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hi everyone! hope you all had a great weekend.
with the beginning of a new month comes the creation of a new moodboard. here are some things that i'm going to keep top of mind in the month of june:
no. 1 | keep learning, keep stretching myself, and keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. i was recently listening to an interview with the author of the fire starter sessions, danielle laporte (thank you, tina), and she suggested something so simple, "why don't you be the first one to say hello, or say i love you, or offer a hug." in other words, don't wait for what you want. i have to admit that i am usually the one who hangs back and waits to be greeted because of my shyness. i'm going to give this suggestion a try, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. "when our intentions toward others are good, we find that any feelings of shyness or insecurity we may have are greatly reduced." - the dalai lama

no. 2 | continue to take time to care for myself and indulge in the things i love. if i don't take care of myself, i can't take care of others.

no. 3&4 | with june comes the beginning of summer. i'm looking forward to lazy summer days. also known as, continuing to slow down and enjoy life.

no. 5 | when all else fails, i'm going to remind myself to have a good laugh. laugh out loud with wild abandon. 
"i love people who make me laugh. i honestly think it's the thing i like most, to laugh. it cures a multitude of ills. it's probably the most important thing in a person." - audrey hepburn

no. 6 | last, but not least, i've heard myself complaining about how tired i am...all. the. time. i was just about to make a doctor's appointment when i read somewhere that eating too much processed foods and not moving your body enough can cause fatigue. this idea is not a revelation. i've always known these things to be true, but i never directly applied them to myself until this constant fatigue set in. enter juicing. i've heard many people praising the benefits of juicing. i tried my first one the other day - the toxinator - which consisted of spinach, parsley, lemon, ginger, and an apple. it was tasty and i felt clear in the head with a boost of clean energy. (yes, i'm now a prius.) i say "clean" because it wasn't the type of energy buzz you get from caffeine. who knows, it could have been a placebo effect as i was expecting to feel good. at this point, i'll take what i can get. ;) i might just be ready for a three day cleanse. any of you try some good ones?

i'm also thinking of changing up our family dinners a bit. try some new recipes and meal plan better for the week. i'm looking for a new cookbook that concentrates on whole living and eating. the recipes shouldn't be complicated to make and the ingredients shouldn't be difficult to find...just simple, fresh, and healthy recipes. if you could only pick one, do you have a favorite cookbook (or food blog) that you would recommend?

so that about sums up june. what's june looking like for you? 

image source: first row, mine / second row, chance / third row, angelina jolie with son maddox photographed by mario testino via popsugar and juices via the urban baker

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  1. I've been using my new Vita Mix constantly and experimenting with different blends and I love it! I'm still drinking coffee but at least I know I'm getting in more produce now, too.

    My favorite cookbooks and site for when I want to be REALLY healthy is 101 Cookbooks (Heidi Swanson) and her cookbooks. They're vegetarian, very healthy and the recipes are delicious.

  2. I don't necessarily have any milestones for the month I'm hoping to achieve or anything, but I'm definitely on board with your laughing with abandon goal! I think sometimes life can become so overwhelming and serious that a good laugh can do wonders for the soul. That Audrey Hepburn quote is wonderful. All the quotes you chose for this post are, actually! Look at you getting all deep and quoting the Dalai Lama ;)

    I'm interested to see if you choose a cleanse and how you feel afterwards! Even if it was a placebo affect, anything that makes you feel better can't be bad (unless you decide to pick up, like, a meth habit or something, haha).

    Take gentle care of yourself, lady. Here's to a wonderful month! xo

  3. I just love your mood boards for the month, Theresa. I always feel like you get the hang of living just right. So did you juice yourself or purchase a juice? I need to do *something*. I'm starting with simply having more fruit and veggies around AND moving my body more, but I feel ready to make real changes. Especially fighting a headache today, I feel ready. I need to get through this week and then I'm throwing my arms wide open to summer. I can't wait. xo

  4. I actually really like the idea of creating a mood/goal board every month, it would be great to look back on it the end of the month and see what you accomplished and what to keep working on. Hope this month is full of inspiration, joy and good news!


  5. seems like your starting out june with a positive light! love it!!

    i tried the 3 juice cleanse from pressed juicery. and i loved it! planning on doing one soon :) the best about pressed juicery is that you can select the juices you want for your cleanse and they deliver right to your doorstep!! i highly recommend! happy june!!

  6. Sounds like a plan. I will try and be a bit better about my eating. (I say that a lot).
    Hope you have a great start to June!! Teri

  7. hello theresa,

    i've fallen off the running wagon, and need to climb back on. it's amazing how fast inertia sets in! however, schoolwork is almost over, and next week i'll start gently again. so, yes, food and moving your body. you'll feel better. i have a juicer, but my mom convinced me that you need the fiber from the whole fruit/veggie, so .. maybe i'll get it out and STILL eat the whole fruit or veggie in addition. hmm.
    also i love your quote. i was buying journals for my students and saw on that said, "life starts at the end of your comfort zone". joy, n

  8. Hi! I can totally agree with you on the processed foods. I feel so much better after a clean, healthy meal! I feel so amazing the days I workout too. Wish I had time to workout every single day! How's the juicing going? The greens are so tough for me to drink (gag down)! I've been finding a ton of recipes in my Williams Sonoma grilling cookbooks and I've been grilling our pizza lately and loading it with tons of delicious grilled veggies! That is my favorite meal right now! If you need a great dough recipe let me know! Hope all is well! xoxo!

  9. I tried a really good 3-day cleanse a few months ago and it did give me more energy afterwards. too bad the company is only based in SF. Happy June to you! Can't believe half a year is almost gone. xo

  10. List coming:)

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.
    2. Same here..
    3/4. Yes, going on a few mini trips:)
    5. Yeah. Here's to laughter!!
    6. Well done for trying the toxinator. I love juicing. I do it at home and go on juice fast (about to as I've had a bad few months and find it easier in the summer)I don't follow any particular fasts.
    I own a Vitamix and an Angel Juicer.
    7. One of my favourite books on clean living is James Duigan Clean & Lean...

    You and I have very similar goals for June.
    Pleased you didn't go to the doctor. Changing diet and exercising a little will help tremendously x

  11. Beautiful June mood board...
    I am loving #1 and that inspiring quote by the dalai lama.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW 2.0)

  12. Great moodboard! I've always wanted to try the whole juicing thing. Maybe I might do it With you from a distance?!?

  13. I'm loving your monthly mood boards- what a great way to remind yourself of your goals for the next 30 days! As far as cookbooks go, I've been really liking the Food Everyday cookbook by Martha Stewart. Easy fast meals that don't have too many ingredients. I'm really interested in juicing, but the juicer I look at was over $300. Not sure if there are cheaper options, but I'm not really ready to take the plunge quite yet. Can you use a blender? I also just saw that a new juice place opened next to TJoe's on 2nd and PCH (next to yoga and bar method:) Sounds like June will be fantastic! Here's to some great summer nights at the park!

  14. @ERIN - Oh, thank you for the cookbook and site recommendation. Wow, that site is really beautiful. Can't wait to spend some more time there. I was also thinking of quitting coffee. Then, I thought we need some vices, right? I did finally quit [gasp!] the flavored creamer. Yea, the one with palm oil in it. Don't unfollow me for that admission. ;)

    @ERIN - We shall see about this cleanse. Doing a little research, I can either go through a company or buy a Vita Mix, either way it's expensive. I'll keep you posted...But, don't wait up for me.
    Ha-ha, I almost spit water all over my computer at your meth joke! Just say no to drugs. They would fry what little brain matter I had left.

    @LAUREN - That's exactly how I felt: Just ready for a change. A new juice shop (not to be confused with Jamba Juice) opened up near our home, so I've been making visits.
    Hey, I read that cutting out processed foods may also help with headaches, which I seem to be getting more frequently - one a week and they always happen at night. Hm?
    Well, you've got a busy, exciting week. Get through this week and then tackle this eating and exercising stuff.

    @KATE - Do it! Start creating a mood board at the beginning of the month. I would love to see yours and follow along on your progress.

    @JIN - Oh, you did Pressed Juicery? I have heard of them and really like their program. Happy to hear that you loved it. I do remember the 3-day cleanse came with a hefty price tag. Maybe one of these juice places would sponsor me. ;) Ha!

    @TERI - I think you're a pretty healthy eater, right? I've been meaning to ask how your fast/cleanse went a few months ago.

    @NOREEN - Well, you deserve a running break. You don't want to burn out. Interesting about eating the fruit/veggies rather than juicing. This could very well be my alternative. Love the quote on that journal...It's calling my name, for sure.

    @ASHLEY - I love following you on Instagram and seeing all the amazing meals you make. You definitely eat healthy and well. Yup, the green ones are harder to get down. I tried 'the greenie' - parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and apple - and that one I definitely nursed. ;)
    PS~Yum, homemade pizza!

    @JEANNE - Oh, yes, I remember you did the Can Can Cleanse with great results. I especially loved their packaging - those little jars are so cute!

    @TINA - OH, I didn't know you were a juicer. Well, I should have guessed as much, right? I mean, I know enough about you by now to know that eating fresh, in season, local, and organic are important to you. Juicing only makes sense. #7, noted.

    @MARY - Thannk you, Mary. This is my second month doing these monthly mood boards and I'm thinking it's a habit that will stick.

    @TORI - Oh, Tori, I think you would really like it. Let's definitely keep each other posted.

    @JENNIFER - Yes, that's exactly the spot I've been visiting! It's called, Nekter. Definitely give it a try next time you're buying all the peonies from Trader Joe's. Geez, you could have saved me some. ;)
    Other than buying these juices from Nekter (or Pressed Juicery) or buying a Vita Mix, I'm not sure there's another alternative. I think blending wouldn't sift out all the chunks, for lack of a better description. But, who knows, maybe someone has figured out a way. Summer nights at the park - Cannot wait!
    PS~Thank you for the cookbook recommendation. I've a got a nice little list started now.

  15. Hello darling. Gorgeous moodboard, so colourful and positive. Think i might follow along if you don't mind... 1. the dalai lama is so beautiful. that quote is so appropriate for me.
    2. perfect. i think taking care of you is super important xx
    3&4. yes to slowing down. it's hard to do with a busy head. but so worth th effort!
    5.laugh your socks off honey. here's to hilarious kid antics!
    6. pump up the music and dance around the house. so fun! my fave juice is abcc: apple, beetroot, carrot and celery with a bit of ginger. delish!

    enjoy june honey xxx

  16. Your June mood board is so positive!

    I will definitely try myself at No. 3&4. June will be all about enjoying life and spending time with friends. A friend friend from Germany will arrive on Saturday and when she leaves P and I will be heading to your neck of the woods for a wedding. The reception will be on the Queen Mary in LB, that's where we'll be staying as well...I heard it's haunted so I probably can't sleep at all ;)


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