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just like that, we made it through another week. did this week fly by for you? usually the days move slow, but the week flies by. this week, even the days flew by! as many of you know, this sunday is father's day. there is my father above in his army uniform and on my wedding day, looking rather handsome in both photos. our relationship has always been complicated, but in the last 25 years he's always been there when i needed him. when i moved to san francisco in my twenties, we loaded his truck with what little belongings i had and he drove me the 400 miles; a father/daughter road trip. years later when i moved back home and found myself stranded on the side of the road with a flat, overheated car, or no gas (!), he would come as soon as i called. nowadays, when i want to take a trip to the monthly rosebowl flea market, he picks me up early in the morning with his truck. he knows i favor vintage, so he'll unearth things like old wingback chairs and reupholsters them for me. he shows up and that's how he loves me. happy father's day, dad!

i have one other thing that i wanted to share with you. i finally, finally updated my bio. i actually ditched the profile pic with sunglasses and faraway shot, replacing it with a real photo of my face. granted, it's not a full-on face shot...baby steps. i also wrote a new bio and added some fun facts. i would love to hear what you think, good or bad. is it too long? did i forget anything? thank you in advance for any feedback you can give. (it might take on a few revisions.)

so what's happening this weekend? any fun plans? we've got my niece and nephew's birthday party on saturday, where we'll also celebrate father's day for my dad. (note: our weekends almost always include a birthday party. ;) on sunday, we're having brunch with my husband's parents for father's day. before i forget, i would be remiss if i didn't wish my husband a happy father's day...happy father's day to him, and all the amazing dads out there!!

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Love those stories about your dad! I would do a post about mine because he means the world to me, but he's incredibly shy and I think he'd be uncomfortable with it. Maybe I'll get him for his birthday in July! Saturday includes Callum's championship baseball game and our Big Family Summer Family Session, and I'm thinking Neel will want to do something historic on Sunday, like visit Jamestown settlement or somesuch. xo

  2. Big Family Summer Family Session? Big Family Summer PLANNING Session!!

  3. Awwwww! What a sweet story, Theresa. :)

    I LOVE seeing old photos of parents (mine included). I kind of wish I could have hung out with the young versions of my Mum and Dad or peeked into their youthful minds before they were shaped by life .....

    You know how I feel about your bio and photo - I'm just so happy that you're "out and proud"!

    Have a fab weekend! xoxo

  4. Happy Father's Day to your dad and husband! And to all the great men in our lives! Such a nice relationship you and your dad have fostered. So cool that he will help reupholster your vintage finds! That's a good man. :)

    I just read your AWESOME new bio page! You look simply stunning!! AND OH MY GOD how did I not know you went to Emerson too?!?! I only did 1 semester there before I had to transfer to Temple to be close to my dad (his health went downhill) but Emerson was my DREAM school for all 4 years of high school. I was in the Writing Lit. & Publishing program and had a triple at 100 Beacon. WHOA. No wonder we feel like we have a connection sometimes! I still have and wear an Emerson hoodie and t-shirt or two! :)

    Have an amazing weekend, T! Loved reading more about you, I think I have BYW to thank for that! xoxo

  5. Love the story of you and your dad, so sweet! I also wish you have an amazing weekend with your loved ones too!

    Btw, love the new bio and picture. I have yet to update my bio too... it's been long overdue. It's nice to get that little push from BYW, eh?

    Happy weekend! xo

  6. The bio is fabulous...you designed stationery!! I have a crazy obsession with paper goods, i would love to someday design a small line of stationery...Just for fun :)

    I loved reading about your father. I lost my dad to lung cancer a few years ago, and it's the little things that make me smile and bring tears to my eyes when I think of him. My mom and I joke all the time that she had very little to do with how I turned out - I'm a carbon copy of my dad. The way I look, my personality, facial expressions...definitely my father's daughter.

    Have a lovely weekend :)

    P.S. You should post some of your stationery designs! I would LOVE to see them and I'm sure so will the rest of your readers :)

  7. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there! They already celebrated fathers day in Germany and my sister and I gave our dad chocolates, he has such a big sweet tooth...Your dad looks dapper in both pictures.

    I already peeked at your updated bio yesterday. Love it! Great new photo too! Can you believe that an about page has been on my to-do list since taking the BYW class last October and I still haven't done anything about it yet?

    Have a great weekend!

  8. hello theresa,
    i remember way back when i wasn't sure who the wonderful person was who created this blog. your bio is lovely. i like the categories with favorites! also, good luck with your choice about "what next?" it's important. your kids are little so you have time to live with the question...

    i also LOVE art materials! happy weekend!

  9. i love how you wrote about your dad. my relationship with my dad is strained too... and like you, i know he loves me by the practical things he does for me....

    i am struggling majorly with my bio, and am terrified about the photo component. you have done such a great job. i don't think it's too long. it's real and it's you. happy weekend lovely xxx

  10. What's up T? Love Love Love the new bio! Your picture is intimate yet mysterious and the fun little facts about you is such a neat idea! One time for BYW!!

  11. T, what a lovely post about your dad! Yes, he looks dapper in both pictures. Nice that you can appreciate the things he can give you:)

    Happy Fathers Days to all the men out there...

    Your new pic is STUNNING!!! Haven't checked into BYW or done any homework for a week.... must rectify this weekend!

    Your bio is great the way it is.... very honest, very you. I really love that I can now see you... x

  12. How you've described your relationship with your dad totally reminds me of my own daughter-father relationship. :) I love your blog - and the new photo of you is cute! Can't wait to see more of your posts!


  13. @LAUREN - Well, good thing my dad doesn't even know how to read my blog, or he might be embarrassed. I'll never know. ;)
    Hope the Big Family Summer Planning Session went well! (Hee-hee, I knew what you meant. :)

    @ERIN - I already Tweeted you, but NO WAY! I can't believe we missed the Emerson connection. When I first arrived in Boston, I lived in the North End with a friend. Then, I moved by myself to a basement apartment on Marlborough. I got so lonely that I went back to the North End to live with two other girls in a walk-up apartment.
    Thank you for reading the new bio. Still need to make a few edits and tweaks, but I think the gist of it is there.

    @JEANNE - Thank you, Jeanne! Yes, I have to admit the final push did come from BYW. ;) When Holly mentioned no sunglasses in your bio pic, it really made me rethink things. I definitely wanted the new bio to feel more personal.

    @KATE - Oh, Kate, I'm sorry to hear about your father. It definitely is the little things that are the most special of memories.
    Well, if you ever need help launching that stationery business, just holler. Oh, go to the stationery section of the blog and you can see some of my designs. You can also google, Townsend Sakai. :)
    PS~Thank you for your bio love.

    @NINA - Thanks for taking a peak and reading, Nina. I procrastinated just as long. Those things are a pain to write, aren't they? I definitely wasn't looking forward to it. ;)

    @NOREEN - Thank you, Noreen. ALSO, thank you for pointing out those edits! Working on those and a few minor tweaks. Please be my copy editor any time. ;) You're the best.

    @LEAH - Thank you so much! This assignment was definitely not easy. I think I worked on it pretty much all week. Reading and tweaking, reading and changing. In the end, it's not set in stone or permanent...I can change it when the mood strikes, so that gave me some comfort.

    @TORI - Woot! :) Thanks for reading. I like bios that are a little funny and cheeky. Hope that translated well.

    @TINA - Ah, glad you and Leah picked up on that. I wanted to concentrate on the things he does DO for me rather than the opposite. He's human and he tries his best.
    PS~Thank you for the bio love, T.

    @AMBERLY - Thank you, Amberly! Your encouragement and kind words are most appreciated.

  14. Yep put me in the strained relationship camp too! But I know my dad loves me because he reads my blog everyday (and sometimes posts very random comments which normally annoy me).

    Love this story about your dad T, but where's his hat?? x

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