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happy friday everyone! you guys, this is my 400th post! that blows my mind. what blows my mind even more is that i had the wherewithal to realize this milestone. ;) to commemorate this special occasion, i thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about the blog:

and what have i learned over 400 posts? your community means everything. the people that show up every day and read your words - whether they leave their support in comments or are silent admirers - they make the whole journey worth it. as i've mentioned before, blogging is hard work. between researching post content, creating posts, nurturing a community, engaging on other social media platforms, and trying to best support other bloggers, blogging is...well, you know. so, thank you for getting me here. [doing a happy dance over here.] as max would say, "i'll eat you up, i love you so."

here are some other things that made my week:

have an amazing weekend everyone! have fun and be inspired.

*found via crystal gentilello's blog.

15 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Happy 400th post :) Well done Theresa! Can't wait for the next 400 posts or more...Have a great weekend!

  2. What a lovely celebration for you Theresa! Congratulations on such a great milestone! I love your blog so much and love coming here each week. Thank you for bringing me such joy.

  3. Happy 400th post, darling! Here's to 400 more (and 400 more after that!)!! Very happy to be along for the ride and only wish I'd been there since the beginning. I'm so proud to be a part of this little community. Seriously. Thank you for sharing my PS tutorial! I really hope it was helpful at all :)

    Hope you have an excellent weekend, Theresa! Do something to celebrate YOU and your achievement, This is a biggie, after all. xoxo

  4. First- happy 400th post day!! I hope you take yourself out for a nice celebratory drink. So glad I found my way to your lovely blog :)

    Second-thanks so much for the sweet mention! It's been so much fun contributing to Erin's blog, I love that I get to utilize my art history knowledge and tie it in to fashion and design.

    Have a lovely weekend and CELEBRATE yourself and your accomplishments!


  5. Happy 400 T! What a grand milestone to hit. And even bigger that you are creating the kind of community that you set out to build and find! It's pretty amazing what you've built here and that should keep you in dance party mode ALL weekend long! Congrats hun!

  6. Happy 400th.... gosh I had no idea... you know I've just reached 50.. baby celebration:)

    So, mama blogger (not because you have kids) thank you for all the inspirations and the mindfulness. I love that about you and your blog.

    List coming:
    1. I love your first post (classic poster)
    2. Listening to commencement speech as I type:)
    3. I feel ashamed I haven't commented on everyone's 'Something about me' and will do so TONIGHT!
    4. You guru of statistics. I never look and have little clue. maybe you can do us a tutorial..
    5.You are very talented
    6.Thank you for your continued support
    7.Have a wonderful weekend

  7. happy blog birthday! hooray! i'm so happy you are here, because if you weren't, i'd miss you -- and so would lots of other folks.

    hey - i checked out erin's tutorial. my goodness, i have a lot to learn. one day, when i buy a camera. for now, i'll just watch from the sidelines and enjoy.

    have a wonderful weekend, n

  8. happy 400th post!!!! you are doing an amazing job! i love coming here every M,W,F! :) happy friday!

  9. Congratulations honey. Awesome journey! I am so glad to have met you. Here's to the next 1000 xxx

  10. loved the interview. it's always nice to get to know some more personal details of the bloggers I follow. even though it's the hardest thing to do as a blogger. don't you think? Have a happy weekend! Teri

  11. @NINA - Thank you, Nina. Yes, here's to another 400! I bet you're not too far behind. ;)

    @LAUREN - Thanks, Lauren. The feeling is 100% mutual. Glad we can share this journey together.

    @ERIN - Thank you, Erin. Yes, this little community amazes me and I'm very happy to be a part of it...Happy to be on this ride together.

    @KATE - Thanks, Kate. I really do think your Life Imitating Art posts are really great...I'm just sorry I was on the late train discovering them. Keep up the great work! You're blogging journey is exciting and you're doing a great job.

    @LIZ - Thanks, Liz! It has been amazing to watch it slowly unfold and build up. I can only imagine how exciting it is for you to watch your photography business grow - double exciting, I would say. ;)

    @TINA - Thank you, Tina, for your kinds words and YOUR continued support. 50 is nothing to sneeze at and I know you have more great stuff to share.
    PS~Sometimes the statistics are fun (like the silly little information I shared) and sometimes it can be a thorn.

    @NOREEN - Thanks, Noreen. Always happy to see you and immensely appreciate your support. Sometimes sidelines are good until you're ready. It is a lot to take in.

    @JIN - Thanks, Jin! You are doing a pretty amazing job yourself. Cheers to reaching milestones.

    @LEAH - Thank you, Leah. Ah, Leah, another 1000 sounds pretty nice! The feeling is mutual...You're blogging journey has been pretty special. So glad to have found it.

    @TERI - Thanks for popping over and reading the interview, Teri. Those types of questions are always fun to think about and answer. It is pretty hard...I definitely prefer to be the interviewer rather than the interviewee. ;)

  12. Happy 400th birthday Theresa!!!!!!! Well, you know what I mean, congratulations to you on reaching a highly commendable position. You work very hard at your blog and it shows. Your level of commitment is admirable.

    I am amazed and impressed that you know all of your web stats too. Did you find these on the back end of your site or are you on google analytics for eg ? Do share your knowledge please!

    Community is everything, thank you for sharing and visiting and supporting us too xx

  13. Happy 400th post! Erin's PS tutorials are a lifesaver, aren't they?

  14. Happy 400th post (well, 401 now;)! That is so great T. What an honor to be mentioned in this special post twice! Blogging is challenging but you really do do a great job:)

  15. Wowsers! 400 posts that really is incredible. So proud of you! Hope you had a little celebration. Like Erin, wish I'd been with you from the start. Also looking forward to a gazillion more...! xx


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