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happy friday everyone! we made it. i'm not going to lie, this week sort of kicked me to the curb. my son was out of (pre)school for the entire week, and having both kids at home full time was an added tax on my inspiration reservoir. know what i mean? though, i have to give kudos to my kids who fully understand the fine art of entertaining themselves, making my job as clown-for-hire a little less demanding. they have been given the gift of boredom* and they use it to its fullest potential making forts, lining up hot wheels, having tea parties with stuffed animals, and chasing each other around the house. we rounded out our week with some cake making out of sand, park visits, and a handful of errands. so as not to paint the perfect picture, there was also plenty of this between siblings...

"no. i didn't."
"yes, you did."
"no, i didn't."
"yes, you did."
"stop arguing with me!!"

...and that's how we began summer this week. do you remember your summers as a kid? how would you entertain yourself? i remember childhood summers as loooong and boooring. in those boring moments, adventures unfolded and elaborate kingdoms were imagined. barbie got a new outfit sewn and my little sister got schooled. in short, magical moments were born. you will understand then when i wish you an utterly boring weekend. what are you up to and where will serendipity find you? 

*note: this concept - the gift of boredom - was taken from the book, simplicity parenting, by kim john payne and lisa m. ross. here is one great quote of many from the book:
so, the next time you're bored, consider it a gift.

oh, ps~on monday, my son will begin a summer session at his preschool. my daughter (the baby of the family) will join him on tuesday. her very first day at school! it's a bittersweet moment for me. on one hand, i've been waiting for this time to arrive to get a little "me" time back. on the other hand, its a sure sign that time is marching on, moving me inevitably closer to the time when my kids won't need me as much. hm, wonder if i'll be bored. [wink]

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  1. When Callum went to school for the first time, I did NOT know what to do with myself. I found myself moving stacks of books from surface to surface, without ever really doing anything with them! Oh, bittersweet! And trust me, T. Your kids will need you, just in different ways.

    I love this quote about boredom. It reminds me to build even more down-time in for my boy.

  2. It sounds like you'll have some free time coming up. It must be a little sad to watch your babies not be babies anymore (although they'll always be to a mom). I think parenting is the hardest job, but done well, it's an amazing feat! I'm sure while you're in the trenches you can question everything you do.
    That little sand park looks fun though! I bet they loved that! Teri

  3. Happy Summer! I can't believe the wee ones are off to school next week, that's so crazy. I bet you'll adjust quicker than you think. You'll like having quiet time to yourself. Not that I'm in a position to talk, I don't have kids, but I'm just guessing ;)

    I so agree with that quote about boredom. I never got bored as a kid, even though I was an only child and played by myself most of the time. It definitely helps kids think of what to do on their own, I've seen it with my nieces. Sure I could direct play or set up an activity, but they had the most fun coming up with stuff to do on their own without my help.

    And speaking as a 25 year old who still calls her mommy when she needs to talk, your kids will always need you. Have a great weekend, T! xoxo

  4. time to have another baby! why not? that'd fill your hands and your heart.

    or, maybe that's not what's happening...

    in any case, t, have a wonderful, boring weekend. i tell my students, "when you love to read and keep a book in your bag, you can never be bored."

    joy to you! n

  5. sounds like a perfect summer to me :) happy you are getting a little "T" time back :)

  6. I had similar discussions with my little sister when we were young ;) Sometimes I wish there was a little boredom in my life but there is always something to do even if it's just chores...

    Have a great weekend!

  7. aww complete peace for just a little while...what I wouldn't give for that. Love the boredom quote I think I'm going to take everything away from my kids and see what comes of it (of course they'll probably look at me like I'm crazy). Have a great weekend and a great start to your summer!!

  8. I swear, we are on the same wave length. Just yesterday I was thinking how I remember the feeling of being bored but haven't had it in YEARS. Even on vacation, both husband and I are always on our stupid computers. Maybe that just comes with the territory of being a grown up...
    Great post my dear :)


  9. I love watching my nephew and nieces occupy themselves and play...
    When bored they seek guidance and guidance is all they get.

    Great quote.

    I'm sure you've got mixed feelings about 'the cutest ever' going off to a new adventure. I know so many women that at this time decided to have another baby. Hmmm, not sure...isn't that 'filling the gap'?

    I'm fascinated by boredom in adulthood. I've not ever experienced such feelings and wonder how/what makes people feel that way? Maybe, just maybe it originates from childhood? When they were bored, someone helped to 'fill the gap' and in adulthood there is no one... hmm, must ponder more on this..

    Happy weekend lovely!

  10. @LAUREN - So true about the kids needing me in other ways. They will need me in character building ways and less in survival ways. Hope I can perform. ;)

    @TERI - Parenting really has been the hardest job I've ever had, but the most rewarding. I do question everything I do, but somehow I know they will be alright.

    @ERIN - :) I bet you're the best auntie. I love that you still call your mommmy when you need to talk. When the time comes, I hope my kids will always call me when they need. (Erin, you're giving your mom the greatest gift by this seemingly small gesture.)

    @NOREEN - Nope, no more babies for me. Or at least not of the human kind. ;) Maybe pursue some passions and creative outlets that we shall call babies. I agree: You'll never be bored with a book always by your side.

    @MARIT - "T time." :) That's what I'm going to officially call it from now on. You're so clever!

    @NINA - Writing this post made me think about my sister and our "boring" time together growing up. It was kind of nice to take a trip down memory lane. Yea, these days, I don't think I ever find myself bored.

    @TORI - Ha-ha, my kids have given me that crazy look. Happy summer to you too, Tori. Here's to making beautiful summer memories. ;)

    @KATE - I have to say that I haven't had the bored feeling in years either. Must have something to do with our easy access to everything. There is always something to see, do, read, gaze at, or learn.

    @TINA - Shhh with your "another baby." :) No more babies for this girl. Now that I'm thinking about it a little more, I haven't felt bored in a really long time. The world is filled with too much interesting stuff. (That last question in my post was me just trying to be funny.)

  11. You are so right about boredom. It can be the catalyst for really magical adventures if you let it. Good to remind us of that ;)

    I can only imagine how hard it must be when kids face these milestones, and all the mixed feelings it brings to parents - happiness and pride, yet at the same time sadness and longing for time passing ... my heart goes out to you Xx.

    Happy beginning of Summer!

  12. That's a great boredom quote and a great way to see the topic from another angle. My two often used to use this word as younger children.

    Childhood Summers for me went on forever, I recall packing some sandwiches in a bag and taking off on my bike with my friends for the day, roaming the countryside, building dens and stopping to play in streams (in those days there wasn't the traffic on the roads), the days seemed to be long and warm and we'd get back in time for tea, bath and bed. Happy times.

    Best wishes for your little daughter on her first day, such a poignant moment, so do enjoy it xx

  13. i love this quote! How i would love to have time to be bored. I hope E had a good day. Your kids will still need you, just in different ways. It is our job to prepare our children to go out into the big wide world...

  14. Eeee little Eames. Love her! But you know that. Loved that photo of her on instagram.

    We've been trying to extract Evan from the WII and the computer. Arthur is brilliant at thinking up other things to do like lego but Evan struggles because he just loves computer games. So we remove all access and have to put up with him whinging for about half an hour that he's bored and doesn't know what to do. Then eventually he will find something and it's amazing to watch. He becomes more fun.
    I never get bored. Quite the opposite there are already too many things I want to do.
    Sam's childhood sounds exactly like mine! It's a real shame kids can't have that life anymore. Picking blackberries and climbing trees and building dams. We used to do that a lot xx


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