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i noticed over the last couple of weeks that i have been focusing on fashion and style in my hump day posts. so much so, i actually found myself jonesing for some interior design candy. enter jessica comingore's blog. comingore is a graphic designer and i have long been a fan of her blog for its overall aesthetic, simplicity, and clean design.  (comingore is also the online editor of kinfolk mag!) needless to say, comingore has a great eye for design and i enjoy visiting the site to see what's inspiring her, but i don't visit with the sole intention of finding interior design inspiration...i mean in the traditional sense like specifically visiting an interior designer's site. well, until now. comingore takes beautiful pictures and imagine my delight when i left the blog to pop over to her design website and stumbled upon a category titled, "photography/interiors." had the category always been there and i missed it? or was it just added? regardless, it was just the breath of fresh air i was in search of. 

does this ever happen to you? you visit a blog for one thing and leave with a whole new appreciation, perspective, or inspiration? do you ever do the blog hop - you visit one blog, that leads you to another blog, that leads to yet another blog, and so on? yup [hand raised], guilty pleasure.

ps~because i was in need of some serious hijinks and laughter yesterday, i wanted to share this funny toy series by aled lewis (found via wit + delight). if the below makes you laugh even just a little, make sure to check out the rest of the series. happy hump day!

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  1. I love Kinfolk magazine so thank you so much for introducing me to Jessica's work! The photography is really gorg and that buffet in the first picture is what I've been searching for for the last year - now to try and track it down:) Those prints totally made me smile too! Maybe I can sneak one into Everly's playroom. I am so guilty of the blog-link rabbit hole..usually its so much fun although sometimes I find myself sitting in front of the computer 2 hours after I sat down to work on something. I'm also terrible at writing things down when I find something I love. That equals hours spent trying to track down that gorgeous bracelet on that sweet blog that I saw last week and can't seem to find now. Ah well, such is life:)! Happy hump day T!

  2. so cute! I'll check out her blog next! Thanks, Teri

  3. i'd have to say that i do blog hop :) it's so much fun! and it's the best when you find one you really love - a true moment of serendipity :) but, the funny things is after a week or so i can't remember how i found the blog! i'm trying to remember how i came upon inspiration cooperative, but i can't remember!! all i know is that i'm glad i found you :)

    p.s. the spots are so last season is my favorite!!!

  4. You've changed the way we see comments? Nice.

    Yes blog hopping and website hopping. Guilty as charged, but I'm organised as in I bookmark what I like into categories. Otherwise girls, go to your history button and you can look up everything you looked at!!

    Jessica's work is nice and I can see why you like it. It's very you.

    Of course, you already know you got me with the aled lewis series... and my fav is also: the spots are so last season.... priceless! That really made me smile. Also like: You had me at hello.... in fact, they are all great:)

  5. i think there's a murdered in the zebra picture as well, just hidden in outdated spots! very cute.

    the interiors are clean, clear, and a breath of fresh, no -allergen air.

    lastly, i blog hop rarely - too busy. maybe in the summer. i love to, though. happy wednesday!

  6. High ceilings make all the difference, don't they? So much space for the light to bounce around. Those selections from Jessica's website are just divine. Thanks for giving me yet another source of "pin-spiration" :) A girl can never have too many in her arsenal. I'm totally guilty of doing a down-the-rabbit-hole blog search. I click on one, then another, and another and another, and eventually I find something truly extraordinary that really speaks my language. I love it, the thrill of the chase!

    Those little animals are hilarious. I'd seen them before but never with proper attribution. Thanks! Now I know who they're by. xo

  7. Hi Theresa! Love the interior eye candy, of course. Thanks for finding this, off to check out the rest of her portfolio.

    I do enjoy blog hopping and the discoveries that get revealed. A lot of times, I try to think back about how I found something and it's impossible! For example, I think this was the case for Tina from Clolourliving. No clue how we found each other...but so glad we did, because I think it's through her that I discovered you. BlogLand is fun like that :)

    Those toy series are pretty cute!

    Happy hump day to you Xx.

  8. Jessica has a classic and smart and simple style. I'm with Tina, I can see why you are attracted to her style, I can see her style in yours.

    She's made light airy spaces interesting with her use of heavy woods and metal, everything seems so grounded. I like that about it. Although I personally prefer more colour in my interiors.

    The little animal cartoons are hilarious too, a great find.

    I only occasionally blog hop and when I do it's quite difficult to find something original, but you seem to find originality very easily, so I'm glad you share it with us all. BTW I know how I found you, through the lovely Annie :-)

  9. I am lovely! ha. I can never remember how I found most blogs other than you pias and sam really!

    I love those animal pictures and don't be fooled into thinking it was the fox. It's always who you least expect....

    Looking in one's browser history is a scary scary thing. It's horrifying to see quite how many websites one visits on a daily basis.

    Happy hump day T too!

  10. I'm definitely a blog hopper! It's so addictive I could get lost for hours in all the new discoveries. Love these pictures from Jessica's blog the first thing that comes to mind when I see these pictures is...calm Love wit + delight and those pictures from aled lewis are too
    cute : )

  11. Hehee..love to blog hop! And the next thing I know an hour has flown by!! It's addicting, right!? I've seen these toy series on the web and they crack me up every time!!

  12. I'll admit to the blog hop also :) Definitely sharing those illustrations with some coworkers tomorrow that are VERY into animal humor :) Finally catching up on all my blog reading so don't mind as I scoot my way down yours and comment away :)


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