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i made mention in my monthly mood board for may that i was reading the fire starter sessions. the book has been very eyeopening. for someone who has read countless self-help books (ugh, how i dislike that term), i thought i had read it all. however, this book is making me think differently about certain things. for me, the most difficult part of the book is completing the worksheets at the end of each chapter. i want to take them seriously and not just breeze by them. so, i'm giving them extra thought and pouring my whole heart into them. i will plan to share more as i get further along, but for now i wanted to share one question that came up which i thought was fun:

you go to the best cocktail party ever. it's a life-changing event because you meet the most with-it, interesting, empowered people, and each of them can contribute to your career and interest in some way…who was there? what kind of information did they share with you?

who was there? jenna lyons, oprah, steve jobs, anna wintour, eckhart tolle, the dalai lama…

what kind of information did they share with you? the secret to their success, how they found their calling, and how they practice gratitude everyday.

who is at your cocktail party?

speaking of cocktail parties, for some time now i have been trying to think of a way to conduct a bloggy block party as an attempt to bring together different bloggers/communities. while my brain was mixing ingredients for that idea, erin (of like/want/need, in a comment) and erin (of such small steps, in a post) wrote about the "perfect" world that is often times presented on blogs (guilty) and how that sets an impossible standard. i thought: there is something here…something worth talking about and further exploring. i wrote the word "fear" on my calendar and have been thinking about how to best tackle the subject in this space, and with your participation.

well, imagine my appreciation when i ran across a post, which has now become a movement, by ez (of creature comforts) titled, "things i'm afraid to tell you", initially inspired by jess constable (of make under my life). (if you're interested, here is wave 1 and wave 2). as you know, i reserve fridays  and "at this moment..." for my personal thoughts and struggles. in the spirit of my normal friday posts and inspired by the posts i mention above, there is a group of us who have decided to (unofficially) start wave 3. while not everyone is comfortable sharing "things i'm afraid to tell you", we decided to open up the prompt a bit to include tackling fear, in general. thus, depending on what you're comfortable with sharing, topics can include phobias to fears that you had and how you conquered them to (going all the way with) "things i'm afraid to tell you." 

do you want to join? awesome! put your post up next friday, may 25th and leave a link to your post here in the comments. (or, if you know you're already down for the ride, let me know in the comments now and i will include a roster of participating blogs within my own post next friday.) let's collectively tackle fear together…because, as you know, things are a whole lot less scary when you know you're not alone. it will be like one big, intimate (although virtual) cocktail party.

last, but not least, like/want/need kindly let me take over her blog today. i am sharing my favorite holiday while erin is on her own holiday. in fact, she had a whole week of guest bloggers…a little cocktail party of guest blogging, if you will. (ok, cocktail party puns are officially complete.)

have a really great weekend everyone!

image source: first row mine / second row rue magazine

17 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Count me in...would love to participate!

    And that book sounds really intriguing- more than just reading something inspirational, I love taking action- the worksheets sound right up my alley!

  2. Oh boo I really want us to all get together for a proper cocktail party! :(

    I read this article by Alain de Bottom yesterday which I thought was really interesting. I think you'll like it.


    I think I've developed a fear of having to write a post on fear! I'm kinda struggling with knowing what to write about.

    Will have a think about who would be at my cocktail party....loved your guest post...have a great weekend T! x

  3. Count me in! I hope you have a great weekend! Teri

  4. Oooh, this is gonna take some thinking about. I'll be right back to you soon x

    Great guest post BTW x

  5. The cocktail party guest list I mean :-)

  6. I've been thinking about next Friday a lot. You know I'm all in. (She said reluctantly.) Although, can we just go to a cocktail party and have fun sometime? ;) I'll probably do a riff on my five things. G.U.L.P. Off to read about your vacation, dear. I can't wait! xo

  7. like it, like it a lot... i'm in!

  8. I'm in Theresa! I think my ideas are starting to come together :) This is pretty scary stuff. My draft is all over the place! I hope I can make it come together in time, eek.

    Btw, I have three favourite flowers, 2 of which are posted here - peonies and ranunculus roses. Only the lilacs are missing :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. T, as much as I like the idea... I cannot comit to a weekly series on this. My blog is attached to my business and I'm not comfortable to make this a regular category.

    I will pass then but come and read your blogs in anticipation.

    Have a nice weekend:)

  10. @ERIN - Great! So happy you're in. I think you would really enjoy The Fire Starter Sessions. Watch this for a little teaser: http://vimeo.com/27275409

    @ANNIE - Ah, great article. Thank you for providing the link.
    There a few that seem to be scared about this prompt, but I really think you can decide how much or how little to share. Some will follow the "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" movement in its current form and others can adapt it to feed what's best for them. Did you experience any fears on your trip to Patagonia. Did you think you were going to die at any point? How did you get through it? ;) Maybe something along those lines??
    Have a great weekend!

    @TERI - Thanks, Teri. So glad you're in. Happy weekend to you too!

    @SAM - Hee-hee! Now you've piqued my interest. :)

    @LAUREN - Sounds good. As I mentioned to Annie, just do what makes you feel comfortable. I think we all do a pretty good job at sharing personal aspects of our life anyway...This time, we will all just be doing it on the same day.

    @SUSAN - Hi, Susan. So glad you'll be joining. Happy to have you.

    @HOLLY - You're the best! Remember: Stretch yourself, but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable, or worse, deters you from joining! You can make it funny, you can make it tongue-in-cheek...I think it will be so interesting to see how everyone interprets the prompt and makes it their own.

    @TINA - Oh no, Tina. This is not a weekly post. It's a one time post going up next Friday, May 25th. I know you and some others have voiced concerns about not wanting to share too much because the blog is associated with a business. In your case, maybe you had some fears starting your own business (as most new business owners do) and how you forged ahead and worked through them. ??

    PS~Opting out is also an option. [smile]

    Have a really great weekend everyone!!

  11. Thank you so much for helping a sista out and filling in for me while I'm away! Your post was so incredible. You hit the nail on the head with the little "cocktail party of guest blogging" :) You ladies really helped me out. I can't thank you enough!

    I'm in for the "Things I'm Afraid to Tell you" next Friday. Or, this Friday. I don't know what day it is, to be honest. Count me in! I'm going to go a little more in-depth than my paralyzing fear of spiders and elevators ;) This is such a great idea to do a third wave!

    Hope you've been having a great week. Miss you guys! xo

  12. hello theresa,

    i'm in, if i remember. it's grade card/year end/ daughter graduating 8th grade season. but i'm in. i know what i want to post.

    also at my cocktail party, all my favorite bloggers would be there! hello, hello! we'd have lots of fun together.

  13. Hi Theresa...this is just the nudge I've needed. There's been a post waiting on the sidelines. Please do count me in. Thanks.

  14. T, I commented on your blog half asleep in my sexy apartment in Berlin.

    Right, FRiday 25th (1 off) count me in...:)

  15. What a great idea Theresa! Although I'm not sure yet if I can manage to write something about my fears I will definitely be reading everybody's stories.

  16. I'm the last to the party - but count me in! It will be my 100th post:) xxo


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