{spring break...}

hi everyone! does this week feel quiet to you? maybe it's because everyone is in spring break mode. my son is off for the week and i'm feeling the need to steal away and just be with the kids...go have some fun and be playful. armed with everyone's votes from last week's style post, i wanted to share the roundup i put together of your favorite personal style bloggers. instead, i'm thinking i'll save the post for next week and we'll meet right back here on monday. 

would you indulge me this little reprieve? i sat with this decision all day and it just feels right to me at this moment. (jennifer's post* is what really gave me the final push i needed to give myself permission to take this break.) as we've all discussed and agreed before, some time away to recharge is essential. though, don't be alarmed if you see me pop up on the various other platforms...that's just me going through withdrawals.

while i'm away, may these links provide you food for thought and/or inspiration:
  • lessons learned from blogging by anna of blogmilk 
  • a poignant message from uncle beefy after taking a blogging break (make sure to read the first comment by nichole of little brown pen...thoughts?) 
  • go get lost in katie rodgers' beautiful illustrations, plus her favorite tools of the trade
  • and, don't forget to visit the blogs i find inspiring on the regular...they will happily get you through this week (see on the right >>)

have a great week everyone!

 *jennifer, you seem to be my source of inspiration this week. thank you!  ;)

16 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. Of course you can have a break and you really don't need permission! We've all just had Friday and yesterday as bank holidays so it's only fair.

    See you tomorrow xx

  2. Good for you! I hope you have a great week spending time with your kids and doing "important" things.
    Blogworld will be here when you return. xo Teri
    P.S. thanks for being so sweet and leaving comments on my blog and thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I appreciate it!

  3. We will hold it down for you! Have fun!

  4. I completely get this, and no need to ask permission, but nice of you to inform us. That way we can all wish you happy, playfulness for the week. Enjoy your children!


  5. I think a break for real life is healthy and necessary for all of us from time to time! Especially time enjoying your kids :)

    Great links- esp the Uncle Beefy post. I'm feeling some blogging pains myself- interesting to see how many are feeling the same.

  6. Have fun on your break! I loved taking time away from the computer last week and am really having a hard time coming back. I think you'll love the time away. :)

  7. T love this little sketch! Is this your way of saying that you WILL playful and fun while your away? I hope so!!
    Enjoy this week with your kiddos :)

  8. Your illustrations are wonderful :-)

    Have a great time off with your little'un

    Sam x

  9. happy vacation with your children! we're on spring break, too, and doesn't it feel wonderful. enjoy your children, and i'll see you next week.

  10. Of COURSE I'll indulge you! Take all the time you need and be as playful and unencumbered as you possibly can be! I look forward to your return and can't wait to hear all about what you got up to while you were "unplugged" :) xoxo

  11. Go and be. Good for you. Soak up every minute, dear. xo

  12. Have a great spring break! See you when you're back! Oh, and thanks for reminding me that Uncle Beefy is back. Love that guy!

  13. Good for you! I'm glad you're talking a break. I've been taking a break off and on for weeks now. Such writer's block. Hope you're feeling refreshed!

  14. YOU totally deserve to treat yourself with play breaks :) Funny, it does seem like lots of people have been in spring break mode. I learned that sometimes a great break for me is reading post, and not stressing about 'needing' to post something myself. It's such a lovely treat for me to read talented blog posts :) I hope you continue to TREAT urself with break!!! Have fun this SPRING!!

  15. this is adorable... i LOVE just your illustrations:)


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