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do you have a favorite street style photographer? of course, there are the usual suspects like the sartorialist and garance dore...love their work. i'm also really fond of street fsn and jak & jil (featured below). i especially appreciate when they zoom in and give us just a small detail of an outfit - like a killer shoe or a wrist full of chunky bracelet love or the latest it bag - allowing your mind to fill in or imagine the rest of the outfit. 

if i had endless amounts of extra time (har-har-har!), i would seriously spend it looking at the work of street style photographers. not only can you acquire endless style inspiration, but these sites allow you to indulge in a favorite pastime, people watching, and all from the comfort of your own home. who doesn't love to people watch? so spill, do you engage in this blog genre?

what about personal style bloggers? do you have any favorites? leave them in the comments and i'll do a fun round up next week.

image source: 1 & 2 jak & jil / 3, 4 & 5 street fsn

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  1. Love Garance Dore and Jak and Jil. I'll haVe to check out street fsn. as far as personal style blogs i really enjoy Wendy's lookbook, the glamourai and what I wore. You can't beat street style though!

  2. Tbh I find street style photography too intimidating! All those cool people who don't tell you where they buy their stuff. I would never look that cool even if had a gazillion stylists. Also I find it a bit depressing that 99/100 it's skinny tall girls.

    I love Wendy's lookbook too! Her style isn't mine, you gotta be teensy and skinny to wear all her clothes but I can't get enough of her as she so darn cute and smiley and does such nice things for disadavantaged young kids. I love all her honesty about her foster care upbrining and her gratitude in a world of people who complain about what they don't have. I think she's really inspiring.

    I also like What I wore. I don't like her clothes at all but I like how she shows what she actually wears, not fake outfits like Emily Schuman's, and she's not super skinny.

    My favourite though is Lucy Laucht.

  3. My heart belongs to Bill Cunningham, the original Sartorialist. If you haven't already, and I've been pushing it on you for months, you MUST watch "Bill Cunningham, New York." I rented it on iTunes for $4. Total must-watch! You'll absolutely be moved. His column is one of my favorites in the Times.

    I'd like to say I'm hip and with it when it comes to street style but to be honest I mostly grab at straws when it comes to putting outfits together for myself (virtual outfits not included). I like looking at the Sartorialist for the same reason I like home design books and blogs: inspiration! I like picking up little pieces of ideas and incorporating them into my own look.

    But if there's one thing I'll never understand it's high heels. I couldn't walk around all day in high heels like the women featured on these street style blogs! Gah! I'm a mess in flats, plus I'm like 5'11" in modest 3" heels, which makes me taller than Boyfriend. Needless to say he's not a fan. :)

  4. Gosh, I'd love to be able to contribute to this discussion ladies, but I haven't a clue. I don't follow any of these blogs you are talking about. Yes, I love people watching but my street style spotting amounts to a coffee at Starbucks, a quick scroll through the ASOS website or a flick through Grazia or Elle magazine.

    At 5'3'', I love a heel and I suppose that's my 2nd weakness, after interiors shopping (3rd is handbags). I even keep my best ones tidy in their original boxes.

  5. I love to click through those blogs but even if I'm inspired by an outfit I'll end up in the same jeans, tee, jacket and converse sneakers/flats outfit most of the time ;) How come that all those girls always wear killer heels and I can't even manage to stand in them? Maybe I should practice...

    Really like the outfit in the first picture. That's something I might try to copy, it looks simple and chic.

  6. @TORI - Thanks for weighing in on the personal style bloggers. I've heard of both Wendy and Glamourai...Need to go have a look. Fun!

    @ANNIE - Yes, I hear you. I don't look at the girls stature so much as I look at all the little details that go into the overall look. e.g., How the pant is cuffed, the shirt is tucked, how their combining colors, and how their pairing jewelry...I'm fascinated by all the little details.
    Thanks for your personal style bloggers. It's fun because now I have an assignment to check all these blogs out. ;)

    @ERIN - I found a photo of Bill taking a photo of a girl, but at the last minute I took the photo out of the layout. Darn, I should have left it in to pay homage.
    Hm, I should have qualified and added that I don't love that shoe (or whatever the object happens to be) so much as I love the composition of the photo. I can't wear heels either. But, I love that black tight against the silver straps - it's so striking (to me).
    PS~I think you and I are the same height. :)

    @SAM - Leaving a comment is contribution enough. :) I think perusing ASOS, Elle, and Grazia qualify.

    @NINA - Same here. I definitely have a uniform most days which consists of stripe t-shirt, skinny jean, and high top converse.
    It is a small miracle that some women can walk the streets in high heels. I can't even keep mine on for an hour at a special occasion! I didn't even realize I was showing so many heels...Guess I was looking at the clothes and all the little details too much. :)

  7. style by kling
    could i have that
    this time tomorrow
    atlanta pacific

    I've also been getting more interested in mens style blogs: dapper lou, theurbangent.com

    but of course love Bill, Garance, and Scott


  8. I am with Sam here. very rarely do I look at these blogs you mentioend...

    I am not that fashion conscious so although it all looks veru coola and trendy, it's eyecandy that I prefer in design and interiors. Colours and patterrns is my thing and fashion is the last choice for is.

    I look forward to the post so I can go and look at some of these cool sites you're all talking about.

    Wasn't cool hunter the first one?

  9. Sorry about all the spelling mistakes. On my iPad and forgot to check:)

  10. I prefer photos of people out and about, doing what they usually do, dressed how they're usually dressed ..... so I tend to gravitate towards Satorialist-type blogs like Facehunter.

    I love, love, LOVE people-watching too - I get inspired in the most unexpected ways doing that! :D

  11. Jak and Jil is by far one of my favorite - I always feel like I'm transported into the glamours world of fashion peeps whenever I visit. The Sartorialist will always have my vote as numero uno - he always delivers and never fails to inspire. I also really like the Stockholm Street Style blog - always fabulous. As far as personal style, I like Style by Kling and This Time Tomorrow. I have a few friend who really like 9 to 5 chic and Atlantic-Pacific too - both SF girls:)

  12. hello t, i love the sartorialist for the people. i'm a teacher - i wear washable clothes that i can sit on the floor in. but i still love beautiful pictures. also i'm a runner and 5'11" tall, so flats are my choice - barefoot shoes now. joy to you!

  13. I do look at these every now and then, but it's usually some sort of round up. You can always find something really interesting, like those heels! I love seeing the crazy types of shoes. I'm not a big fan of the personal style stuff, but I do look at cupcakesandcashmere.com from time to time.

  14. my favorite street style photographer would have to be street pepper!


    as for personal style bloggers...i would have to say 9to5 chic is one of my favs along with atlantic pacific & tuula vintage

  15. i'm a fan of Bill Cunnigham, followed by the Sartorialist... Love seeing what people pull together. Unfortuately my style is ummm, less put together...


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