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before i profess my love for this amazing brooklyn brownstone, let me first apologize for the meme. by now i'm going to assume many of you, if not all of you, have seen this beautiful home of jewelry desinger, lyndsay caleo. it has only been featured in the selby, design*sponge, new york magazine, and apartment therapy. be honest, have you already seen it? what's that you say? you missed it? well, today is my lucky day.

i am loving everything about this home. i think the furnishings are a perfect mix of vintage and mid-century. oh, to live in an all white house with a sprinkling of brown hues and natural wood.* realistically, i know this home's color palette (or lack thereof) would never work for our family. i also realize that many of you out there appreciate a home that has more color. though, i have to say that i think this home provides the perfect, clean backdrop for whatever colors or patterns you would like to introduce by way of accessories and/or art. change as frequently as the mood strikes you and the home takes on a whole new look. (the entire home is worth a perusal over on design*sponge.)  

ok, i know you're dying to tell me, what would you add or change to this space?

*erin, i did think of you when i saw this home. ;)

image source: all images from design*sponge, photographed by emily gilbert

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  1. hi t, it's beautiful in an arty way. i'd add some furniture you can put your feet up on. something kid friendly and teen friendly. but i'd love to visit there! happy mid-week, n

  2. Oh! You are the best. I'd pinned that picture of the sliding farm door a few months ago without a clue as to the original source or environment, and now I know where it's from! AND I get a bunch more to drool over. This house is really something else, isn't it? The white floors, the mix of woods...unbelievable. I wouldn't change a thing. Nothing. Except maybe add a gallery wall to the large blank space next to those stairs.

    As much as I love white wood floors (and I do, more than anything else in the world) my black-haired dog sheds WAAAY too much for this to be logical unless I commit to vacuuming on daily basis. Ha. Yeah right. A girl can dream, though ;)

    Happy Wednesday, darling!

  3. Hey Theresa,

    Feel like it's been ages! I haven't seen this interior before, no. It's certainly lacking some colour for my personal taste, it's crying out for some sunny yellow, natural green or a deep blue for some depth. Love the staircase, a lot, the natural wood is lovely.

    The open shelving in the kitchen would drive me mad too, not easy to keep clean and grease free.

    Did you circle the flowers, lighting and door elements? If so, that's really cool, I might have to pinch that idea :-) xx

  4. I love this home - and I did miss it. :-) I love the rich browns with the warm whites. Lived in yet SO stunning. I love all the touches you high-lighted as well.

  5. Hi Theresa-
    I'd never seen it but I do love the freshness of it with all the white. Also, never read the term meme before. Now I know. Teri

  6. First time I see this!! Ya know what? I wouldnt change a thing! thats the beauty of this home...it actually looks lived in. I personally prefer a little more color but can definitely appreciate a neutral palette especially for a home in Brooklyn...all you have to do is walk out the front door and you have all the color and texture NYC can offer :)


  7. Oh, I love it. I agree with Noreen, maybe a little more kid/teen friendly, but the combination of wood and white is right up my alley. I hadn't seen it before, so thank you SO much for pointing it out.

  8. Full house! Haven't seen it either. Beautiful, stylish and I wouldn't change very much. All it needs is Tina moving in accompanied by some of her colour... job done!!!

  9. Have not seen the house either! Love how bright it is. I'd take a brownstone in any condition though. The barn door is gorgeous! I've purchased an old door a little over two years ago to turn into a barn door. Can't decide on the hardware so the project is still on ice...

  10. I've seen it before. But i love it nonetheless! There is so much i love about this, i think the only thing i'd do is add some more softness {cushions/throws or rugs}. xxx

  11. I missed this one! I am really into all of the white and natural wood! I also love that kitchen, especially that view out the window! I love your blog, I'm glad to have discovered it!

  12. oh my! i am loving this house! the white walls really allows you to play with a lot of colors! i'm pinning these to my pinterest for inspiration :)

  13. Oh, it WAS my lucky day. I really did think most of you had seen it.

    @NOREEN - Ah, yes, teen/kid friendly is a great idea. I bet this will indeed happen when this home sees kids.

    @ERIN - I love that you had the barn door (to the bathroom) pinned! Only having a photo of the door must have been such a tease. ;) So glad I was able to point you to the rest of the house.

    @SAM - Yes, I can definitely see this home handling one dark wall. Could be fun.
    Yes, I did add transparent circles around my favorite elements of the house. Did you catch them all - one in each photo. Pinch away. :)

    @LAUREN - So glad you enjoyed. It really is a stunning home!

    @TERI - Hee-hee! Happy I could introduce you to a new word. :)

    @KATE - You are so right about having all the color and texture you need from NYC right outside your door. Perhaps that was the impetus for the design decisions. New Yorkers need a bit of calm in their lives and what better place to get it then in their homes.

    @LAUREN - I can see Cal hanging out in that loft to the left of the kitchen. That is definitely teen friendly. :)

    @TINA - Yup, some colorful stripes and a bit of Missoni...I can see it all working quite nicely.

    @NINA - As a New Yorker you definitely understand how special it is to own this brownstone (or any brownstone). Hm, wonder if we'll be seeing a diy on that barn door in the future? ;)

    @LEAH - I didn't even notice that there are hardly any throw rugs. Good eye!

    @AMBERLY - Thank you, Amberly! So glad you stopped by. Did you notice that at the end of the kitchen island there are slots for the knives? Thought that was a cool feature.

    @JIN - Those walls are definitely calling for something. I like all the industrial lighting the couple used, as well. Adds a cool, masculine touch to the home.

  14. ooh, had not seen it. the kitchen shelves are awesome, as it the wooden door. i'd only change the floors, maybe add some colorful rugs for warmth. thanks for sharing, Therese.

  15. I haven't seen it either. I'd add some colour, more texture and get rid of those hideous pantone chairs. Yuk. I love all the wood and that kitchen is to die for.
    I like the circles too! x

  16. that dining area/bookshelf situation is one of my all-time faves!


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