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there has been a movement of sorts happening in blogland whereby some blogs have dedicated one entire post to pulling back the curtain (so to speak) and revealing a truer side of their lives, as opposed to the tightly edited one that often prevails on most blogs. there is definitely nothing wrong with tightly edited and curated versions of our lives. i believe the reason why many people start blogs is to share inspiration and provide a little escapism from the day-to-day. i mean, i'm guessing you would rather see photos of a beautiful home than see or read about bird crap on my shoulder, right? right.

however, jess constable (of make under my life) flipped the script and shared a few things she normally doesn't talk about on her blog and titled the post, "things i'm afraid to tell you." her honest confessions resonated with many people, including myself. so much so that ez (of creature comforts) started a "things i'm afraid to tell you" movement and, shortly after, meg (of mimi + meg) started wave 2

i cannot officially call this round wave 3, but i have asked a group of bloggers to come together today to share somethings about themselves. i'm guessing some posts will be lighthearted, some will be confessional in nature, and some may be funny. i can guarantee that all of them will be personal and you'll learn something about the author. we were all pretty scared about doing this exercise, so i hope you'll find the time today (or over the next few days) to pop around and read everyone's posts. whatever the cause or call to action, blogging communities coming together is always a good thing. herewith is my "something(s) about me."

  • i am 40 and this is the very first year of my life that i have physically felt every bit of my age, and it scares me a little because i'm pretty heathy.
  • i have a master's degree in marketing communications which i don't use in my current occupation as a SAHM and for which i'm still paying student loans. i think this fact, more than anything else, keeps me from pursuing any other passions that require further financial commitment.
  • i communicate more effectively in writing than i do in person (which is actually a pretty scary thing to admit if you think i'm a horrible writer).
  • i don't have a degree in graphic design, but i like to create pretty layouts for the blog. i don't have a degree in english or journalism, but i love to write. i don't have a degree in illustration, but i love to draw. i don't have a degree in photography, but i like to take photos. i do all these things on my blog and i fear that some may think me an impostor, but i try anyway and make do with what i have to offer.
  • i hate pictures of myself. (for this post, i'm making an exception. ;)
  • i am prone to be melancholy, so i have to be very mindful of my thoughts. 
  • i truly believe: 1) we are all just trying our best and 2) in giving people the benefit of the doubt.
  • blogging is hard. among other things, i wish i had more time to read and support all the wonderful blogs out there. there is just not enough time in the day.
  • i am not proud of the person i was in my 20's and i'm doing every thing i can now to make up for it.
  • because my husband is self employed and i am a SAHM, we are fully responsible for our health insurance. let me tell you, self paid health insurance is expensive! plus, every six months or so, our carrier will raise our premium on each member of the family. is it because we are unhealthy? is it because we see the doctor a lot? no, to all of it. they do it simply because they can. why should any company profit off the health (or illness) of others? it's a racket! 
  • my absolute hands down, favorite thing to do is laugh. i love a good laugh and people who can make me laugh. (i also love a good cry.)

and blogs that are joining the party today:
annie of insideology / chi of 106 kids / christine of happy impermanence / erin of like want need / erin of such small steps / haydee of happenstance / jennifer of a well nurtured life / kate of the forgetful wife / lauren of still plus life / leah of sang the bird / liz of ev photo chic / noreen of beauty of everyday life / what would gwyneth do / sam of bright space / susan of a nomadic abode / tina of colourliving / tori of one eleven studio

have a wonderful weekend and memorial day everyone! 

ps~thank you haydee for creating the title, "something(s) about me." i really appreciate your help!

29 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Theresa, Thank you for sharing! You look great in the photo. I don't like to have my picture taken, when somebody points a camera at me I loose control of all my facial muscles ;)

    To share something about me in return, I'm a procrastinating perfectionist. Not a good combination. Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay, we can just about see a photograph of you - beautiful!

    I love that you have given this topic soooo much thought. You indeed are a very good communicator wordwise and your posts are always so thorough and thought provoking.

    The noose that is student loans, that's another topic in itself, I never got as far as university so I cannot imagine how frustrating it can be to still owe money. I hate that money is pretty much always the overriding reason for not doing something. grrrr.

    Love the last point, hate the one before it.

    May be one day we will hear more about your thoughts on your 20's ?

    Congratulations for getting us all together on in this Cocktail club, lovely. And have a fabulous weekend in PS with your friends, I look forward to hearing all about it, take lots of pictures won't you? xx

  3. Oh my gosh, that photo...stunning. Thank you so much for sharing it. I hate photos taken of myself too, but I have a wireless remote for my camera and it's a goal for the summer...

    Anyhoo. This was a brilliant idea, and I so appreciated the challenge. And I loved your list. A mix of heavy and light was just the right approach. I never dream to think of you as an imposter, T. To me, you are genuine and real in everything you do. And I so appreciate what you truly believe about trying our best. I need to get better at giving people the benefit of the doubt. xo

  4. You'll be amused to hear, I cannot see the pic (screen calibration:)

    Thank you for sharing all of that. I now feel I know you a little more, although if truth be told, I had a hunch on quite a few things.. (except student loans and health insurance)

    I can relate to the imposter bit but ASSURE you you don't need a degree in all those things to blog and be as good as you are...

    I can't say I liked the exercise but feel proud to be part of it, so thank you! Have a good weekend x

    PS Now let me go and hunt for different screens:)

  5. Well done Theresa! And thank you for putting this together; ) I love the part where you talked about everything you like to do without being professionally trained to do it. It just goes to show that there is more to life than getting a degree, and sitting behind a desk all day working for someone else. We do have the ability to seek out and accomplish our own goals and dreams. I could go on and on but I won't because there is a lot of reading to be done around here so until next time!

  6. @NINA - Thank you, Nina. I can definitely relate to your "procrastinating perfectionist" conundrum. It's a stickler, isn't it? Thank you for sharing that bit.

    @SAM - Thank you, Sam. I almost started to add more information about my 20's, but chickened out. ;) Perhaps, what's in the past is better left in the past.

    @LAUREN - Thank you, Lauren. I did have one last point that I took out at the last minute which is along the same lines as "doing our best" and "benefit of the doubt" which was: If you remember nothing else, remember that I always mean well. Don't know why I took it out...I suppose these types of posts always make you second guess yourself. PS~I'm wishing you so much luck with that self-timer! You can do it!

    @TINA - Really, you can't see it? Well, you ain't missing much. By now, I think we all have a pretty good hunch about each other. It's quite nice. I hear you on the "impostor" thing - It's definitely a silly thought and one I don't let myself stew on (too much).

    @TORI - Thank you, Tori! Make it work, right? If you don't know something, teach yourself. Don't let anything hold you back (well, except money, in my case. ;) I love that your pursuing your dreams with your beautiful business.

  7. You are stunning! I can't believe you don't like pictures of yourself. Thank you for organizing this little wave 3 (mini-wave) and for sharing some things about yourself. I was especially touched by "I am prone to melancholy." I am too! I love the idea of these posts because you not only find out more about your friends, you find out what you have in common and learn that you're not alone!

    I agree with you, I sort of wish I could make a full-time job out of blogging. There are simply not enough hours in the day to be as attentive as I'd like!


  8. @ERIN - Thank you, Erin! So, so true about not only learning some new things about each other, but then having that commonality and not feeling alone. This whole exercise is a win-win.
    Yea, that melancholy thing is a thorn. That's why I'm always talking about thoughts and positive thinking more as a reminder to myself. If it ever gets too preachy, do let me know.
    Well, I have to say, you do the very best job at keeping up with all of us and blogging. You amaze me, really!

  9. Hi Theresa! Thank you so much for hosting this little party! I'm excited to make my way through and learn bit more about everyone participating :)

    Your honesty is admirable. And I believe that the product of that will be immense amounts of support and reassurance. I can relate to so much of what you mentioned. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    You are very talented at all the things you "like" to do, so please keep going.

    Happy weekend to you!


  10. Wow T, that actually made me well up. That’s the second time today!
    I can’t tell you how nice it is to see a photo of you and I wish I’d thought to put a filter over mine. You are so very pretty, but I think we all knew that anyway. God only knows why you don’t like photos of yourself because you are stunning. If I looked like you my photo would be all over my blog!
    You write very, very well and you are so clever. I really think you should pursue the graphic design too, you talk about it a lot and clearly have a passion for it as well as a talent. Do it girl!
    Every time one of you US ladies talks about healthcare it makes me so utterly grateful for the NHS. It really is the greatest British achievement of the 20th Century. We are so very, very lucky to never have to worry about getting sick for financial reasons.
    Sorry my post wasn’t very intimate today, I had to concentrate on the blog redesign, an accident of timing.
    Well done you, it’s such a privilege to know you a little better.xx

  11. Great post, Theresa! I wish too to have more time in the day to go around and support & comment... but life gets much harder as we get older (esp w/ a family). You're doing a great job... and seriously, you're 40? I love that! xo

  12. Lovely post- I wouldn't have guessed some of the insecurities you write about because I think you're stunning and a great writer. But I can relate to almost everything above.

    Thanks for starting this- I wrote and rewrote my post a million times and just hit publish- now panicking that I should take it down! It's hard to be open like this!

  13. Darling, you are beautiful inside and out, talented and wise. I feel privileged to know you, degree or no. I have nothing but the utmost respect for people who choose to do things their way and succeed, as you have.

    Hold your head up high and be proud.

    Thank you for helping strengthen the special bond between us with this wonderful party and for sharing the things you did. I know it must have been hard.

    I feel a little naked but I'm kind of glad I took part. :D

    Enjoy your weekend away! xoxo

  14. This is a beautiful post and a beautiful movement - thank you for sharing. xo!

  15. Just hit publish on mine! THANK YOU for leading the charge here and for sharing so openly and inspiring me to do the same. Off to read everyone's posts!

  16. I so relate to the fact that the thing I went to college for is no where close to what I want to be doing - which means that the thing that I really want to do , I don't have a degree in. But I can honestly say that most of the people I know find themselves in careers that are completely unrelated to what they majored in in college.

    I almost burst out crying when I read that your not proud of the person you were in your 20's.... I had a pretty hard time in my late teens/early 20's and now that I'm long past that theres a whole new set of issues to deal with now that I'm nearing my 30's.

    I loved reading your post, can't wait to read everyone else's !


  17. hello theresa, regarding student loans and self insurance - ugh. i understand.

    regarding blogging being hard work, and there not being enough time in the day - i'm with you entirely!

    regarding being prone to melancholy - i am not prone, but still need to police my thoughts. it's a good idea to keep track of them.

    my absolute favorite thing to do is laugh, too. sometimes i just shake silently. my family finds it really funny.

    joy and thank you very much for getting us together. what a wonderful idea.

  18. late to the party, as always, but i made it! thanks for the inspiration & for encouraging us all to share... it felt good ;)

  19. Such a great series Theresa! Thanks for doing this. It's always hard to open up in such a public forum, you are a brave one!

    I honestly would have assumed you had a graphic degree cause you are amazing at it, and you should post more pics because you are totally gorgeous!!


  20. T! First off, I have to thank you so much for putting this whole group together. I've had such a great time jumping around to read everyone's posts today and really enjoyed putting together my own. You may not have an art/photography degree, but you should know how incredibly talented you are at both! There are so many people working in the arts without any formal training - heck 2 of my best friends are wildly successful designers and neither one went to fashion school nor do they know how to make a pattern or even use a sewing machine. I've been struggling with getting older lately too - maybe we need to make a standing yoga date to try and kick things in reverse. I love the idea of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and it's something I'm really going to take to heart. I've been having a tough time keeping up with everyones blog lately so I feel you on that front too, but you are always so good about doing it! Have a fantastic weekend in Palm Springs and let's get together soon. xxo

  21. T, so nice to see your beautiful face!! Thanks or putting this together! Your's is the first one I read...can't wait to catch up with the others too! Wishing you and your family a sweet holiday weekend!

  22. Hi Therese, first thank you for passing on the courage to share. Your first point got me, as I'm 37 and there are days I really feel my age. I value the work you do on this blog...it's exceptional. Keep it up, girl.

  23. hello my beautiful friend. so lovely to see your gorgeous face. thank you for your honesty. you are such an inspiration to me.
    it feels good to see such realness. it makes me want to dance on the table top. shout out to the world that it is ok to not be perfect.
    love you dearly xxx
    p.s i hadn't ever appreciated the australian health care system... but boy, america is appalling...

  24. Oh my goodness T, still paying loans for a Masters you're not using must be so frustrating. And the health insurance situation ... don't get me started. Although, we have health coverage I feel like I've heard your story one too many times and it's terrible. Terrible!

    I LOVE this photo of you and it absolutely lends to the beautiful, super stylish girl you are! Seriously, you have such great style.

    Thank you again for inspiring me to finally communicate what's been inside of me for so long! Let's laugh together soon:) xoxo

  25. This photo of you is stunning. 40 is becoming on you so maybe just enjoy it with all the emotional freedom it brings. Your future is bright and your talents are immense, no need for a degree, I don't have a degree in styling! AND your right about insurance being a racket, that's the truth! I'm excited to see what lays ahead for you, I predict great things.

  26. OH MY GOODNESS, everyone! I spent the better part of Sunday morning replying to all the wonderful and amazing comments. I came here to make one last reply to Heather's comment above and noticed that my previous replies (which included Holly of HvH on down) didn't get posted!! Ugh, that just makes me sick to my stomach.
    Anyway, thank you - each and every one of you - for taking the time to read and comment. You definitely know how to lift a girl up. Friday's cocktail party was an incredible experience. My favorite part? Seeing other bloggers discover and connect with other bloggers!
    My apologies again for the horrible snafu.

  27. @HOLLY - Thank you, Holly. I'm enjoying getting to know each other through our respective blogs. I really appreciate your continued support.

    @ANNIE - Thank you, Annie! You certainly know how to boost a girl's confidence. ;) Your post was absolutely perfect. I'm just thrilled that you were able to make the launch of your beautiful new site and today's theme work. I think it worked out perfectly.

    @JEANNE - Thank you, Jeanne. Well, I know how full your plate is and I think you do a great job at supporting fellow bloggers. I count being approachable as another way to support the blogging community and you are so very approachable and welcoming. PS~Sometimes I can't believe I'm 40 myself. ;)

    @ERIN - Thank you, Erin. I thought your post about marriage was really beautiful. I found myself relating to a lot of what you wrote. Thanks so much for your honesty and joining the party.

    @CHI - Thank you, Chi. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you through blogging and being a part of the Pia Posse. You girls make this (blogging) journey all the more fun and rewarding.

    @LAUREN - Thank you for stopping by and leaving some comment love. So glad you're enjoying the post(s).

    @RALUCA - Thank you for participating! I enjoyed reading your post. (Yup, blogging is equal parts frustrating and rewarding!) Have fun hopping around. Each and every post is amazing and unique in its own way.

    @KATE - It's reassuring to know that you know people who are going after things they want despite not having formal education.
    I think I spent my 20's making mistakes and my 30's learning from those mistakes and understanding why they happened. I think my 40's will be dedicated to continuing to build a better me with a solid foundation.
    Thank you for joining the party, Kate!

    @NOREEN - Thanks for participating, N! Your Mandela quote was just the thing I needed to read.

    @SUE - Better late than never. ;) Thanking you for joining. I appreciated the point you made in your post about counting your blessings. Point well taken.

    @MARIT- Thank you, Marit. I was wondering if you might join. I keep forgetting to ask you if you're doing BYW 2.0?

    @JENNIFER - Thank YOU for participating, and your encouraging words above. I loved reading your post today. I could relate to so much of what you wrote. Let's definitely plan to meet up soon to talk about this yoga thing and catch up. :)

    @LIZ - Thank you, Liz. I'm so glad you were able to participate today. Have a wonderful time popping around and reading everyone's posts. You're in for a treat.

    @CHRISTINE - Thank you, Christine. You're 37...Wait till you hit 40! ;) I'm wishing you lots of luck on this new journey you're about to embark on. People who follow their dreams and just go for it are inspiring to me. Thank you for joining the cocktail party.

    @LEAH - "Dancing on the table top" is the perfect way to sum up this whole experience. You didn't need this little exercise as you already do a really good job at keeping things real on your blog. It has been a privilege to follow you through your honest ups and downs. Thank you, Leah.

    @HAYDEE - Hello, my friend. Thank you for your beautiful words above and for joining the party. Thank you also for writing a post about something I'm currently struggling with. Since first meeting you, you have been inspiring to me. I am immensely grateful.

    @HEATHER - Thank you, Heather! That's so incredibly kind and awesome of you. Right back atcha.

  28. thanks for sharing! i think it's really brave to come out and expose a bit of personal facts! i still can't seem to do it! hence why i don't have an "about me" section! maybe i'll join in the next round (if there is one) and i'm feeling brave!

  29. Pretty cool!


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