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can you believe that april has come and gone, and we are now in may?! unbelievable! april turned out to be a whirlwind of a month. have you ever started a month thinking you're headed in one direction only to be turned completely around upon its finale? that's what happened to me. it was standard operating procedure around these parts at the beginning of april and then there was a paradigm shift. (ok, maybe not paradigm, but significant for me. :) i went from blogging everyday (for almost a year and half) to three times a week (monday, wednesday, and friday) because i was really struggling with the whole balance thing. tina asked me how i was liking the shorter blog schedule and i'm happy to report that it has definitely helped. i feel less frazzled and i feel like i have the extra time i need to devote to my other loves like reading, creating, and playing candy land with the kids. i also feel like i have time to reflect on matters that require reflection. overall, it was a really great month…not the one i expected or planned, but great - almost better - after all. what is the saying, "the best laid plans…?"

and so, just like that, we've reached another weekend. do you have any fun plans? we will have the family over on saturday night for a little birthday celebration and on sunday we will celebrate another little guy's birthday who will be turning the big five.

but, before i set you free, i wanted to share some things that brought me joy in april: 
  • along with the few detours that april took, i was able to get out and meet some really wonderful women in the blogging community. if you feel up to it, you can read about these wonderful meetups here, here, and here
  • this weekend i'm desperately trying to finish simplicity parenting: using the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier, and more secure kids for a virtual book club that is going to be hosted by fern and feather on monday, may 7th. even if you haven't read the book, come join the conversation. i'm almost certain there will be lots of food for thought. (then i need to get back to 1q84!) 
  • with all my newfound extra time :), i was able to take three alt summit online workshops in april. the social media 101 workshop by erin hiemstra (of apartment 34) was by far my favorite. erin knows her stuff, and not just about social meida, but about getting yourself out there, being a part of this wonderful blogging community, and useful time saving tips. i highly recommend.

have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Happy weekend Theresa! Who's birthday is it tomorrow? Yours???? And happy birthday to your son on Sunday, how lovely!

    April here has been categorised by rain. it's just rained and rained and rained. And guess what? It's still raining! I'm freezing cold.

    Well done you for blogging every day for a year and a half, that's some achievement! I've decided to stop giving myself a hard time about getting a post out every day, now if I miss one a week or so, who cares? No one! It is liberating. And of course it's made me more productive. Go figure!

    Wish so badly we could all do meet ups together :o( Oh but hey, we might be coming to California in the summer!!!! We were even looking up Manhattan beach on google maps last night. Will keep you posted xxx

  2. PS that photo of you as a baby makes me so happy, it's your grin, it's so cute!

  3. Happy May! You were such a cute baby! And your daughter is just precious. I love Fizzy Izze! What flavor was that? Grapefruit? Since I don't drink coffee whenever I go to Starbucks I buy a bottle of the sparkling pomegranate or clementine. They remind me of spring/summer. So refreshing. Hm. Now I kind of want to mix one with some gin.

    I'm happy you've found a balance that works for you. I think I'm coming up on a crossroads myself with that decision looming. I might have to pick your brain a bit ;)

    Have a great weekend, Theresa! xoxo

  4. Hi Theresa-
    I've done a couple of alt classes this month too. Erin's was the best and I'm doing her social media this month. She is so great.
    Have a great weekend! Teri

  5. Love getting a glimpse into your life, T! Thanks for sharing these snippets! Yes, I can't believe what a difference a month can make! So glad to hear that you are happy (and sticking) to your decision to blog 3x/week. It's amazing how much can open up when your schedule does too! You'll have to share some of your social media tips (if you can)! Happy weekend to you!

  6. Hi T! I am DYING to do an Alt class, but they don't ever schedule them at times where I can go - either during the day (work:() or at like 6 p.m. (kid duties!) I'm hoping they will archive the classes so If I sign-up but miss it, I can check it out later. So happy to hear you've enjoyed them and would love to hear any revelations! I'm also going to go pick up Simplicity Parenting today after work - sounds like a great need. I just finished Elizabeth Weil's No Cheating No Dying with musings about marriage and family. It was a fun and humorous read about the challenges we face raising a family and trying to nurture our marriage along the way. Have a great time at your celebrations T and maybe we can meet up next Wed. at the farmer's market? Xxo Jen

  7. So glad to hear that your new blogging schedule is working out brilliantly. I feel exactly the same - more productive and certainly happier.

    What an adorable baby you were! I can totally see where Eames gets it. ;)

    Simplicity Parenting seems to have a lot of parallels with Jane Nelsen's Positive Discipline, my parenting manual of choice. Must check it out - thanks for the tip! :)

    Happy birthday to your little man and have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  8. Hey T, now I really feel like Zen Master T.. (that was so funny Chi:)

    The point girls is that blogging everyday is great when you have no other commitments or you want it to be your main income stream or, dare I say it, it's not original content. It really is quality over quantity and T, your posts have a different quality now. They are more reflective which suits your personality.

    Annie, I can't believe you blogged on Saturdays.. I remember stating I wouldn't comment as I needed a break on the weekends from commenting daily... Glad you've relaxed and realised the world is not going under if you skip a day or so....

    The only person putting pressure on ourselves is us... so happy everyone is chilling a little:)

    Happy Birthday to your son and I hope you have a nice family gathering.

    Because you have time to think, you came up with the bloggy block party... what a great idea.

    See you next week (sort of:)

  9. I love your little monthly image roundups. It is amazing how much you can cram into a month and still be able to breathe and enjoy the fun stuff. You definitely have nailed it (no I'm not putting pressure on you) and as Tina says, the BBP idea was a stonker so well done.

    Have a lovely weekend celebrating those happy birthdays xx

  10. I'm trying to finish Simplicity Parenting too -- and I'm no where near being a parent. But when I read Alexis' first post about it, I knew I had to read it.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  11. hi theresa, is it your birthday? if yes, happy new year of adventures! in any case, parenting a new 5 will bring lots of adventures, so enjoy.

    i need that social media info, but it will have to wait. the time is during the day.

    think of me tomorrow, if you can. big day here.

  12. My apologies for the confusion everyone. I suppose I should have been a little less cryptic about whose birthday we were celebrating - my uncle's and little nephew. :) But, thanks for all the well wishes all the same. My kids will be celebrating their own birthdays in July and August, so watch this space.

    @ANNIE - Well, I have to say I rather like your new perspective on your blog. It certainly is liberating. Though, I think you're wrong to say no one cares; I care. That's not meaning to add pressure, it's just to say that your blog is cared for. If you're gone for any length of time, we will send out the search dogs. :)

    @ERIN - It WAS grapefruit...Great guess! The bottles are so pretty too. I always wanted to throw the kids a birthday party with nothing to drink but Izze with striped straws.
    PS~Pick my brain all you want. I'm here to help. :)

    @TERI - Oh, the Social Media class was the exact same one I took by Erin. You're going to love it, Teri. Get ready to learn a lot! Our particular class even went over time.

    @LIZ - Ok, here is one tip I have implemented that has helped me, TweetDeck. Are you using it? You can schedule tweets and organize your feeds into categories. For instance, you all are now in my "Friend" feed so I don't have to scroll through tons of tweets to see what you're saying.

    @JENNIFER - I agree, the times for the classes are not the most ideal. 6:00 is right when we sit down to dinner. I think they should definitely offer archives so you can pay and listen to it at your leisure. The only drawback is that you wouldn't get to participate in the live chat, but that's not the end of the world. (Hope to see you soon!)

    @CHI - Positive Discipline...Hm, I'll have to check that out. I did notice that you also went to a shorter schedule. So glad to read that it's helped you become more productive, and happy! That's really what it boils down to: your happiness quotient.

    @TINA - Hee-hee! You're right, the pressure is self-inflicted and totally unnecessary. Thanks for your reassurance. I feel like my posts could still benefit from a little more uniqueness, but it's what I can manage right now. So...

    @SAM - You know, that reminds me, I'm not participating in this month's Fat Mum Slim photo challenge. What will I do for my roundup at the end of May?! ;) Guess I'll worry about that later.

    @BRANDI - Hi, Brandi! Oh, I think that's a great idea. When you think about it, Simplicity Parenting can also be titled and applied to Simplicity Life. The idea of having too much stuff and striping things down to the necessities, can and should also be applied to adults. I'll see you there on Monday!

    @NOREEN - Yes, good luck! Well, by now, you will have passed the finish line and are celebrating. All your hard work and training paid off. So inspiring, N!!

  13. Such sweet pictures! Which other ALT classes did you take? I love how interactive they are! Thinking about taking more soon.


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