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is it really the last monday of the month? really? well, that can only mean one thing: a new mini-view. please give brandi of the blog not your average ordinary a warm welcome. i had the chance to meet brandi in person at this resource party in april. we were literally introduced to each other and then swept away by separate conversations. has that ever happened to you? i never did get a chance to make my way back over to chat. however, following the resource party, i did the next best thing and started reading brandi's blog. i immediately got sucked in by brandi's writing and the wonderful way she sees life. she appreciates the quiet moments in everyday living - the ones people in a hurry may overlook (ahem) - and considers life an adventure. i'm always reminding myself to slow down and take the time to appreciate life. brandi lives by this standard. without further ado, herewith is brandi's mini-view...
brandi, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing this mini-view with us. it has been a pleasure to have you here. make sure you pop over to not your average ordinary and follow along on brandi's adventure.

happy monday everyone!

ps~just a bit of business before you leave. over the weekend i installed disqus as my new commenting system. please let me know if you love it or hate it. i really appreciate your feedback. (oh, while installing disqus, i may or may not have lost all my past comments! we shall see.)

source: all images courtesy of brandi / not your average ordinary

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  1. good morning, t! nice to meet you, brandi. i'll stop over and visit. i like your current state of mind. it's mine, too, but i have to have time to relax, too. happy monday! n

  2. Theresa-
    I'm curious about he resource party and what does Disqus do differently than your other comments?
    Brandi is great and her blog is very original! Teri

  3. French Macarons! I'm a fan already :) What another great mini-view but whoa! It's the end of June already?? I'm in shock, that creeped up out of no where. Here's to a fabulous month of June and almost-July!

    As far as Disqus, I don't like that you have to sign in with a different account (It says with Twitter you authorize Disqus to post tweets for you and follow new people, eep!) or just as your name with no option to link to your own personal blog. That's my only beef, but I'm still going to comment no matter what! Whatever works for you works for me, T. xo

  4. I left a comment but I think it got deleted! Wah!

  5. Love both your blogs, great mini-view!

  6. Great mini-view, as usual. You really find the BEST people, Theresa. I love Brandi's tip to "be authentic," and I love the talent she wishes she could have! Can't wait to check out her blog. This version of Disqus seems clunkier than others I've used, but that seems to be them and not you? I don't like that it takes readers to my twitter and not my site, but I'm with Erin...if it works for you, it works for me (and threaded comments: bliss!)


  7. I like the talent Brandi wishes for...I want to move things with my mind too. That would be amazing and time saving!
    PS~Thank you for the Disqus feedback. I will give some time and see how it goes.

  8. Ha, I thought you would love that about Brandi. Can you even believe that cupcake with a macaron on top?! Best of both worlds right there.
    PS~Thank you for the feeback! Hm, well I definitely don't like that little glitch. I'm already rethinking this thing.

  9. Thank you, Teri. Isn't Brandi great? I love visiting her blog and getting lost in her writing.
    Oh, a resource party is where bloggers (or creatives) get together and share a few issues they're struggling with. The hope is that someone at the party may be able to help with that issue or knows someone who can. You can read more about it over on Design for Mankind: http://www.designformankind.com/2011/01/how-to-throw-a-kickin-resource-party/
    I switched to Disqus because I wanted threaded comments. However, if this new commenting system makes it difficult for you guys, I won't continue using it. Your experience here is more important to me.

  10. Happy Monday, Noreen! Glad you're popping over to Brandi's site. Get ready for a treat. I agree, "determined" is a great place to be in.

  11. Well it's nice to meet you Brandi! It looks like we have the same current state of mind...determined : ) Great Interview Theresa! You know I'll be checking her blog out.

    So far so good with the new Disqus no problems here!

  12. Let's try out this Disques then...

    T, lovely interview. Brandi sounds my kind of girl and anyone who displays such big and gorgeous photography is up my street.
    Thank you for the introduction.

  13. Ooh, the Disqus takes some getting used to, but the community feel is great.

    Brandi's greatest regret is something I think we can all relate to.

    Thanks for sharing T. Question... is it just me or does everyone else also find themselves answering the questions too? I wonder if we could do a cocktail party where we all have the same questions and we all have our individual answers. Perhaps we can come up with a question each. mmm

    I absolutely cannot believe it's 26th June x

  14. Thanks for introducing us to Brani T, always good to find out about new inspiring bloggers. Going to check we website out.

    I can't access comments on my work computer now :( but it's an old browser and I'm leaving next month so not too much of a problem. So I have to use the iPhone now and sorry to say its horrid! It refreshes when I type and it jolts. Maybe I just need to get used to it :-/ and I do agree with Erin that we should be able to link directly to our blogs and I can't do that now :(

    Yeay for no catcha though. I strongly believe that bloggers should not outsource their spam filtering to their readers so I'm gals you've found a way to ditch it.

    Missed you T! X

  15. I like that you share the same state of mind. Don't let anything get your way right now, Tori!

  16. Thank you, Tina. I thought you might appreciate Brandi's unique point of view.

  17. Yes, not telling people how I fell would definitely be one of my regrets.
    I'm liking your idea of a cocktail party. You know I'm always up for one. ;)
    I do like the community feel that Disqus offers. However not if if means your tolerating any frustration using the system. Then, it's not worth it.

  18. Happy you found Brandi inspiring. The goal of this series was to highlight and introduce you all to great fellow bloggers. So, mission accomplished.
    Thank you for the Disqus feedback. Well, I definitely don't like that you can't link your blog to the comment. Ok, giving this some further thought.

  19. Already end of the month. Crazy. But that means it's mini-view time! Love these :) I like Brandi's answer to"your current state of mind" question - determined. That's awesome.

    Off to check out Not Your Average Ordinary :)


  20. ps. Disqus is fine, I don't mind using it. What is the advantage, if I may ask?

  21. A great mini view. Thanks for the introduction to Brandi's site. I can't wait to check out her blog. We're flooded in so i may do it this afternoon. I can't believe it's the end of June. Life is going so fast. xxx

  22. love the interview, and also sweet honest brandi. happy july already and glorious summer!


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