Abba fan since early childhood ;)

  15. My first experiences with Musicals was when I was about 6 years old and appeared in a production of Hair, the musical. Then in the 70's my parents took us to London and we saw ' Jesus Christ Superstar, and Evita. They both made a deep impact on me.

    Now as an adult I still love the good ones. Phantom, Les Mis and Lion King will always be favourites. Cats, Hair, West Side Story follow closely.

    These days Musicals are reserved when visitors from abroad visit. I can see why they've taken off in the past few years.


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