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well, this weekend is a long holiday weekend for us (in the states) as we celebrate memorial day (and veterans around the world) on monday. in addition, most people will either take a half day on friday or the entire day off. i mentioned back in march that we like to head to palm springs every spring for a little getaway. this weekend we'll embark on our annual trip. we rented a home with three other families; not the one above, but something close to it. i can't tell you how much i'm looking forward to getting out of town, relaxing, and spending time with friends. it's long overdue. in my pretend suitcase, the items above are what i'm packing: linen tunic cover up, striped one piece, sun hat, aviator sunglasses, flip flops, and a missoni beach towel. (that towel is for you, tina!) did i forget anything? oh, reading materials. you know what i'm reading right now. question is: what do you like to read when you're lounging by the water?

update: don't forget about this friday's cocktail party! i'm excited to learn more about each of you. i think we've got a great group gathered for friday. just a few last minute details to tighten everything up. this exercise is a one time post, all going live this friday, march 25th. some are choosing to use the "things i'm afraid to tell you" phrase and movement in its current form. however, for those who are not comfortable using this phrase, haydee (of happenstance) came up with a brilliant alternative, "something(s) about me." simple and effective. hopefully, by taking the word "afraid" out, the prompt will be a little less intimidating to write. you could choose to share something(s) personal or fun; it's up to you. whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. whichever way you decide to go, just have fun!

ok, everyone, see you on friday!!

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  1. Hi Theresa! I'd gladly take the outfit and a relaxing beach front getaway right now :) What would I be reading? Well usually I always take a book with me (novel, because I like stories) and a few magazines, of any kind but at least one interiors one, for when I'm feeling noncommittal.

    Have a great time on your trip!


  2. Wowsers, can I come with you ? We really must organise a little trippette all together and stay somewhere equally as fantastic. Why don't we set this as a goal for later in the year, or perhaps plan ahead for next year.

    The clothing is all fab, although the swimsuit would not suit me, I can totally see it on you. Reading matter? I'm currently reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. I'm on the 2nd book, very racy and a bit young for me really but I'm enjoying them nonetheless ;-).

    I'm a bit scared about the cocktail party, still not chosen my words yet. eeekkkk xx

  3. Theresa-
    Sounds like such a fun trip. Lots of pool time and time with friends sounds so relaxing. We didn't plan anything this weekend so I think I'm headed to the beach if the weather permits.
    Have a great time! Teri

  4. Oh T, so happy for you that you'll get away. I think going with friends is wonderful and no doubt you'll have chose a spectacular temporary abode.

    Thanks for the M towel. You are the second one to feature Missoni in their posts today. I just read that Rosita Missoni (founder) was in London at a design festival and I couldn't go, sop sop!!!
    You know me, I would have gone up to her and say how much I love her brand:)

    Thank you for clarifying Fridays Blogging Block Party Extravaganza (BBPE). I like the idea of 'something about me'. T, do you think it would be a good idea for you (the initiator) to write a sentence about BBPE for all of us to use as an introduction on our own blogs? As it isn't stramlined like the "things i'm afraid to tell you" it might help to link it all together. Have a think....

    I've ordered the Fire FS book and will let you know what I think.

    When lounging by the water, I tend to read 'shit' as hate for book to get wet, sandy and also can't concentrate much in the sun. Magazines are better...

    Have a great time on hols and see you Friday xx

  5. Oooh, you're going to have such a good time!! I can't wait to see all the pictures from that dream-house. We don't usually go anywhere for the long weekend. Lots of people in this area go down the shore but it's a total zoo on the roads getting there that it takes up half the weekend just sitting in traffic. Not worth it. I think we'll hang in this weekend and maybe catch up on sleep!
    That tunic is to die for, by the way. xo

  6. Palm Springs is our go to getaway location as well...The Parker has a way of melting away any amount of stress as soon as I walk through those orange doors! We are planning a little getaway for our three year anniversary, can't wait!!

    thanks so much for organizing this Friday's "cocktail party", can't wait to read everyones posts!


  7. so funny! i have the same exact post in queue for tomorrow. i have a missoni towel too! come by tomorrow to see what's in my beach/pool bag :)

    im so jealous of your palm springs mini vacay! have fun with the family!

  8. hello theresa, happy vacation! it looks lovely. i'm in for friday - short and sweet. not sure of the title b/c it's not really about me. it's a quote about fear. it will be fun to check everyone's out. joy to you!

  9. Palm Springs sounds like just what the doctor ordered - I'm so pleased that you'll get the chance to recharge in sun-drenched splendor! :D

    I'm also reading The Firestarter Sessions and so far I keep wanting to skip the questionnaires and get back to them later. I know, I know - I'm such a bad student!

    Like Sam, I'm nervous about Friday. I'm not at all sure what to say but it feels good to know that we're all in this together. :) xoxo

  10. Palm Springs! I've never been but it seems so peaceful and laid back. I'll be on the lookout for your palm springs post for sure : ) When I'm lounging I like to read fashion magazines (lucky, in style, nylon) for me its a bit of mindless reading to compliment the laid back atmosphere.

    I'm looking forward to friday's cocktail party!

  11. Ah I want to come to Palm Springs with you! that sounds awesome. I'm with Sam, we should organise a holiday together. Would be ace. Sounds like Palm Springs or Kuaui are on the agenda. Ahem.

    Are you going to go to the Jonathan Adler hotel as well? Go take photos and blog about it please!

    I was going to have to bail for tomorrow as I have something else I need to blog about that I can't change the date for but the some things about me might just work.... :)

  12. Oh man, I want to go to Palm Springs and wear that outfit too! I envy you your weekend away; we never seem to pull that off. We'll get to the beach with friends and I have another get-together with some girlfriends. So, a nice weekend nonetheless. Still...I think you win! ;)

    I can't say that I'm "looking forward" to Friday's post, but I've been mulling it over all week.

  13. @HOLLY - Oh, when I'm lounging by the water, I also like magazines. Your absolutely right, they're not as commitment heavy as a book. Plus, I tend to get pulled away a lot when the kids are around, so magazines fit the bill.

    @SAM - Gosh, how I wish we could organize a proper getaway for all of us. It would be so amazing to meet you all in person.
    The host of our last book club picked the Fifty Shades series! I haven't started reading it yet, but I've heard about its racy nature. ;)

    @TERI - I hope the weather does permit and you're able to sneak in some beach time. The weather has been pretty nice lately, so fingers crossed.

    @TINA - Oh, man, too bad about missing the opp to meet Rosita Missoni! I am sure you will get a second chance because you're clever and you'll find a way.
    Hm, let me think about that intro a bit. Maybe what I'll do is provide some main points and then people can decide how to incorporate them into their intro (if they want).
    I think you're going to really like the FS book. Please share your thoughts as you get going. I did put it down for a bit to start The Happiness Project. (Reading two books at once!)

    @ERIN - Well, after your whirlwind trip to Europe, I don't blame you for wanting to take it easy and sleep this weekend. I would want much the same. Welcome home!!

    @KATE - Oh, The Parker. The hotel is definitely on my list of places to stay. I know we'll get there one of these times. Maybe we can sneak in breakfast one of the mornings that we're in Palm Springs.

    @JIN - Ah, great minds think alike. ;) I'll definitely pop by...I want to see which Missoni towel you picked; They're all so beautiful!

    @NOREEN - I think I'm going to keep mine short and sweet too. I'm thinking of sharing a handful of bits and pieces of myself in bullet point fashion. Everyone seems to be on edge about the post, which then got me worried. So, I'm not going to bare my soul...Just a few funny things, 2 or 3 serious things, and that's it.

    @CHI - Oh, I'm glad you're reading The FS Sessions. Now you, Tina, and me can discuss once we're done. I definitely want to hear your thoughts (good and bad). I hear you on the worksheets (!!).

    @TORI - I'm with you on the magazines. Easier to read than a book when you have one eye on the kids. ;)

    @ANNIE - I'm trying to convince my husband to have breakfast at The Parker one morning. Then, I can grab some photos (fingers crossed).
    I'm glad the new title will work better for you. Wouldn't be the same without you.

    @LAURA - Your weekend sounds just as sweet with some girlfriend and beach time thrown into the mix.
    Just treat Friday's post like your normal Friday Five and you'll be fine. Make it funny and lighthearted if that helps. ;)

  14. Sounds like its going to be a great weekend with friends and sunshine T! I've had so many problems getting a head this year I didn't realize we had a holiday weekend until last week! We will be staying close to home this year, but hopefully I'll squeeze in some time to read my new issues of Elle Decor / The New Yorker / and Vogue which are all sitting in the entry hall, unopened:)


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