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i'm really loving all things navy blue right now. since we are smack dab in the middle of spring and summer is right around the bend, navy seems like a nice alternative to black. now pair it with olive or utility green and you've got yourself a beautiful colorway. when the utility jacket was at its peak, i never got around to pulling the trigger on purchasing one for myself. foiled again! i may be late to the utility jacket party, but i'm still liking its look and function. it would be a nice break from my cardigan-all-time, everyday look. this zara version with the leather sleeves is a nice twist on the classic. what about you, what do you grab on your way out the door when it's chilly outside?

to add some interest to the layout, i grabbed a few more navy blue and olive green items. rest assured, i don't mean for all of them to go together. ;) though, the sandals and shorts would look pretty cute together.

happy hump day!

image source: zara j. crew lilibeth sandals / j. crew boyfriend short / serena and lily pillow / room and board louie chair

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  1. I'm such a huge fan of navy blue. It has always been one of my go to colors. and yes, it is definitely a great alternative to black or white for that matter. I managed to pick up a utility jacket but never the utility vest and I should have done so when there was a lot to choose from.

    I am the exact same way as you, I grab my handy dandy cardigan when I'm headed out the door. I love cardigans so I tend to collect different lengths, and colors. A girl needs options right?

    love how you pulled the layout together!

  2. I agree they look great together. I wear loose fitting jeans when I'm in a hurry and I have that utility green vest from Jcrew. I'm usually cold so even in summer I'm wearing a sweater over a tshirt. Teri

  3. I always look at girls wearing utility and think they look really cool but I always feel scruffy in it.

    I'm a total cardigan girl, can't get enough of them. I hate being cold. But my go-to cover up at the moment is my new olive green burberry trench coat which I bought spontaneously a couple of weeks ago after being frozen for weeks in the constant rain. I had a strop one day and just went and bought one as I couldn't find a cheaper one I liked and I was wet and cold! It's so lovely though, I'm super chuffed. Hopefully it will last me for years and years and years!

  4. I agree Khaki and Navy is a great combo and navy does make a nice change from wearing black. Are utility jackets really out of fashion, a bit like the fashion for stripes, I don't think they ever do? I have a sandy coloured one that I've had for years but I've put on a few pounds since and it's a tad tight. Another project to work on! The sandals are beaut. xx

  5. What a great jacket - LOVE it! I dabble in all sorts of looks but I must admit that the slouchy, utilitarian silhouette is one of my favourites.

    I don't have a regular cover-up - I tend to just grab whatever takes my fancy! :D
    That said, I do prefer jackets to cardies ... :)

  6. i think my go-to jacket for spring has been my utility jacket! it's not too thick and provides the perfect amount of warmth!! i saw the zara one and was pretty tempted to getting it! there are so many kinds out there that i might actually get another one :) you should get one too!!

  7. One of the things I had to give up when I decided to buy a scooter (many moons ago) was fashionable wear. Unfortunately it's all about scooter wear.

    Yesterday I was hailed down in London. I was so soaked that I actually felt myself getting a cold. (didn't materialise)

    Unfortunately my rain jacket is very unsexy but great for the job.

    Do like what she's wearing!

  8. Love both and together they are delicious!

  9. I lean toward khaki instead of that greener utility, I think and I've been slowly falling in love with navy of late. I'm with Annie. I love cardigans. I wear them year round, no matter the weather, I always have one handy. Don't have one in navy yet, though...

    And I love the idea of the sandals and shorts!

  10. Navy is my absolute go to color especially for home decor. My whole living room is done in shades of blue and my bedroom as well.

    Totally agree that it's a perfect alternative to black and it looks great with a pop of color...like pink, yellow or orange


  11. Love this color combo T - I have a green military/canvas type jacket by Current/Elliott that gets just as much wear as my black blazer - kinda replaced my jean jacket (although I may have to break that out again - they are everywhere now...) I love that Zara one with the leather sleeves - do it!!


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