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two weeks ago we had a little fun with street style photography and i gave you my favorites. in the post i asked you all to cast your vote for some of your favorite personal style bloggers. well, i wrote all your favorites down and perused each site. while i couldn't create a layout for each and every one of your favorites (i believe there were about ten different style bloggers mentioned all together), i did roundup three that caught my eye and one that is my personal favorite. here is the roundup:

lucy laught puts together outfits that are approachable and most are very affordable. i believe she does a majority of her shopping at zara, with an occasional high end bag thrown in. she is cute as a button, too.

could i have that had me at her beautiful red tresses. her outfits always include a touch of bohemian/indie rock - jacket with black leather sleeves, pastel colored denim, and cut off denim shorts with a cowboy ankle bootie. it's a nice, relaxed look. (did you see this campaign she did for the gap?)

atlantic pacific always adds something a little unexpected to her outfits - collared button down dress underneath a striped dress, crimson red rainboots and handbag, little stripe peeking out from underneath an oxford button down. it's all preppy chic with an occasional touch of glamour.

her imajination always manages to add a hint of cool to her outfits, from a leather moto jacket to a wide-brimmed wool hat to silver oxfords. nothing is too fussy or overdone. it's all california chic to me. i have to admit that i am a bit biased when it comes to jin's style because she does hail from southern california (and she is a regular visitor here on the blog. ;) as an added bonus, jin's site is full of clever diy's, like handmade heart shaped tea bags and diy waxed jeans!

well, thanks everyone for weighing in with your personal style blogger favorites. it was fun to go around and visit all these sites, most of which were new to me. do any one of these styles speak to you? how goes your week so far? happy hump day!

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  1. i like them all! when i have time, i'll go check out their blogs. joy to you!

  2. They are all really nice, I love your layouts too :-) I think if I was to choose the one/s closest to my own style I think it would be a cross between Atlantic Pacific and her imajination. I loooove a heel so all of your favourites speak to me in that respect.

    Great post, thank you love x

  3. I'm familiar with the fabulous Jin of Her Imajination and Lucy Laught. The others are new to me so I shall have great fun checking them out at my leisure!

    Thanks for the great links! :D

  4. Lovely layouts, Theresa! I really like how you made them all so chic and uniform; the little dot at the top makes each one a little whimsical :)

    Fashion bloggers (ie the ones that solely post pictures of themselves) aren't really my thing, it just seems a bit too self-indulgent/narcissistic (even though blogging in general is a bit narcissistic you could argue ;) but these seem like really relatable girls. Thanks for the round up! Check out Park & Cube if you're interested, she's fashion-y but also takes incredible pictures of her day-to-day...her day-to-day just happens to include attending fashion shows and jetsetting to exotic hotels. She's also super adorable and her writing is really funny.

    Hope your week is going well! It's cold and overcast here today for the first time in a long stretch of nice hot and sunny weather and I think it's definitely affecting my mood! xo

  5. I love Samantha. She is actually best friends with Marissa who owns the Ava+Aliria boutique I always write about. I'm putting her imajination on my google reader. I'd never heard of her. Love finding new blogs.

  6. LOVE Atlantic Pacific. What a great post! I have that striped dress from JCrew and love it so much I have literally worn holes in it, oops.

    I need to learn your photoshop skills. That design is killer.

    Hope all is well!

  7. i've been following atlantic pacfic (love her style), but never heard of Lucy Laught! i'll definitely check her out!

    p.s. thanks for the feature theresa ;) i really enjoyed reading what one of my readers think of my style. also, thanks to the inspirationCooperative readers above for your kind words!

    happy wednesday!

  8. I like how Erin picks out the details. I was looking at layout and graphics more than the clothes.

    I am not that age or that size so have never looked that cool and trendy.

    I think they're all charming and wearable but a little similar?

    How is the days break been for you? Withdrawal symptoms or do you feel you have more time for the next post?

  9. I'm familiar with lucy laught and atlantic pacific but not the other two. I will be checking them out! Beautiful layout : )

  10. Ah how interesting! My favourite outfit is Jin's converse one (no guesses why you chose that?). Why don't I look that chic in jeans and trainers? Probably becuase of my stumpy legs and lack of application.

    Personally, I don't like Atlantic Pacific style at all, sorry! All a bit too much thought gone into her outfits I think. Love t'others though xx

    PS When Lucy Laucht wears something from Forever 21 and people ask her where she got it, she says 'oh this old thing, I've had it forever'. that made me laugh.

    My week is VERy busy :(

  11. @NOREEN - Say, did you tell me that you were going to get ombre highlights? I feel like I read that somewhere. :)

    @SAM - It's nice to know what style you gravitate towards. Now I have a better picture of you. :)

    @CHI - Thought you might dig Jin's Chucks. Right up our alley, right?

    @ERIN - Oh, wow, Erin! How come you didn't tell me about Park and Cube before? Or did you and I missed it? Really beautiful site and the photography is amazing. I have to confess that Jin's site is the only personal style blogger that I follow on the regular. Though, NOW, that I know of the others, I might pop in from time to time. (Oh, thanks for the layout love.)

    @TERI - Oh, that's so cool that 1) you kind of know Samantha (didn't know her name, it wasn't on her site) and 2) adding Jin to your reader. She's a fellow SoCal girl like us!

    @MARIT - Ah, thanks. Well, I used Pages for this layout (no PS this time). ;) Hope all is well with you too. Love the new site design.

    @JIN - My pleasure! I would really wear all the outfits you put together. Well, as a mom I might have to switch out your heel for a ballet flat. ;)

    @TINA - "All similar" - Ha, that was me picking out styles that matched my aesthetic. I'm so transparent. ;)
    Having the day in between posts has helped tremendously. It has just slowed things way down. I can actually do most of the things on my to-do list now. Though, wouldn't you know the week I implement a shorter schedule, I'm hit with blog post ideas/inspiration. Such is life.
    PS~I think you will like Friday's post. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    @TORI - Thanks, T! Though, I wouldn't be able to wear her look head to toe (only because I'm a mom), I do like Atlantic Pacific's style. She really does mix colors and patterns really well. She also puts unexpected things together, which I like.

    @ANNIE - Stop it...I bet you would look great. That is funny about LL - Nice, cute reply.
    PS~I was wondering if you were drowning this week. Back to the KLC studies, right? Hope you get a break soon.

  12. Finally coming, late to the party! I rarely look at personal style blogs, and I totally should. Partly because I could use some "oomph" and partly because I enjoy fashion so much. I'm not necessarily very good at it, but I do enjoy it. I think I'm leaning Atlantic Pacific right now, (I'd love to add some glamor to my life) but wondering if I could pull it off.

    These are awesome layouts! You seem very refreshed with your new plan!

  13. I had only seen one of these 4 so thanks so much for sharing! I've been having fun taking quick jaunts to these blogs to find inspiration. I actually painted my nails a bright mint green today (for my NYC trip) -courtesy of Atlantic/Pacific:)


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