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midnight by yaz (also known as yazoo). seems like many of you are pulling out your oldies but goodies from the 80's (namely erin and annie. ;) so i wanted to dedicate this little gem to you all. did you any of you listen to yaz in their heyday? the entire album of upstairs at eric's is 80's synthesized goodness at its finest. trust.

gosh, i think i had just started driving when this album came to my attention. i would play this tape on the highest volume with all the windows rolled down in my little toyota tercel two-door hatchback, singing at the top of my lungs. (what. a. dork!) it never ceases to amaze me how music (or any sense, for that matter) can instantly trigger your memory and take you right back to the moment you first heard the song. ah, a little trip down memory lane.

anyway, how was your weekend everyone? hope you were able to either relax or get some things accomplished. after the craziness that was our mud run on saturday, the next day was full of lounging and resting. i really couldn't get myself to do much else. some days it's just best to succomb to what your body wants. it's also an excellent way to start a new week. happy monday everyone!!

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  1. Tee hee you're so funny T! Love to think of you singing in your car.

    Is that Yaz that sang the only way is up? That was an annoying song!

    my weekend was lovely thanks. I feel like a new woman! xx

  2. have a great week! Teri

  3. Ha! The 80s are making their comeback amongst our little posse, and I couldn't be happier. I definitely can relate to the sensation of hearing a song and being instantly transported right back to the moment you first heard it, or having it conjure up everything you associated with it before. There are a bunch of songs I can't listen to without immediately thinking of an ex boyfriend, and everything that went along with it! The power of music, right?

    Happy Monday! Can't wait to hear all about your mud-run! Tell me you have a picture of you and your husband all muddy and high on endorphines? Haha.

  4. Yaz? No I must hear them for myself...Nothing wrong with returning to days of tapes and cruising in your car while listening to tunes! I liked your pic you posted on Instagram while on your mud run! Sounds and looks like you had an experienced kinda weekend! I did what I set out to do this weekend...which was just relaxing and taking things slow and easy...a nice way to start the week energized! Happy Monday to you T!

  5. Mmmm I don't think I know this Yaz track. I can only remember The Only Way Is Up, Baby! I've probably got it on a 7inch somewhere.

    It's great fun recalling memories, first cars included. I'm not sure that Toyota Tercels (just googled it) were popular here in the UK. My first car was a white Vauxhall Nova and Ford Fiesta's were popular too.

    I've been following your fun images on Instagram, I too want to see more like Erin.

    I had a wicked weekend, there's more on this coming up on the blog :-)

  6. Ah, the 80s... I've never heard of them but I love the arrangement of the song. Glad you had a semi restful weekend : )

  7. That song is sooooooo quintessentially 80s, isn't it? Like Sam and Annie, the only Yaz song I know is by The Only Way is Up. :D

    Your mud run sounds like it was quite intense - I look forward to hearing more about it!

    Glad you were able to treat yourself to a well-deserved lazy day. It's all about balance, after all! :)

  8. Yes remember Yaz and you're so right about music transporting you to a given time in place like nothing else!!

    Glad you survived the mud run (neary wrote mud wrestling). Lounging is the best but haven't done it in a while.

    My good news is that I thought i had a knee injury but it has healed itself... so hopefuly can go back to the gym and stop eating:)

    Happy Monday.

  9. It's cracking me up how the 80s are making a comeback round these parts! My husband would heave a resigned sigh if only he knew. Too bad for him, missing out on the most fun music ever!

    My first car was a little Chevy Chevette hatchback...oh, how I loved that baby. Love you guys better.

    And I can't wait to hear about the mud run. I had a friend who did one of those and she was very nearly never the same.

  10. Happy Monday!

    I had a sleepy weekend, I felt like I wanted to start hibernating ;) You mud run sounds fun...

    Love Alison Moyet's voice, always liked singing along to Don't go...

  11. we loved a yaz song - a different one. sang it all the time. a fine weekend, getting ready for easter vacation next week. yay! also, i didn't know people are playing 80s songs, but i have phil collins waiting to be posted tonight! thanks for sharing!

  12. I love how music (and smells) trigger such strong memories and emotions. I still sing loud in the car: what a dork! But I love it. It makes me feel so good. Happy easter lovely xxx


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