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sure shot* by beastie boys. i was actually going to take a detour from musicality monday today and do something different. however, when i heard the very sad news on friday of the untimely death of adam yauch (a member of the beastie boys, also known as MCA), i knew i had to feature a song by the beastie boys today. yauch passed away on friday at the very young age of 47. Cause of death hasn't been officially declared, but yauch had been battling cancer since 2009.

the beastie boys defined a genre and generation. i remember every senior in high school pumping paul revere out of their supped up volkswagon bugs or lowered honda accords. bass so thumping you could no longer hear the words to the song, but you knew it was a song by the beastie boys. the group's earlier albums were all about the party anthem, just as their young fans liked it. but, as the beastie boys and their fan base aged, their music took on heavier messages; no doubt influenced by yauch's spirituality. in 1994, yauch discovered buddhism and "was vocal about the role spiritually had played in his recovery efforts." 

in an interview, yauch had this to say about his spirituality, "everything we do affects other people…every way that we interact with other people, even if it's like, you're at the store and buying something, and it's the way that you interact with the clerk at the store. EVERY action that we take has some motivation of either being selfish or altruistic. all that adds up. i've heard the dalai lama talk about how it's important to watch your thoughts. thoughts are what lead to actions. if you are striving to have more happiness in your life, it helps to guide your mind towards starting to recognize what are selfish motivations and what are constructive motivations…"

i only bring all of this up because we have talked about the power of thought and perspective many times in this space and i thought yauch's words were very fitting. rest in peace, MCA.

*going out to happenstance today! / quote source: huffington post

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  1. I wrote something similar to what I'm about to say on Twitter, but while I was never a fan of the Beastie Boys or their music, or felt like their music personally touched my life, I will say that it is a total shame that he left his world at 47. That is way too young. They always seemed like genuinely good guys. Three young Jewish kids from Brooklyn who made it big but never really let the fame go to their heads. I give them a ton of credit for all they accomplished and for how universally known their music was.

    Adam's quote is really powerful. Thank you for including that. xo

  2. Great minds think alike- was just writing my own Beastie tribute today. I grew up with their music and really felt the loss this weekend.

  3. It's always sad when anyone is gone too soon.
    I don't know anything about him/them but I think of everyone who suffers from the horrible disease of cancer when everyone focuses on a "celebrity" death.

  4. the last quote was very inspirational! a great way to start a new week :)

  5. Great tribute T:) I had a lump in my throat all day Friday and still now every time a song comes on and they play a soundbite of Yauch. Every single song I hear on the radio brings back a specific time and place. They, no doubt were a huge part of my youth. Big time. As you mentioned, Yauch grew to become a very deep human being. I remember loving the idea that he could be so spiritual and still be a Beastie Boy through and through. I was so anxious for him to overcome this sickness (and really thought he would) so they could finally tour with this last album. I remember telling Eric that we would for sure be buying box seats at the Hollywood Bowl for this one. I'm glad I at least got to see them live during Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head. Great memories. Thanks for the mention:)

  6. Love the food for thought you quoted from Yauch's interview. It's something that I strive to do day in and day out. Even all the way down to the cashier.

  7. I heard the news but have no connection to the Beastie Boys. I think it's always shocking when a figure in the public passes as it seems to have a greater impact on us coz they're living out their lives in the public.

    I'm 47 and jewish...

    I'm particularly in agreement with what he said in your quote. I live by that motto and suffer from the fact that most people are selfish and unaware of their behaviour and the impact it has on others. I believe that more empathy in the world could save us all, but that's a longer discussion.

    Have a look at Roman's website, a hero of mine..I'm hopefully going a long next Monday to the launch of his new book.

    Btw, if you don't know The School of Life then I recommend you take a look here: another of my heroes ..

  8. hi t, i was sorry to hear the news, too.

  9. p.s. a half marathon with no training?! you were crazy! but, yes, the crowd and excitement can carry you far. but 13? good for you!

  10. The last quote is lovely. Poignant. The Beasties Boys definitely take me bake to my senior years in high school....
    an aside: i have given you the sunshine award. feel free to pass it on if you'd like too. you can see it on my lil bloggy space xxx

  11. Man! The videos are never available in my country :( Oh well. Beastie Boys were prominent in my younger years. I know this song.

    I don't know what I've been doing that I just learned about this sad event just now...

    I appreciate that this post reminds us of something important.

    Thanks Theresa.

  12. Ah I used to like the BBs too. Remember all that stealing VW badges? I thought it was so cool when I saw someone wearing one! Doh.

    I was really shocked and kinda assumed it was drugs. Guess that's our default assumption about celebs. Really sad though.

    I love that quote. It was a happy day when I realised I could control my thoughts, and that my thoughts aren't 'me'. A revelation!

    Happy Monday T xx

  13. Great post Theresa. I was a brief fan of the Beastie Boys, I recall a coach trip, a holiday to Costa Brava the Spanish coast when I was around 13 years old and I had their first album playing on my Walkman the entire time.

    Interesting that Yauch took up Buddhism, I never knew that. It's terrible that a life is taken so early, we must live and enjoy every single day, although that's not always an easy task. Lovely quote which I think we all strive to live by. We must have a convo about spirituality some time. Thanks for sharing x

  14. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for your comments. My apologies for not responding. I think I would like to have the post and your thoughts just stand on their own. A moment of silence is good sometimes.


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