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happy june 1st everyone! may turned out to be a pretty productive month. remember the mood board i created for may in order to keep myself mindful of certain goals and how i wanted to feel throughout the month? i didn't manage to create as much as i would have liked, but i did eat pretty well, practiced kindness, slowed down to enjoy life, and finished the happiness project (i'm 1/3 through the fire starter sessions). overall, i would say that i did alright. [pat, pat on the back, back.]

as many of you know, we wrapped up the month of may by taking a trip to palm springs where we rented a home with three other families. (if you're at all curious, you can see the home here.) before checking into the home on friday, our family made a pit stop at the parker for breakfast. i managed to take a few pics for you guys. the famous white brick wall that greets visitors at the entrance of the hotel and the lobby itself were smaller than i had envisioned. other than the smaller scale, the hotel's decor did not disappoint; it was a mecca for all things jonathan adler. i wanted to sit and relish each and every seating area as there were many, and they helped to make the entire lobby feel cozy. you don't at all feel like you're in a hotel lobby. instead, you feel like you're in someone's very hip, palm springs home. i'm quite certain this was the aesthetic adler was after. in the end, i am happy i convinced my husband to make the pit stop…even though the entire time he and the kids were dying to get to the house and go swimming. happy wife, happy life. ;)
as you can imagine, the rest of the weekend was spent swimming, lounging, talking stories with friends, laughing, and - most important - slowing down and enjoying life. hm, maybe these monthly mood boards do work after all.

let's see, what else happened in may? oh, we just managed to pull off one amazing cocktail party! thank you again to everyone who participated and/or left supportive comments. i thoroughly enjoyed reading every single post, many of which put a lump in my throat and/or made me nod in agreement. (did you happen to catch that the things i'm afraid to tell you movement was written up in the huffington post?) 

there were two things that i wanted to add to friday's post. first, my apologies to anyone i left out. i assure you it was not intentional, just boob-headed. second, after reading a handful of posts, i realized i didn't write anything about being a mother and how very hard that job is for me. some days i feel like i'm colossally failing.  however, parenting has no exit strategy. there is no dangling one foot out the door and thinking if things don't work out, i'll just leave - which unfortunately is quite often my m.o. it's a lifetime commitment so when the days get tough, i must dig deep and push through. if only i could find a way to apply this same strength and tenacity to my personal life, i think all would be right. it will certainly be one of the greatest lessons i've learned from parenting.

have an amazing weekend everyone!!

ps~who is signed up for BYW 2.0? opening ceremony is today. let the games begin!

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  1. Sounds like a great May Theresa! Those mood boards are working for you it seems :)

    Love you pics from Parker's!

  2. Your trip sounds like so much fun!

    I didn't sign up for BYW 2.0 because this month I just don't have the time and energy into it that the class requires. First a friend is visiting from Germany and after I'll go on vacation myself. Enjoy the class and let us know how it is. I will sign up for the next one, that is possibly in the fall.

    Happy weekend! :)

  3. Theresa-
    Love those adorable kid pics! Yes, BYW is underway. I'm a tad disappointed about the first topic: A digital magazine! Uh, not sure about you, but I won't be diving into my own on-line magazine anytime soon.

  4. I LOVE The Parker. We stay there a few times a year (no kids)- usually when the rates are low :)

    I'm signed up for BYW but haven't logged on yet. Will get to it this morning, hopefully.

  5. Awww, your little people are sooo cute with their equally cute friends! What used to make me smile all those years ago is how they relate and get on with each other, their little mannerisms and grown up conversations, like little mini-me's.

    Thanks so for going and taking photos of the parker for us, such a cool place, I bet there's always a bun fight for those hanging chairs.

    And your rental home, wow!!!!! That's stunning. A rental home in the UK can be very hit or miss, poky with awful carpets, but this is a proper Hollywood celebrity pad. You guys really know how to holiday. That's funny that the website is called 'ACME' reminds me of the road runner's antics :-)

    Have a fab weekend love and see you on BYW 2.0 xxx

  6. You've reminded me that I need to pull out the Happiness Project again. I could use some time generating more happiness. And the motherhood bit? Tough almost every day for me. So I totally hear where you're coming from.

    I couldn't swing BYW 2.0 this go around, so I can't wait to hear all about it. Don't forget about me while you guys are learning all sorts of cool new stuff! xo

  7. Hey what a great little holiday. That photo of the kids... gorgeous!!

    The rental place looks proper Hollywood posh... Victoria Beckham style and the Parker looks fab. especially with mini T's in there:)

    You've done really well in May, keep it up. You know, wherever I go and whatever I read it's all about the Fire Starter Sessions. Hoping to make a start this weekend.

    Great that the Huffington post picked up the story. I'm friendly with the UK editor, they're always looking for stuff. If only I had more time!

    It's all Jubilee here, so we clock off till Wednesday but I'll be working and blogging on Tuesday.

    See you in class. Sorry to hear you're not joining Lauren!

    Teri, give it a chance....

    Happy weekend T:)

  8. you seemed to have had a fantastic may!! so jealous of your palm springs trip! i looked into byw 2.0 and it's sold out :( i guess i'll have to wait till october *sniff* well, have a great weekend!

  9. hey honey, your moodboard has really worked. well done on slowing down a bit. i'll have to try a moodboard for me.
    beautiful getaway. so love the pictures from parkers.
    see you in BYW haven't logged in yet but hopefully later on today xxx

  10. hey t, happy weekend! i love your pictures of the parker. cute kids!

    am in for byw! finishing school, but will check in there soon. also, good for you for achieving your may goals - mostly. what's up for june goals?

    joy, n

  11. What a gorgeous villa!It looks like the kind of place that would make me sad to leave.

    LOVE the photos of the kids at The Parker. Eames is such a natural - her pose on the stool is super adorable! Thanks for making hubby stop over so you could give us a sneak peek - you're right: if you don't count the lobby, it looks like a chic-yet-cosy pad.

    The first day of BYW really wore me out, I must say. I'm hoping to return recharged and full of vim and verve on Monday. Have a great weekend! :D xoxo

  12. That hotel looks incredible and all those kids together look just so happy and adorable! Sounds like you had a relaxing and restorative Memorial Day weekend. Thank you again for bringing all of us along for the cocktail party and good luck in BYW 2.0! xoxo

  13. Thanks everyone! So happy you enjoyed the handful of pics I was able to capture on our quick jaunt to The Parker. Next time, The Viceroy designed by Kelly Wearstler!


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