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this sunday is mother's day. every year around this time, i think a lot about motherhood and my own mother's journey. there is so much that i could write about my mother. for this post, i will try to remain concise and focused. my parents met when my father was in the army and stationed in okinawa, japan. after getting married, my father plopped my mother down into country living in birmingham, alabama. imagine a japanese woman living in rural alabama. now imagine going from a mostly fish, vegetable and rice diet to biscuits, ham hocks and fried everything. talk about a culture shock! add to all of that a mixed race marriage and, needless to say, she stuck out pretty profoundly. she faced much prejudice and was forced to quickly "americanize" herself. pride in your ethnicity was not in vogue in 1960's america. the closer to apple pie you got, the better. 

after their short stint in alabama, my parents moved to southern california where they have lived ever since. now that i'm a mom and a grown woman, i think back often on those first years and the years that followed. i think of my mom struggling with these heavy issues and raising two daughters essentially on her own. somehow she found the strength, somehow she pushed through, and somehow my sister and i turned out alright. i don't say it enough, but thank you mom. i love you.

happy mother's day to all the beautiful moms out there and to all those who are honoring a mom!

we don't have any elaborate plans for this weekend...just some quality time with family which is exactly what i like. maybe a massage for me, mani/pedi session with some beautiful women, and dinner at our house. have a great weekend everyone! are you honoring a  mother this weekend? aren't women in general remarkable? do you or your mom have a remarkable tale of strength?

ps~still my favorite photo of my mom on my wedding day.

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  1. I'm losing daughter-points this weekend by leaving the country on Mother's Day, but we're compensating by doing a dinner for both J's parents and my mom and her boyfriend on Saturday night. My mom and I struggled with our relationship for a lot of my life but I think within the last few years we've really developed a good one. I'm sure once I have my own kids I'll look back and appreciate the fact that she didn't kill me at age 13, haha.

    Your parents story sounds so fascinating! I can't imagine a culture shock that intense...or even living in Alabama at all. So brave of your mom to do! Enjoy your weekend with her and treat yourself, too! Have a good one, Theresa. xoxo

  2. Your mom was so brave to move to another country and culture. And being so far away from the rest of her family.

    My sister will take my mom on a girls day out for mothers day. I'll be with them in spirit!

  3. Well it's not mother's day over here, that was in March but have a great T! Your mum was so pretty and I will get enough of seeing photos of how cute you were!

    Hope you get spoilt rotten by your kids! x

    Erin, I must say I'm really surprised to hear to you say, you always seem to have such good banter with your mum on your blog.


  4. Theresa-
    Such a great story and I love that photo of your mom on your wedding day. Hope you have a great day with some pampering and laughs! Teri

  5. What a fascinating story! I would imagine moving to California was a relief, in a sense, since it was at least more progressive and coastal.

    Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  6. I was so touched by your mother's story, Theresa! The things we go through for love, eh?

    I love your favourite photo of your Mum - she looks so very elegant!

    "now that i'm a mom and a grown woman, i think back often on those first years and the years that followed."
    Boy, do I ever!
    One thing's for sure, I definitely appreciate my Mum a whole lot more now that I'm older, wiser and a Mum myself! :D

    I hope you get thoroughly spoiled on Sunday and that your Mum enjoys whatever you've got planned for her. Have a glorious weekend, darling! xoxo

  7. Thanks for sharing that! Such a great way to honor your mom. She's a beauty!! Wishing I was with my mom this weekend but sadly she's thousands of miles away. A long phone call is in order!

    Happy mother's day to YOU!

  8. hi t, you know your true friends when you barely have time to post, much less visit, and they still come and see you. so, hi! finally i have a moment to breathe. i haven't run since sunday, but am overdue. soreness lasted until thursday. you are truly crazy to run a 1/2 without training - did i already tell you that?

    happy mother's day! your mom is very tough to make that life change. my grandparents came from ireland. a bit change, but the same language, at least.

    joy to you! n

  9. Such a great story! and I could stare at those vintage photos all day long!

    Biscuits, ham hocks and fried everything... you know you're speaking my language right? I remember you commenting on one of my posts that you spent time in Alabama and since my husband is from Birmingham this story sits really well with me. It's good to hear the back story of how you are tied to Birmingham. Man, I can only imagine what your mom had to go through when she set foot in the heart of the south.

    P.s. I too love that picture of your mom on your wedding day she looks like she has a very interesting story to tell. I'd love to pick her brain about life lessons : )

  10. Happy Mothers Day T, hope you have a wonderful day. Glad you will spoil yourself with massage and mani/pedi..

    Your parents story is inspiring and yes, it's so interesting to see the struggles women went through.

    My mother (from Israel) met my dad (Romanian) in Paris and after courting etc etc they briefly lived in Belgium and then got married and moved to Germany where they had my brother and me...

    Your mum looks elegant and wise. Beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. @ERIN - Thank you, Erin! I think most daughters and moms experience trials and tribulations in their relationship. (Same here.) Hopefully, the experience makes the relationship stronger. You're not losing any daughter points. Every day is mother's day, even the Saturday before. :) Have an amazing trip, E!

    @NINA - Spirit is just as good. She feels you, I'm sure.

    @ANNIE - Thanks, Bird. It's a lot of fun looking at my mom's old photos. Yes, I remember you talking about taking your mom out a few months ago. Now I know that mother's day in the UK is celebrated in March.

    @TERI - Thank you, T! Have a wonderful weekend, as well. I think every woman is a mama is some way.

    @ERIN - Ah, very good point about California, even back then. I should ask my mom if she felt a noticeable difference.
    Happy mother's day to you too, Erin! Hope you get to have a yummy cocktail. ;)

    @CHI - Yes, the things we do for love. :) I bet my mom surprised even herself by her own strength. Thank you, Chi! You too...Have the best mother's day with your family.

    @MARIT - I think that's one of the best gifts you can give a mom - the gift of listening. So rack up that phone bill. :)

    @NOREEN - Sore until Thursday?! Well, actually, that does sound very familiar. Happy mother's day, N!!

    @TORI - Birmingham, holler! :) I thought you would appreciate my food references. My aunt and cousin still live there. It has developed into quite a beautiful, progressive city. Happy mother's day, T!!

    @TINA - Thank you, Tina. Sounds like your parents had a whirlwind romance too. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  12. What a moving story about your mom, Theresa! I'm so glad I'm getting a quick chance (English exam tomorrow) to back-track and read it! I have had, as an adult, a troubled relationship with my own mother and we've had times of estrangement. We seem to be on the mend now, so here's to Mother's Day. For us all. Hope yours was great. xo

  13. What a culture shock that must have been indeed. But, a great story and a very sweet message to your mom. Hope you had a great mother's day!


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